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Fortnite: Battle Royale – Never Before Revealed Tips, Tactics & Strategies Which Only the Elite Players and Streamers Know About

by Ali McDonald

Do you make these mistakes in Fortnite: Battle Royale?

Landing in the wrong locations.

Choosing metal over wood for combat building.

Firing at opponents too early, giving away your position.

Getting outbuilt in close range combat.

Choosing the scoped AR over the bolt action sniper.

Not optimizing your inventory.

If this sounds like you – don’t worry

It’s easier than you think to avoid these mistakes and get really good FAST.

All you need is to tweak a few bad playing habits for you to skyrocket up the rankings.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The undisputed #1 location to land for the best loot – Page 15
  • 5 completely unknown tips which even pros aren’t aware of! – Page 8
  • The real difference between the Bolt Action and Scoped AR Sniper – and which one you should choose to ensure more victories! – Page 21
  • The best weapon combos for close range combat – Page 12
  • Controller layout tips to increase shooting accuracy and building speed – Page 76
  • The secret of the battle bus which will help you choose the best landing spot – Page 9
  • The completely legit way to always know where your enemies are (no cheating or hacking) – Page 13
  • A complete item comparison guide so you always have the best inventory – items – Page 40
  • The secret building strategy (used by one of Fortnite’s elite streamers) which will help you win more games – Page 67
  • What you need to know about the new Fortnite iOS and Android releases to win games on your phone! – Page 78
  • How to win games on mobile even if you don’t have the sound turned on! (Win games on your commute or on your break in the office!) – Page 81
  • â?¦and much, much more!

    All tips are relevant for the Version 3.2 game update!

    These tips are the result of hundreds of hours of playtime. Plus many more analyzing gameplay of the world’s top players and streamers.

    So if you want to win more Victory Royale’s than you ever thought possible – click “add to cart” to receive your book instantly!

    Love Under Fire: A Companion Book to the Hawaii Billionaire Romance Series

    by Jennifer Youngblood

    **Note** This book was formerly called Hearts on Fire. The authors gave it a new cover and title to more accurately reflect the content of the book.

    Rising star Peyton Kelly has her own remodeling show on HGTV. But when her mother dies suddenly, Peyton becomes a partial owner of the rundown bed and breakfast that’s been in the Kelly family for three generations. Located in the center of breath-taking wine country, the bed and breakfast could be a jewel. In a cruel twist of fate, Carter Webster her former fiancé purchases the other half. Peyton wants to revitalize the bed and breakfast, but Carter’s determined to tear it down and build an exclusive resort in its place.

    Sparks fly as Peyton and Carter square off. It doesn’t take long for the flame between them to reignite, and their hearts are drawn together, but their heads have other ideas.

    Can Peyton and Carter put aside old grudges and yield to the desires of their hearts, or will the secrets of the past consume them?

    Includes a bonus chapter of Love at the Ocean Breeze

    ScheiÃ?e, das reimt sich ja (German Edition)

    by Piepke Bierich

    ScheiÃ?e, das reimt sich ja … oder eben nicht. Na doch, aber ohne Sinn. Oder vielleicht ja tieferen Sinn? Finde es doch raus und lerne die etwas anderen Gedichte, Verse oder gar Balladen kennen und lieben, oder kennen und eben nicht lieben. Oder aber: Lass dich fallen, in diese etwas anders erzählten Beobachtungen des Alltags, die hier augenzwinkernd niedergeschrieben wurden. Und zwar nur für dich, damit du mal auf andere Gedanken kommst. 

    Blödelreime. Alltägliches in skurriler Versform von Piepke Bierich und Michael Lindberg.

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