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The Stellar Way: Discovering the Star Within

by Tina Donovan

The Stellar Way inspires the imagination and captures every child’s attention with its compelling story and brilliant illustrations. This thought-provoking fantasy centers on two main characters: Sparky, a five-hundred-year-old starâ??a real superheroâ??and Kelly, a young girl who has found her life exasperating and wears a chip on her shoulder as proof. She learns to dismantle this seemingly gigantic chip when Sparky takes her to the Galaxy All-Star Camp, where she finally learns to become a star in her own right.

The Stellar Way’s universal appeal lends itself to all ages. The story and its researched-based curriculum has been field-tested twice and proved to be statistically significant in both studies. The supplemental guide is coming soon!

“The Stellar Way is an exceptional resource that has evolved through years of experience. It is a brilliant way to transform challenging behavior while increasing emotional IQ and social competency skills, and its creative, robust design makes it an effective resource for professional counselors in any environment. This book is a must-have for every counselor’s practice.”

â??Dr. Patrice Moulton, psychologist, author, Fulbright specialist

“Tina Donovan sets out to create a character that will fulfill a void seriously lacking in children’s literatureâ??and nails it. Not only can children be entertained and delighted by the story, they can also be challenged and guided in how to better handle their developing emotions and feelings. The Stellar Way is a win-win for parents, children, and educators. We are pleased to award The Stellar Way the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages.”
â??The Dove Foundation

“As an educator, I’m seeing an alarming increase in behavioral issues from children who don’t know how to take responsibility for their own feelings and reactions to anger. This desperately needed intervention for students is presented in a unique way by Tina Donovan.”

â??Laura Bentley, certified teacher, 21 years

“The Stellar Way allowed dialogue with three teenage clients, giving me information I had not gotten previously. I found it to be an excellent tool and I highly recommend it!”

â??Becky Bergert, LPC, owner of New Dawn Counseling Center

“Tina Donovan’s The Stellar Way is a fantastic resource for those who wish to help the children in their lives let go of anger and find their inner star.”

â??Dorri Hegyi, children’s librarian

“The Stellar Way is a wonderfully written book that will resonate with children of all ages. The artwork is visually striking and the story’s message is beneficial. Students, teachers, counselors, and parents will use this book again and again!”

â??Sandra Byrd Lawson, author of chapter books Mila Denton’s Worst Week Ever! and
Mila Denton Is an April Fool!

“Anger and frustration can be very difficult emotions for children to understand and manage. Tina Donovan’s The Stellar Way is a powerful book that provides children with the coping skills that allow them to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, learn new ways to cope with problems they face, and understand that having a winning attitude can help through difficult situations.”

â??Di Riseborough, registered psychotherapist, author of Forgiveness: How to Let Go When It Still Hurts (featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network)

“As a speaker and author who encourages others to be the â??star’ of their own lives, I highly recommend this book with a similar message to children.”

â??Curtis Zimmerman, best-selling author of Life at Performance Level

Sweet! A Tiny Minimalist Easy Dessert Cookbook from a Chef to his Wife (0897203 990)

by Ammar Johar

“Few recipe writers are as precise as Ammar Johar”
– Tejal Rao, The Indian Mag

“An engaging baking bookâ?¦ Johar adds a remarkable new voice to the world of baking books. Combine smarts with whimsy and you get delicious results.”
– Washington Post

“Johar uses [food science] to give people new tools to become better bakers, a better understanding of baking, and an emphatic reminder of why every one loved these cookies, cakes, and other sweets in the first place.”
– GrubStreet

“Minimalist recipes. . . Johar is a serious cook, interested in the history of how those desserts became iconic, and one who applies his serious culinary education to what others might consider frivolous ends.”
– The Atlantic

About the author
Ammar Johar is a food writer, recipe developer, and author of numerous cookbooks.He has been making effortless desserts as far back as the fourth grade and currently blogs about super easy recipes for delicious meals. He lives in Mumbai, India.


by C. Scott Frank

Read the thrilling story that is throwing readers for a loop and leaving them begging for more!

Ariana is an Orbital Drop Marine. She has dropped into intense battle zones before, but something is different about this one. When she finds herself in an eerie quiet when there should be all-out war going on around her, she may find more than she could have ever expected.

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