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The Texas Bride: Mail Order Bride Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

â??â??Get 36000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Western Mail Order Bride Romance With NO Cliffhangers!â??â??

These collection includes:

A Baby For The Bride

The Crippled Cowboy

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

The Barren Bride

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Magic for Marigold: classic

by L. M. Montgomery

Once upon a timeâ??which, when you come to think of it, is really the only proper way to begin a storyâ??the only way that really smacks of romance and fairylandâ??all the Harmony members of the Lesley clan had assembled at Cloud of Spruce to celebrate Old Grandmother’s birthday as usual. Also to name Lorraine’s baby. It was a crying shame, as Aunt Nina pathetically said, that the little darling had been in the world four whole months without a name. But what could you do, with poor dear Leander dying in that terribly sudden way just two weeks before his daughter was born and poor Lorraine being so desperately ill for weeks and weeks afterwards? Not very strong yet, for that matter. And there was tuberculosis in her family, you know.

Knocked Up By The Billionaire Cowboy

by Paula Mabbel

Will A Night of Forbidden Passion Out In The Countryside Leave Tessa Will The Relief She So Desperately Needed…Or Will She End Up With Way More Than She’d Ever Bargained For?

Tessa has been living in the small, dreary town of Bailey since she was born. Throughout all her years there, she found very little to cherish. Even the most exciting moment of her life, when Rick asked her out in high school, became tainted with the many years that followed.

When Tessa’s birthday rolls around, she finds herself in the same bar that she and Rick would go to every weekend. Unfortunately, Rick and his friends show up there on the same night.

When a handsome stranger walks into the bar, she thinks her night might be turning around, but that hope is quickly dashed when Rick’s bad behavior leaves her humiliated and pushed to the edge.

What will she do when everything she’d worked towards is taken from her? Will the good girl who has always been faithful take her revenge?

WARNING: Contains Wild and Steamy Adult Scenes. 18+ Readers Only.

My Forbidden Navy SEAL Cowboy

by Cassandra Michaels

WARNING: This book contains Steamy Navy Seal Romance Scenes That Leave Very Little To The Imagination..Now with 40 Free Bonus Stories For A Limited Time!

This is a standalone shifting perspective story with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after ending


Bronwyn and Declan married young, and when Declan joined the Marines only weeks after their marriage, Bronwyn resigned herself to a life spent alone, waiting for her husband to come home from the next dangerous mission. But when Declan is declared “Missing in Action,” his brother Tyler, a Navy SEAL himself, is sent home to help the family make arrangements.

Tyler was older, and barely knew Bronwyn, but the woman he meets when he returns home is nothing like he girl he knew six years ago. It isn’t long before Tyler and Bronwyn realize their connection runs deeper than either could have ever expected. Will they give in to the unfathomable pull of their mutual desire, or will Bronwyn fight a love that feels totally wrong, but absolutely right at the same time?

But more importantly, what will happen when it turns out that Declan isn’t missing after all?

Mr Darcy & Elizabeth: Unexpected Affection: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

by Cassandra Knightley

For her beloved family, Elizabeth would accept Mr Darcy’s indelicate proposal.
She hoped to ensure the happiness of her sisters, what she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the very man she vowed to hate.

Lady Catherine’s objections will be the least of their concerns when compared with the nasty schemes of Mr Wickham, not to mention the scandals posed by Elizabeth’s own relations! Can Mr Darcy handle the chaos that is the Bennet Family? Can Elizabeth put aside her hurt pride long enough to allow her true feelings to shine? Will these two withstand scandal and scorn to finally discover their happily ever after?

Previously published under the title: Felicity in Marriage

The Duke And The Beggar

by Cassandra Michaels

CAUTION: Thrilling and Passion-Filled Historical Regency Romance with No Cliffhanger & Happily Ever After Ending. Contains A Surprise Bonus!

Duke Cedric takes one last walk through the village before he forced to marry a woman he does not love.

Emma has fallen down on her luck, finding herself begging on the streets of her village to simply located a meal.

When Cedric hides Emma in the tunnels beneath the palace, he expects only to feed her and nurse her back to health. Yet he found so much more than what he bargained for.

Will he defy his own father’s kingdom and its rules, so that he may love Emma as he wishes to do?

Navy SEAL Seductions

by Ponderosa Publishing

Warning: Contains HOT Navy SEAL Romance Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination! A surprise bonus is also included inside for a VERY limited time!

This collection includes:

The Navy SEAL Cowboy

SEALing The Victory

The Billionaire SEAL’s Secret Baby

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Dukes Turned Scoundrels: Regency Romance Collection

by Ponderosa Publishing

Now On Sale For a Limited Time Only

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These collection includes:

Two Dukes One Scandal

Only Way to Tame a Rake

The Duke’s Pregnant Maid

The Duke Of London’s Baby

To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke

The Rogue Duke

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Die glücklichen Inseln (Vollständige deutsche Ausgabe) (German Edition)

by Jack London

Diese Ausgabe von “Die glücklichen Inseln” wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert.
“Viele Menschen waren um das bungalowartige Haus herum, aber nur ein einziger schlief. Die übrigen verhielten sich mäuschenstill. Hinter dem Hause lieÃ? ein kleines Kind ein klägliches Wimmern hören, das selbst die schnell dargereichte Brust nicht zu beschwichtigen vermochte.”
Jack London (1876-1916) war ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Journalist. Er erlangte vor allem Bekanntheit durch seine Abenteuerromane Ruf der Wildnis und Wolfsblut sowie durch den mehrfach verfilmten Abenteuerroman Der Seewolf und den autobiographisch beeinflussten Roman Martin Eden. Diese Werke geben gleichzeitig eine �bersicht über die geographischen Räume, die er kannte: den arktischen Norden Nordamerikas (Klondike) zur Zeit des Goldrausches, Kalifornien und den Pazifik bzw. die Seefahrt auf diesem Ozean.

Certain People: short story classics

by Edith Wharton

Charlie Durand, Professor of Romance Languages in a western University, had been spending the first weeks of a hard-earned Sabbatical holiday in wandering through Flanders and Belgium, and on the fatal second of August had found himself at Louvain, whose University, a year or two previously, had honoured him with a degree. On the advice of the American consul he had left Belgium at once, and, deeply disturbed by the dislocation of his plans, had carried his shaken nerves to a lost corner of Normandy, where he had spent the ensuing weeks in trying to think the war would soon be over. It was not that he was naturally hard or aloof about it, or wanted to be; but the whole business was so contrary to his conception of the universe, and his fagged mind, at the moment, was so incapable of prompt readjustment, that he needed time to steady himself. Besides, his conscience told him that his first duty was to get back unimpaired to the task which just enabled him to keep a mother and two sisters above want. His few weeks on the continent had cost much more than he had expected, and most of his remaining francs had gone to the various appeals for funds that penetrated even to his lost corner; and he decided that the prudent course (now that everybody said the war was certainly going to last till November) would be to slip over to cheap lodgings in London, and bury his nose in the British Museum.

Miss Ollie: Tennessee Madam

by Mary Anne Sanders

Based on the real Tennessee madam- Prostitute Ollie Pope has been through the wringer-surviving the poorhouse, the jailhouse, and the workhouse, not to mention giving up her beloved illegitimate child. Wounded and hardened, she wants money and the social acceptance she thinks it will bring. And for a time it does. With the help of cotton broker and former lover “Toodles” Woodall, bootlegging provides short-term success; yet the end of Prohibition leaves her little choice but to return to what she knows. Ollie’s clean and stylish brothel becomes a legendary mecca for servicemen from nearby training bases during WWII, as well as a secret refuge for the rich and influential in town.
Set amidst the tumult that shook the foundations of staid Southern society in the first half of the twentieth century, Miss Ollie’s story is one of corruption, racism, hypocrisy, and the appearance of kindness in unexpected places.

The Embittered Earl (Clean Short Read Regency Romance Book 1)

by Charity McColl

When Lord Richard Trenton is summoned to the side of his dying wife, he is certain of what the servants only suspect: the child she is birthing is not his own. Never one to shirk duty, Lord Trenton hires a nanny for the little girl, but the baby’s presence causes him such pain that he banishes her and her nanny, Edith, to the nursery.

Edith, familiar with the horror of abandonment, gives the baby all her love and care. Little does she know that Lord Trenton sees it all.

When Lord Trenton is summoned to London on business, Edith overhears a conversation and learns the baby girl is in danger from one of her blood relatives. How will Edith get the baby safely away? Where will she go? And will Lord Trenton follow them?

Charity McColl, whose name means Love Conquers, writes sumptuous clean short read regency romance. She always delivers a story packed with intrigue, romantic twists and gripping escapades that will keep you turning the pages to the very last letter. 🙂

Early New Zealand According to Tom: A tale of early life in NZ..

by Tony Burling-Claridge

A simple take about early life for a young lad, after his arrival to Canterbury, NZ, in 1880’s. He does not encounter any horrendous catastrophes, however his life is full. Although not a historical novel it does encompass some of New Zealand’s history, and links aspects of the original settlers, The Maori, and the multitude of differing races coming to make a new. life, in such a young country.

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