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by Andie J. Fessey

For the residents of Harrowby Street, the blistering summer of 1947 brings a welcome respite after one of the worst winters on record.

Iris spends her days in a factory, bringing in much needed money after her father’s death. Her friend and neighbor Sheila, fearing for her and her son’s safety at the hands of her abusive husband, hatches a plan to flee for a new beginning in Australia.

Iris’s brothers spend their days playing in the street and listening to tales spoken by Archie, the local Rag and Bone man. Their days are content until a heart-breaking tragedy strikes, and their time begins to rapidly tick away. Soon they are caught in an adventure that will bring them closer together and change their lives forever.

As will all of the lives touched by the horse called Comet.


by Courtney Williamson Milford

When the Brightons move into Shackledown, the 150-year-old plantation house, located in a former citrus grove, they weren’t sure what to expect. Mary Helen, the mother, fell in love with the house. Her husband, Steve, wasn’t so sure, but went along with her plan to renovate it. It seemed like the perfect place for their daughter, Casey: close to good schools, with a big yard, and three stories to explore.

“It’s been through a lot of owners,” their realtor warned them. “The last people up and left it to the bank. They didn’t even bother taking most of their belongings with them.” About a month after they moved in, on December 20, Casey’s 8th birthday, they found out why this was. A former daughter of the house, long-dead 15-year-old Maxine Shackleford, came to haunt the third-story bedroom.

“Don’t go up there. Ever,” Steve warned his family after going upstairs to investigate unusual noises. Not only did Maxine move in, but she attracted birds, and they flocked outside her window, which she decorated with black streamers and a black silk wreath. When she departed on New Year’s Day, the Brightons hoped she’d never return. Of course, the following year, on Casey’s ninth birthday, Maxine was back.

Meanwhile, over 100 years ago, Maxine is growing at Shackleford, the citrus plantation owned by her father, George. Adair, her mother, is in poor health, so she is raised, mostly, by Delilah, the family’s housekeeper.

Mary Helen and Delilah tell the story in rotating chapters. The action culminates the year Casey turns 15, which is the 100th anniversary of Maxine’s death. A story of hope, betrayal, abuse of power, and understanding set against the backdrop of the grand old home, it’s southern gothic with combined with modern day humor, and more than a touch of magic.

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