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The Rumspringa Secret: An Inspirational Amish Romance (Sweet Summer Romance Series Book 5)

by Amy Field

The worst, most terrible thing that could ever happen to an Amish girl, had befallen Ruth.
Granted, it happened during her Rumspringa, and things can get a little, well, out of hand.
But nothing her parents had taught her prepared her for this.

Now she’s back in the village, her father has hugged her and welcomed her back. Even while the village gossips still whisper…

And when the eligible and handsome David starts showing an interest in her, her hidden past starts becoming unbearable. Something will have to break….

But how can she live with herself, especially when happiness is so tantalisingly close?

Read this wonderful romance story of guilt, fear and forgiveness against all odds.

++ Includes thirty inspiring and uplifting story of love and romance from the publisher’s library! ++

Same Amish Girl

by Kylie Price

Ivy has become one of the most sought after women in her small Amish town, being courted by almost all of the remaining bachelors. But when a handsome Englischer comes to the community and begins courting, she refuses his advances…at first…then they begin dating and strange things begin happening to her other suitors. Is he secretly doing things to harm his competitors for her hand in marriage?
Emilia is an Amish young woman whose father has arranged a marriage for her. His name is Aaron Bawell and he is new in the community along his young daughter. Emilia reluctantly agrees to meet with Aaron but he seems cold and distant. She soon finds out why he is so defensive and begins to fall for him after she realizes what a good man he is underneath the stony facade. But can she break him out of his shell and make their marriage work?
Gabriela comes from a family of broken relationships and broken bank accounts. Her fiancee makes even less money than her and they both feel bad that they cannot afford a decent wedding, let alone a wedding dress. She looks everywehere for the proper dress and cannot find one, and she is not even sure she is marrying the right man. She then discovers a wedding gown at the local flea market being sold by an elderly woman. The woman tells her the dress is priceless but offers to let her wear it for free if she promises to live out her marriage according to God’s will. She befriends the woman and begins to make some changes that alter her life forever.
Naomi Zook never took pleasure in extravagant things. Her name Naomi, however, did literally mean, pleasant. Even when she became of age to experience Rumspringa, the time in which Amish girls and boys are allowed to experience the outside world, she did not find joy in living life outside of her quiet Amish community. She was a simple Amish girl through and through. She was also incredibly shy.

Her shyness is debilitating and she feels that she is doomed to the single life. But one day while delivering crafts, she meets a handsome…and affable young man. The usually shy Naomi finds it easy to be around him and suddenly the possibilities of what could be come into her mind.
Amber is a successful business woman who visits the local Amish community at her mother’s request. Once there, she immediately catches the eye of the handsome Abel who insists that he knows her. The longer Amber stays in the town, the more she realizes all she has been missing in her life and wonders why her mother insisted that she visit..The truth is soon revealed, however, as Amber discovers that her connection to the town is deeper than she even realized.
Firefighter David wanted to leave his Amish hometown behind him. But when a family member becomes ill, he returns to the community and meets Faith. She’s a charming young woman and the attraction is immediate but David does not want to be tied down to the Amish life anymore. Tragedy strikes, however, and the two discover that they can make a team that may be destined to be together.
Abigail Esh watched as the familiar hills and plains of her small Pennsylvania community fell into view. It had been a long buggy ride; they had been travelling for half a day.
She felt a small stab of excitement, at the thought of finally coming home. She had been staying with some friends of her family, who were English, for the past month. It was all part of her rumspringa. She had sampled many things in the big city, including going to art galleries and English restaurants. It had been enjoyable, of course, and she wouldn’t change the experience for the world.
But she wanted to return to her community, and start life as a fully committed adult Amish. She was ready.

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