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Metal vs. Magic Anthology I

by Jeffrey Bardwell

The world is divided between those who wield magic and those who fear it.

Series set in the Metal vs. Magic Universe boast a thrilling history filled with epic sagas, interweaving stories, and complex intrigue. But some tales are smaller and more intimate. Explore ten select short stories, each focused on a unique character, the hero of their own mini epic.

These are the moments that slip through the cracks, side characters thrust in the spotlight, quick battles, harrowing quests, dire tragedies, and small triumphs. Anything can happen in the Metal vs. Magic Universe. Intrigue and adventure await if you dare to go looking for them . . .

Humanity’s Death: Final Solution (Humanity’s Death: A Zombie Epic Book 3)

by D.S. Black

This is the third and final book in the Humanity’s Death Trilogy. Join the survivors as they face their greatest threat yet: nuclear annihilation.

Hearken Unto Me

by W. W. Harris

Psychiatrist Case Terhune has everything – looks, money, career, and most importantly Lily, the woman he has loved since childhood. Then he loses her to a killer. He confronts Lily’s murderer and finds the man a puppet dancing to the whims of a darker power. Terhune knows he can’t replace Lily in his heart but he finds solace in his memories and a newly granted gift of faith. He becomes a priest and an exorcist, dedicated to fighting the evil he found in a killer’s eyes. He believes he and Lily will be reunited in the afterlife. But the Devil has darker, more immediate plans for the couple. He has learned how to raise the dead and one of his experiments is Terhune’s dead wife. Temptation and doubt beset Terhune as he struggles to quiet the dead and fight the Devil. A flirtatious heir to a local fortune views Terhune’s celibacy as temporary condition, and he isn’t completely immune to her attentions. Can the widower- priest remain true to his vows and faithful to the memory of the real Lily? Can love and faith overcome the grave and send the Devil back to Hell? “Hearken Unto Me” is the first book featuring widower exorcist Case Terhune. “Wash of Bones” is the second. “Devil’s Chance” is the third.

Nightmare in the CarnEvil of Souls

by Psycodic Crow

His words are evil. His face filled with darkness. Eyes glowing red as the blood of the lambs. Heart full of pitch black coal.

In the shadows lurking on the streets of London, a man with a gruesome looking top hat lures Shackly; (a marvelous young lad that grew up in the heart of the city) in with his intrinsic values and magical word play.

“Step right up lad, and enter this world of excitement and eternal happiness! Come indulge yourself in a world of wonder known only as the Carnival of Thrills”

The monster comes out disguised as a man in Ring Master attire and hidden under his bag of tricks Shackly is in roped into a hell like know other.

Making things worse, his expecting wife and mother attempt to come rescue him from enter the twisted, them themselves get trapped in the Amusement park.

The beast decides to cut a deal. With only two chooses; to either give away his soul or lose his loved ones; will Shackly choose to live life lonely or be bound to an eternity in hell…

Dark Ripple

by Brian Barr

H.P. Lovecraft is a starving, skeptical American writer of the weird and horrific, struggling to make ends meet in Connecticut.

Aleister Crowley is a famous British occultist focused on running his own magic organization, the O.T.O.

Though Crowley and Lovecraft’s lives differ to a high degree, neither man is aware of the fate they share.

They’ll soon find out, in Dark Ripple.

Best Friends: A Short Tale of Friendship

by Josh Hilden

This is a Short Story of 23 pages.

Jimmy and Tiffany have been best friends since before they were out of diapers. When Tiffany calls Jimmy begging for help with a messy problem what’s a best friend to do besides help clean up her mess?

The Crow Behind the Mirror: Book One of the Mirror Wars

by Sean M. Hogan

Behind the mirror lies a world most people could never dream of. A land populated by tree-sprites and pig-runs, knights and pharaohs, dragons and unicorns, fairies and gods. But now their numbers dwindle.

In a dark temple, the Undead Bride weeps. Spring never comes. An endless winter sets in. A father’s sin continues to fester and grow.

Trapped on a dying world, a young high school student finds herself a pawn in an otherworldly feud between three kingdoms, three races, and three gods.

Meet Sharon. After her father abandoned her at the ripe old age of five he left her to deal with more than a few issues. Social anxiety, depression, explosive anger, and a bitter, broken heart for starters. Despite her mother’s best intentions of starting over in a new city and enrolling her in a new high school, she finds it impossible to fit in. Too bad punching out the most popular girl in school hasn’t made her any friendsâ??only distant ostracizing glares and a trip to the principal’s office.

But the cherry on top of the misery called her life? There’s this ghost that stalks her where ever she goes. A crow to be exact. One that won’t stay out of her dreams.

This mysterious phantom from the past comes for Sharon, stirring up dark secrets and forbidden sins of the father she hardly knew. Now, haunted by a crow that glides on the currents of daydreams and nightmares, she is drawn to the magic mirror. One careless touch will change everythingâ?¦

Sharon is about to learn that sometimes it takes a broken girl to fix a broken world.

The Mirror

by Deborah A Stansil

When Amy’s daughter Lilly spots an old mirror in a local antiques store, she can’t resist buying it for her.
But with the mirror comes more than Amy bargained for. When Lilly starts talking about her “friend in the mirror”, Amy writes it off as an imaginary friend.
But Lilly’s imaginary friend is hard to ignore, and it’s not long until Amy finds herself embroiled in a battle; a battle to save her daughter, and a battle to save her secrets.
Can a mirror really reflect the past? How else can Lilly know so much?

The Wretched

by Bryce Warren

Four college students rent an old Gothic Victorian. One night, they decide to create their own entity — by thinking it into existence. Things don’t always work the way you want them to.

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