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The Lonley Pink Motel

by J StÅ?elou

A compilation of short poems.

The Lonely Pink Motel is an exploration of broken hearts, sad memories, and finally: the finding of wisdom.

It examines themes such as love, heartbreak, abuse, nature, and feminity by reflecting upon the beauty and sadness available in these moments.

The book is divided into four parts. It takes readers on a journey through heartbreak and loneliness, then explores the empowerment that can be a by-product of grief.

اÙ?Ù?فضÙ?Ù?ات (Arabic Edition)

by اÙ?Ù?فضÙ? بÙ? Ù?Ø­Ù?د بÙ? Ù?عÙ?Ù? بÙ? ساÙ?Ù? اÙ?ضبÙ?

Information not available

Memories: Queerish Poetry

by George Petais

A selection of poetry to coincide with London’s gay pride 2017.

Green Call : (poems)

by Nol Alembong

Green Call is a collection of forty poems. Unlike most poetry written today, the poems, in the main, reflect what has come to be known in current literary discourses as ‘green writing.’ Through the colour green, the poet captures the splendours of natural environment and militates for global environmental protection, enrichment and sustenance. To the poet green is a symbol of vigour, vitality, exuberance, freshness, life, health, rectitude, fertility and the natural world. This is what is laid bare when the poet depicts landscapes, exhorts people to action, paints characters and reflects on life itself. The poems encapsulate the fauna and flora that make the African continent stand out as an envious environmental matrix.


“Nol Alembong has a strong predilection for African plants, insects and especially animals whose members he parades with grace and felicity.”
Professor Stella M.A. Johnson, University of Lagos, Nigeria
“I salute your poetic artistry, great eco-patriot! Many more critics and researchers, including myself, will continue to feed on this wonderful poetic and intellectual food you are offering us.”
Kenneth T. Nsah (Nsah Mala), Writer and Teacher, in an email to Nol Alembong posted on [email protected], February 24, 2015

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