Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 22 Mar 18

One of Forty (Meaningful Numbers Book 1)

by Felicia Rogers

When a missionary visits Joshua Lowe’s church and makes a plea for one more to join the forty-person mission team, Joshua takes notice. He is no longer satisfied with his mundane life. Maybe a deeper commitment is what he’s been searching for. But then somethingâ??or someone, that isâ??pulls him back.

Melody Watkins is damaged. Past sins have paved a difficult road for her and her young daughter. Now she finally has a job and things are starting to look up. At least until her car breaks down. But then again that could be a blessing as well, because it has brought someone new into her life.

Melody’s secret past and Joshua’s potential future holds them back from growing closer. Many prayers will be offered to determine if their roads intersect or if Joshua will be the last of the forty.

Transform Your Tomorrow: 10 Daily Habits for Living the Good Life (How to Be Good at Life)

by Jesse Barnett

Jesse Barnett knows something about you.


So how do you not only survive, but thrive and build a life that matters?

The answer is simple: by making sure your daily habits are guiding you in the right direction.

Transform Your Tomorrow: 10 Daily Habits for Living the Good Life shows you the way. It’s is a bold promise, but one the author delivers on with surprising humility and encouragement.

This is the first book in a series of How to Be Good at Life books that teach you to take charge of your life and craft a mindset that leads to success. The way to be good at life is to start small and make incremental changes that build up over time.

This book starts with 10 habits that you must do each day to transform your tomorrow. The more consistently you do them, the more powerful the transformation. If you’ve felt confused or frustrated or that somehow your life isn’t going as planned, then this book is for you. In a humorous, humble and encouraging style, it offers actionable steps that you can begin today.

This book includes a FREE downloadable action guide with over fifty questions, actions, and exercises to help you craft a plan for your life that ensures your success. A good life is not only possible; it’s there for the taking. But you have to take action if you want to design a life that matters.

The best life happens by design.

This book teaches you to get on track, stay on track and design a life that matters.

It’s time for you to learn How to Be Good at Life.

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