Free science Kindle books for 29 Mar 18

Proteins (Explore the Molecules of Life)

by Tali Lavy

The human body relies on proteins for many of its most important processes. When we contract our muscles, we use proteins. We need proteins to fight disease and help blood cells transport oxygen. Proteins are the building blocks of life, and what’s more, they’re fascinating.

Written by structural biologist Tali Lavy, this book is a playfully illustrated exploration of proteins and their importance in human biology. Children will learn how proteins are composed of amino acids, how DNA encodes proteins, and how proteins affect life at a molecular level. Entertaining drawings of an amino acid “shop,” proteins’ “playground,” and “candies” given to an enzyme will clarify complicated concepts and make learning fun!

Lavy’s pictures may be whimsical, but they’re also accurate. Each protein and amino acid illustration is created using professional scientific software. For children interested in science and biology, such images will offer a fascinating glimpse of how scientists visualize molecular compounds.

Part of Lavy’s Explore the Molecules of Life series, Proteins is an ideal resource that explains the importance of proteins and amino acids without dumbing down concepts for young readersâ??something rarely found in children’s science books.

Essential Oils: A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils Aromatherapy and Natural Healing

by Anne-Marie WeiÃ?

Take A Handle on Your Health and Optimise Your Wellbeing Today

According to the World Health Organization, approximately three hundred million people suffer from stress and depression. Depression is seen as the leading cause of disability worldwide and there are no signs of the epidemic subsiding. Many of these people are dependent on antibiotics, anti-depressants and a wide range of other drugs programs to manage their specific condition. While these forms of medication help to effectively numb and negate issues such as depression and stress short term they do not delve deeper into the causes of apparent symptoms. There are however other forms of therapy and healing which have shown hugely positive results for a number of disorders, allergies and physical ailments. These methods also do not have detrimental side effects which western medication programs often do. The Most common of all being addiction and dependence.

I’m talking about Essential Oils. It might interest you to know that Aromatherapy and Essential Oils can greatly reduce numerous illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and stress levels as well as the flu, hay fever and cuts and bruises by correctly applying the right techniques.

This book offers an insight into the world of Essential Oils, Aroma Therapy and Alternative Medicine. It provides proven steps to intergrate Essential Oils into your life and start reaping the rewards. This is the ultimate beginners quick read guide to give you all the essential information and key steps to start improving your physical, mental and spiritual health. Open your mind to world of new possibilities and download this book now.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn…

  • The History of Essential Oils
  • Getting Started With Essential Oils
  • A Guide To Using Essential Oils
  • 50 Natural Remedies
  • Essential Oil Therapy Vs. Homeopathic and Convential Remedies
  • Homeopathy and It’s Pinciples
  • All This and Much More…

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