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Elon Musk: What YOU Can Learn from His AMAZING Life (Inspirational books for kids Book 1)

by Biographies For Kids

Learn About Elon Musk, His Life And His Creations. He’s A Real Life
Version Of Tony Stark!

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Elon Musk has accomplished some amazing things. What can we learn
from his life?

Today, Elon Musk is the closet thing we have to a real life version of
Tony Stark. From his plans to build a human colony on Mars to electric
cars, Elon has dedicated his life to advancing the human race. How did
he, growing up in South Africa, ascend to such dizzying heights to the
point that presidents and prime ministers want to meet him? What life
lessons can we learn from his life that we can apply to our own? What
does Elon have planned for the future?

After you have finished reading this biography you will understand
things like:

  • How he grew up
  • The founding of Space X and what he learned from it
  • Why he founded Tesla Motors
  • How he managed to make so much money
  • What drives him to do what he does (hint, it isn’t money)
  • The principles behind his success
  • A mental exercise so we can all think a little more like Elon
  • And much more!

Elon’s life is amazing, but it hasn’t been easy. As a child he was
bullied and as a young adult he was too shy to ask for an interview!
Nonetheless, he overcame these and other obstacles to become the
enormous success he is today. Are you interested in how he did it?

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The Mortgage Maze- Directly From a Mortgage Loan Officerâ??s Point of View: Directly From a Mortgage Loan Officerâ??s Point of View

by Justin O’Donnell

– The Mortgage Process from start to finish
– Understanding the mortgage loan process in Layman’s terms directly from the Mortgage Loan Officer’s perspective
– Provides an insight on what to expect when buying or refinancing a property
– Provides a Step-By-Step process when entering and going through a mortgage loan process
– Save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars by being prepared to buy or refinance a property
– What to be on the lookout for after the Housing Bubble when entering into a mortgage loan process
– How to save time and money when buying or refinancing
– Being prepared for the mortgage loan process
– What works and doesn’t work when applying for a mortgage loan
– Being equipped and prepared to buy a house
– Provides a short glossary to know the terms typically used when going through a mortgage loan process
– Know what key roles certain positions play when going through a mortgage loan process
– Know how to best be prepared when going through a mortgage loan process
– How to keep your stress level down when going through a mortgage process
– Why being Pre-Approved is such an important process in the preliminary stages of buying a property
– Knowing the difference between common sense and â??Mortgage Sense’

â??Rosario Materialâ? the trivial things LEOâ??s need to know

by Joshua Weddell

Law enforcement officers are tasked to complete accurate and complete notes. The People of the State of New York, Respondent, v Luis Manuel Rosario, Appellant. Was decided March 23, 1961, in the New York State of Appeals. This case guided law enforcement in a different direction. In this article, the trivial things LEO’s should adhere to are provided herein as a small practical tool.

The depth of love: Magic Of Love (5)


The depth of love

வா�ி ய��ம்: �ா�ா�்�ல� (2) (Tamil Edition)


�ித்தர்�ளின் �ா�ா�்�ல� ர��ியம்

Dia de Granja: Una aventura en familia (Spanish Edition)

by Jenniffer Henao

Un excelente libro en español para los pequeños en tu familia.
Acompaña a Lila y Noah a explorar la granja junto a sus padres. En el recorrido, encontraras algunos
animales como las vacas, las cabras, caballos y conejos.

Este libro es inspirado por algunas actividades que hacemos con nuestra familia.

Estrategias y Tácticas para la Excelencia Académica: Herramientas para Asegurar el �xito Estudiantil y Forjar el Futuro Profesional (Spanish Edition)

by Wagner Méndez

Este libro que debe ser una fuente de consulta obligada para cada estudiante que busque la excelencia académica como base para forjar su futuro profesional. Es una garantía que si alguien aplica los conceptos que el autor sugiere, va a obtener los resultados propuestos. Wagner lo logró y garantiza que cualquiera también puede lograrlo.

El libro es bien abarcador. El mismo cubre casi todos los aspectos de la vida académica. La sugerencia del autor es leerlo completo para obtener una visión global de su contenido y luego volver a leerlo buscando los aspectos que se necesiten reforzar. Luego se debe usar como una fuente de consulta para aspectos específicos.

100 Business Ideas You Can Start Now for under $100.00: 100 Business Ideas (Series 1 Book 2)

by Gabriel Fore

Over 100 business ideas you can start for under $100 dollars today !

Invited Lectures from the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13 Monographs)

by Gabriele Kaiser

This book is Open Access under a CC BY 4.0 license.
The book presents the Invited Lectures given at 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13). ICME-13 took place from 24th- 31st July 2016 at the University of Hamburg in Hamburg (Germany). The congress was hosted by the Society of Didactics of Mathematics (Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik – GDM) and took place under the auspices of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). ICME-13 – the biggest ICME so far – brought together about 3500 mathematics educators from 105 countries, additionally 250 teachers from German speaking countries met for specific activities. The scholars came together to share their work on the improvement of mathematics education at all educational levels.. The papers present the work of prominent mathematics educators from all over the globe and give insight into the current discussion in mathematics education. The Invited Lectures cover a wide spectrum of topics, themes and issues and aim to give direction to future research towards educational improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics education. This book is of particular interest to researchers, teachers and curriculum developers in mathematics education.

MAMMA NON MI ASCOLTI! I 10 Torti Che Tuo Figlio Non Si Merita Di Ricevere Da Te (Italian Edition)


Ti piacerebbe che tuo figlio crescesse con tutte le attenzioni e l’amore di cui ha veramente bisogno? Tutti noi sappiamo che essere genitori è il “mestiere” più bello ma anche più difficile del mondo. I bambini, soprattutto in tenera età, tendono infatti ad essere difficili da gestire. La cosa peggiore è che, spesso e volentieri, un genitore è preso da talmente tanti problemi e pensieri quotidiani, da non capire che poi tutta la tensione e la frustrazione che sente dentro va a riversarsi verso l’ultima persona che in quel momento se lo merita, ossia il proprio bambino. Se però esistesse un modo, semplice ed efficace, per far sì che il proprio figlio abbia tutto ciò di cui ha realmente bisogno, non ti piacerebbe scoprire di cosa si tratta? In questo libro, ti svelerò i 10 torti che tuo figlio non si merita di ricevere da te così da aiutarlo a crescere in maniera sana ed equilibrata, stimolando la propria personalità.


  • Perché un bambino è portato a vivere la delusione come un tradimento da parte del suo genitore.
  • L’importanza di partecipare alle piccole e grandi felicità di un figlio.
  • In che modo l’incoraggiamento costante porta un bambino a stimolare la sua curiosità.


  • L’importanza di far interagire il proprio bambino con gli altri.
  • Quali risultati si raggiungono dando modo al proprio bambino di sognare.
  • Perché trasferire su un figlio i propri sogni infranti è uno degli errori più grandi che un genitore può commettere.


  • Perché è importante spiegare al proprio bambino cosa gli accade attorno.
  • Qual è il modo migliore per affrontare situazioni pesanti.
  • Perché chiedere aiuto in caso di bisogno non è sinonimo di debolezza.


  • Perché pensare sempre nell’interesse del minore è uno dei modi più efficaci per fare la cosa giusta.
  • L’importanza di non sminuire i problemi dei propri figli.
  • Perché negare un aiuto al proprio figlio lo porta a confondersi e disorientarsi.


  • L’importanza di capire che un figlio è un impegno costante ogni giorno della propria vita.
  • Perché i figli non si nutrono solo di cibo ma anche del nostro esempio quotidiano.
  • Perchè la vita non è una catena di obblighi ma anche un processo di scoperta e di ricerca.

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