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Thai Street Food, Taste of Thai: Where my Thai Friend Bring Me There, Delicious Spicy Tom Yum, Seafood, Isan and more!

by Lisa Stewart

Thai Street Food is a famous between foreigner including me. I used to think that one day I have to travel to Thailand and enjoy the delicious of Thai food. Now, today, I have a chance to go to Thailand and I have a very nice Thai friend guide me to eat local restaurant or street food that price is not too expensive to eat and it is also the same as local Thai eat during each day.

Hope you like those pictures and take a trip to Thailand to taste it.

Out of the Ashes

by Vanessa Evetts

What would you do if you lost everyone you loved overnight?
How do you keep living when everything in you is screaming out in pain?

GRACE KINGSTON had it all. A passionate marriage, two gorgeous children and a career she loved until they were ripped from her life in a hit and run.
Thrust into a life she didn’t choose, she battles under the weight of her grief, and the conflicting desire to honour their memory. When she finds a handwritten bucket list in her son’s bedroom, she sells everything she owns and takes off on a quest that transforms her.

Conquering some of her greatest fears and insecurities, across three continents, Grace is faced with a decision. Does she keep living her life in survival mode, clinging to the memory of her husband and children, or does she release them from her tight grasp and build a new life without them?
What will it take to claim a life, filled to the brim with the passion and joy she desires? This raw, breathtaking story delves into the darkest places of grief and reveals the beauty that rises out of the ashes.

Praise for Vanessa Evetts

“Ms Evetts writes with honesty, passion, and raw emotion, to create poignant stories of love, loss, and life. Phenomenal, empowering, and heartbreakingly real, these are books that will inspire and uplift women everywhere.” Heidi Farrelly, Internationally bestselling author of ‘Mortgage Free’ & ‘Brilliant Budgets & Despicable Debt’

“Vanessa Evetts takes readers on a moving, hopeful, and deeply affecting journey into the world of life after tragedy. You will laugh, you will cry, and I guarantee that after it’s over you’ll think about this book for days. A brilliant debut.”
Rebecca Addison, Author of Still Waters & The Ohana Tree

A Potato in a Rice Field: A Year in Rural Thailand

by Allan Wilson

In 2015 my wife Fanfan and I moved to live in the small rural village of â??Broken Road’ in Thailand’s rural northeast region, known for its seemingly endless landscapes of rice fields after rice fields. The village is found soon after the larger town of Nang Rong towards the city of Buriram, by taking a right at â??Baan Khanom’ or â??Snack House’ as it translates in English, as landmarks are otherwise few and far between in these parts of the world. So Broken Road has always reminded me of â??The Shire’ as a fruitful place cut off from the modern world, where lots of small people live, and at five-foot-ten I’m almost certain to be the tallest person in the village.

We are otherwise located in the northeast region of Thailand, better known as â??Isaan’, which is often misunderstood as being the â??Poor Part of Thailand’ as I otherwise find the opposite when it comes to quality of life. And I think â??low-income’ would be the better term, given people here live rich lives with the low cost of living, and ability to live off the land. And our family compound is no different, where almost everything we eat through the week is sourced from the family’s gardens and farms, and even the streets out front are lined with lemongrass and kaffir lime trees, so the smells of citrus breeze through the village every time they’re trimmed. We do live in somewhat of a foodie’s paradise, and of course I make the most of this throughout the year.

The reason for this move however is more bitter-sweet where Fanfan’s Granny Yai took ill and we volunteered to help the family, as traditionally Thai people don’t just dump their old folk into the nearest nursing home. So we volunteered to leave our previous lives behind in big city Bangkok to refurbish Fanfan’s old childhood home, and we inevitably moved there for the coming year. And â??A Potato in a Rice Field’ follows from this time, where images snippets of daily life chronicle my integration into the close-knit family circle, the local temple, and the wider village community. And it’s basically just me bumbling through awkward social and cultural etiquette.

Our experiences do feel somewhat anthropological in parts, given our unique position in a rustic rural setting, and through the year I find myself involved in intimate ceremonies, from wearing puffy shorts as a â??Bridesmaid’ at a wedding, to the more sombre tones of family funerals. And experiences also centre around local Buddhist traditions, where at one point I was almost convinced to become a monk, and to join a mass monk ordination at the local temple. However I am not just plopped into these situations as the token tourist, where I am pretty much bound to these roles as a family member and the only able male of the near family, given grandpa Ta is now in his seventies. But I will otherwise always be a novelty in the wider community, given I am the only foreigner found within many miles.

Meanwhile I must juggle with the complications of life in foreign lands, such as visa issues, passport problems, and my unlikely profession as a location independent travel blogger. Which inevitably take us to various nearby borders, as well as further-flung Asian destinations like the karst landscapes of southern China, â??extreme sightseeing’ through sakuras and snow in Japan, and we’re even caught in one of the world’s most intense typhoons in Taiwan. But I’m not really one to count countries like some glorified stamp collection, as I would forever return to Japan or China before ever considering a visit to Chad. No offence Chad. As my fascination with travel will always be in the traditions and cultures of Asia, and I include behind the scenes scribblings from various destinations, which can easily be dipped into or ignored through the 112 chapters (129 images) of the book. As otherwise the sole focus is on life in the rice fields, as it follows the seasons, festivals and events celebrated throughout the year in this somewhat old-world setting of rural Isaan.

The First 49

by Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker has spent much of his life travelling. Since catching the travel bug in his early twenties, he has visited 49 countries; his adventures are presented in this collection of autobiographical pieces. Visit North and South America, wind your way through much of Europe, travel overland from Ghana along the Western edge of Africa as far as Cape Town at its Southern tip, and venture further, calling at India, Japan, and Vietnam. Illustrated by the author’s own black and white photography, this book is designed to be dipped into, used for travel inspiration, and as a jumping off point for your own adventures.

A Last Chance Powerdrive Part 1 Highways and Highlights

by Benedict Beaumont

What do you do when you have run out of dreams?

Start running until you find some more….

In October 2011, Benedict Beaumont was a worn out, burned out, bored and frustrated Secondary School Teacher. Desperate for change, he flew to Delhi, bought a Royal Enfield Motorbike and drove it to the Himalayas.

Highways and Highlights is the abridged version of ‘A Last Chance PowerDrive Part 1, God’s on Tour and Dreaming in High Places’ which tells the story as he took his motorbike over some of the hightest passes in the world.

TECHNICAL GERMAN: FAST TRACK LEARNING FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS: The 100 most frequent German technical words used by engineers and technicians with 600 phrase examples.

by Sarah Retter

If you speak English, focus your technical German learning on the most frequently used words. Learn just the 100 words you need to know to do your job.

Learn just the 100 words you need to interact with engineers and technicians.

Focus your technical German learning on the most frequently used words.

Actually, to communicate with engineers and technicians you only need to master the most used 100 technical German words. These words can be defined using an algorithm that provides the ranking. In this book you´ll find the list.

This book will provide you with the 100 technical German words you have to use first when working or interacting with engineers and technicians.

The phrases are presented in a very simple fashion. No complications. Straight and simple.

So, don’t waste your time and energy! Focus your effort on the most important technical German words you have to understand to interact with engineers and technicians.

Download your copy and start focusing your energy today!

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Venice Travel Guide: An Easy Guide to Exploring the Top Attractions, Food Places, Local Life, and Everything You Need to Know (Traveler Republic)

by Traveler Republic

An Easy Guide to Exploring the Top Attractions, Food Places, Local Life, and Everything You Need to Know

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