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Betty’s Thanksgiving Kiss: Holiday Romance Short Stories

by Mercy Levy

When Becky Mandrift arrives in a small Montana town in search for her brother, the last thing she expects is to be caught in a snowstorm of violence and fear. She learns that her brother killed a man and was now wanted dead by a very powerful and cruel businessman.

Already being a woman who lives in fear, Becky hungers to run away from the danger. But when a kind woman and a gentle but brave and handsome stranger step into the picture, she learns that love can overcome fear.

The storm grows worse when Becky’s brother shows up and the hired mob gathers at the local salon to begin planning how to kill him. Becky quickly joins forces with the handsome stranger and the kind woman, who decide to stand for truth.

Together they all take shelter in a hotel and wait for bullets to begin flying at them through the storm. As they wait, the handsome stranger confesses his love for Becky.

Will Becky’s final act of courage be her last, or will she live through a horrible storm and see a fresh new morning dripping with joy and peace?

Imagine That: Unlocking the Power of Your Imagination

by Dewey Friedel

“When your imagination rules your heart, you will receive what you have daydreamed and nightdreamed.”

How often do you use your imagination to consider life beyond the normal, the tedious, and the routine? Do you allow yourself to dream of a better life and imagine a more joyful existence and a deeper spiritual experience?

Author Dewey Friedel leads you into the realm of imagination that drives the purpose of your life. Through years of successful living, Pastor Friedel has learned how to Imagine That! and he shares his findings with you.

Discover how to:

  • Develop your creativity.
  • Define a clear-cut goal.
  • Stir a powerful desire to fulfill your goal.
  • Experience dreams and visions.
  • See the invisible.

In the secret place of prayer, the eyes of your heart will open and you will begin to see God’s plan for you-revealed through the power of your imagination.

While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18).

The Meaning of the Cross

by Peter Newman

This book reveals the meaning of the most momentous act in human history – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This epoch event was predetermined by God from before the beginning of time to accomplish His eternal purpose. Although there is no truth of greater importance to God’s people than the meaning of Christ’s death on the cross, it is astonishing that there is no truth of which there is greater ignorance among professing Christians.

Although they know they are saved by faith, very few Christians know how to live by faith. Consequently, they trust Jesus as Savior and hope one day to go to heaven but, in between, they struggle vainly to live in this sin-sick world by the best of their ability and often mistake their self-effort for faith. This is not only tragic, it is alarming because God’s people can be ignorant about a lot of things, but if they are ignorant about the cross, they are in real trouble. As God said in Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

The author clearly explains the glorious mystery of the cross, which is the key to understanding the whole gospel. Salvation is only the beginning and not the end of God’s purpose for His people, for the cross of Christ is the door that leads to eternal union and intimate friendship with God.

This book also contains an appendix with practical answers to thirty frequently asked questions regarding the meaning and application of the cross of Christ. All proceeds from this book go to support Christian evangelism and provide aid to members of the body of Christ in need.

Oregon Cannabis Culture Cultivates Compassion Using Kesey Sixties Styled Pot Sharing: Opioid Epidemic Crisis Healing Via â??Donatedâ? CBD Marijuana Medicine

by Dave Masko

Oregon Cannabis Culture Cultivates Compassion Using Kesey Sixties Styled Pot Sharing, by Dave Masko. Take a drive down Oregon’s Pacific Coast Highway 101 and marvel at the “green” natural surroundings, wild ocean waves, ancient wood and the best sun-grown cannabis “medicine” in the world. This route and region was nicknamed “Kesey Country” in the Sixties and 1970s because this place attracts rebels and adventurers. The famed Oregon writer Ken Kesey explained that Sixties “hippies” recognized rather than chose who they wished to hang with to “burn one down.” A local saying back in Sixties Oregon was about hippies being able to recognize people not get high because, “They all have this Republican orphan-hood look in their eyes that made them standout in a crowd.” This ability to spot those who used or did not use marijuana begat Oregon’s pot culture that continues today with now legal weed growers and sellers fighting the state’s opioid epidemic by doing what they did back in the Sixties, and that is to “share” and “donate” their extra pot medicine to those hurting and in need, explained Yachats legal marijuana grower Don “Jay” Jackson who thinks “the most disturbing part of Oregon’s legal pot industry is almost zero connections to legally share or donate this valued cannabis medicine.” Jackson went on to explain how, “I didn’t really know how to approach sharing a lid of pot with a veteran or senior who was obviously hurting mentally and physically. I mean this ability to legally offer â??free’ pot has become a delicate subject because growers and dispensary owners don’t want to kill this cash cow so to speak by pissing off the suits that oversee our state’s legal pot industry. Sure we all know we can just give it away, but to be honest there’s fear in this act of sharing cannabis in this time of massive opioid addiction that the suits running the show have to sort out,” added this legal pot grower with a deep sense of chagrin. When Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown went on national television March 12, 2018, she issued a heart-felt plea for real action to stop the opioid crisis enveloping America. Governor Brown wants opioid addiction to be treated as the “public health crisis” that it is. Meanwhile, the Sixties mantra to not “Bogart that joint and share it is cool again with many now advocating “donations” of legal cannabis products for veterans and seniors in need of opioid options to treat their pain. Amid this epidemic of OxyContin abuse and addiction, Oregon’s natural living advocates are urging veterans and seniors to try physical therapy, exercise and the use of “legal” CBD cannabis products that can be freely given away under Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) legal pot “donation” guidelines that allow all medical and recreational marijuana growers and dispensary owners to “donate” this valued natural medicine that is proven safe. According to various Veterans Affairs studies, “veterans are twice as likely to die from accidental opioid overdoses as non-veterans; while untreated chronic pain in both veterans and seniors “increases the risk of suicide.” In fact, the VA reports more than 100,000 veterans “with opioid-use disorders.” The view from many veterans and seniors who are over-prescribed with painkillers is “we’re being sentence to a life of chemical dependency; while living lives of deep despair because our pain and PTSD just won’t go away.” This special collection of “new journalism” essays aims to tell this most interesting and important story about how legal cannabis in Oregon and nationwide can play a vital role in helping to curb the evil appetites for opioid drugs that are running lives and literally killing tens of thousands of Americans each and every year. All the old hippies here in Oregon are saying is “Give Cannabis a Chance” to help fight this state-wide and national opioid epidemic today in 2018.

A True and Decent Man: A Mail Order Bride Romance

by Angelica Rose

The hope of a new beginning…

Emma is a poor orphan who lives a decent yet empty life of labor as a cleaning girl at the local hotel. While her days are spent on her hands and knees scrubbing the hotel floor, her evenings are spent alone, longing for someone to love, and in return, love her back.

After it dawns on Emma that she’s allowed to make a try for her own happiness, she answers an ad in the paper to become a mail order bride, believing that her life might finally be looking up.

But despite the promise of a bright new future she is devastated when her new husband turns out to be an insufferable cad, immature and given to drink.

Will her only friend in this wild new townâ??local Tavern owner and man of honor Jesse Helmsâ??be willing and able to help Emma out of this terrible mess? And will Emma finally find true love in the process?

This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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A Philosophy of Israel Education: A Relational Approach

by Barry Chazan

This book develops a new philosophy of Israel education. “Person-centered” Israel education is concerned with developing in individual learners the ability to understand and make rational, emotional, and ethical decisions about Israel, and about the challenges Israel regularly faces, whether they be existential, spiritual, democratic, humanitarian, national, etc. Chazan begins by laying out the terms of the conversation then examines the six-pronged theory of “person-centered” Israel education to outline the aims, content, pedagogy, and educators needed to implement this program. Finally, the author meditates on what a transformation from ethnic to ethical education might look like in this context and others.
This book is Open Access under a CC-BY license.

Authentic Disciple: Sermon On the Mount

by William Tinsley

A great resource for spiritual formation The book contains devotions from the Sermon on the Mount. Each devotion has a companion journal entry that includes a suggested question to apply Jesus’ teaching, along with a record of prayer requests and answered prayer.
Even greater benefit can be gained by using the AD Sermon On the Mount devotions and journal with small groups.
The book contains a Leader Guide for small groups in the back. The effectiveness of the Authentic Disciple series format has been proven effective in various small group settings.

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