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Wheels Up: Mastering the Job Interview to Launch Your Career (The One Hour Handbook Series)

by Staci McIntosh

Think you know how to nail any interview? Think again. This book will give you every skill you need to get the job you want. Using her 20 years of human resources experience, author Dr. Staci McIntosh tells you how to make personal connections in any interview situation: panels, group interviews, meet and greets, coffee chats, telephone interviews and Skype. She helps you ensure that no part of your personal grooming, speech, or attire distract the interview team from your passionate, organized, interesting answers. And she tells you how to avoid 40 mistakes hundreds of others have made. Where else will you find a book that reminds both men and women to pluck their eyebrows, iron their shirt, and wear Spanx to avoid looking sloppy?

People will tell you to be yourself. But you can’t just be yourself. You have to be the most articulate, warm, polished and eloquent version of yourself. Staci gives straight-talking, no nonsense, practical advice that will help you stand out from others in order to get your dream job. From confidence tricks to memory tips, you will get step-by-step instructions about how to overcome any roadblocks to a successful interview. If you’re a college graduate looking for your first job. If you’re a seasoned professional seeking a promotion. If you’re desperate to find work after being let go. If you’re a parent or retiree returning to the job market. If you had a terrible boss in your previous job. If you you don’t have the preferred education. If you don’t have enough experience. All of these issues are discussed, and you will come away with a treasure trove of strategies that will guarantee your success.

This book is jam-packed with updated, fresh, and useful tips you won’t find anywhere else. Staci has interviewed or coached over 1,000 people, and along the way gives you examples from real-life experiences so you can avoid the mistakes others have made. This One Hour Handbook Series book is short and can be read quickly, so it’s the perfect resource for a last minute cramming session even if it’s the day of your interview.

Staci has over 20 years of human resources executive experience in both public and private sectors. She believes in helping people navigate the invisible rules and networks that make career advancement easy for some and difficult for others. Her goal is to improve opportunities for all people to achieve their dreams, regardless of background or life experience. Follow her career advice, and you will get that dream job you want.

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