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Current Affairs of India & World â?? February 2018: For competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, IAS, Banking, Insurance, Railways, MBA, Defence, State PCS, NDA, CDS, IES, TOFEL, PSU, etc.

by Srinivas Ram

This book Current Affairs of India & World – February 2018 captures the most important events related to international, national & state, economy facts, science & technology, environment & ecology, sports and games events, awards and honours received, Persons, Places and Books in news and Committees organized in February 2018. It is very beneficial for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, IAS, Banking, Insurance, Railways, MBA, Defence, State PCS, NDA, CDS, IES, TOFEL, PSU, etc.
It presents the information in a very lucid and student friendly manner. It is essential for aspirants to keep themselves updated as just knowing things can get them more marks in all Competitive Exams. Moreover Current Affairs is a very important tool to handle Group Discussion and Personal Interview.
The information provided in this book will help aspirants to update on all happenings across India and the world.
Salient Features of the book:
– International Events
– India & World Events
– National Events
– States Events
– Conferences held
– Awards & honours received
– Sports & Games Events
– Economy Facts
– Science & Technology Events
– Persons in news
– Places in news
– Books in news
– Committees Organized
– Important days & dates

This book is prepared by keeping the demands of recent pattern of various competitive exams in major view. It presents the comprehensive coverage of the events of current affairs which are chosen on the basis of the requirements of all important exams.

Study before the SDFs promotion test service disciplinary action (Japanese Edition)

by tpkhensyubu

æ?¬è??ã?ã??æ??任試é¨?å?ã®ã?å??å¼· (æ?²æ??ã?»æ?å??ç­? No.12ï¼?ã?ã¯ã?æ??任試é¨?のå??å¼·ã??ã?ã??海士é?·å?びã??その海士é?·ã??æ??è?²ã?ã??å?ç´?å¹¹é?¨ã?ã®ã?ã?ã«ã?æ??è?²é??ã??å¹¹é?¨å??è£?ç??学校で学ã??だã??è?ªè¡?é??æ³?第5ç«  é??å?¡ã?ã®ã?ちã?ã??第ä¸?ç¯?ã??å??é?ã?æ?²æ??å?び保é??ã?ã¨ã??第å??ç¯?ã??æ?å??ã?ã??中å¿?にå?å­¦ç¿?ã?ã??ã?ã?ã«ä½?æ?ã?まã?ã?ã??

ã??ã??æ?å??ã?ã¯è?ªè¡?å®?とã?てå¿?é ?のç?¥è­?のã?ã?ã?å??é??ç?¹æ¤?でã??å¿?ã?質å?ã?ã??まã?ã??ã??è?ªè¡?å®?の義å??ã?ã??ä¸?ç??æ?¸å?½è¦?ã?ã?のではなã?でã?ã??ã?ã?ã??Aï¼?ï¼?æ??にまとã?ã??ã??ã?ã?¢ã?³ã?ã?§ã?³ã??大äº?でã?ã?ã?ä¸?度はè?ªè¡?é??æ³?のè¨?è¿°ã??確認ã?てã??ã??ã?ã?ã?とæ?ã?まã?ã??æ ¹æ? æ³?規ã??åº?く網ç¾?ã?まã?ã?のでã?æ?¬æ?¸ã??æ´»ç?¨ã?て学ç¿?ã?ã?æµ·å£«é?·ã®æ??è?²ã«å½¹ç«?ててã?ã?だã?ã?ã??幸ã?でã?ã??æ?¬è??のå?ºç??にé?¢ã?てã?æµ·ä¸?è?ªè¡?é??はä¸?å??é?¢ä¸?ã?てã?ã??ã?ã?å?ºé¡?å?¾å?はç­?è??のç?¬è?ªã®å??æ?ã«ã??ã??ã??のでã?ã??まã?ã?æ?¬æ?¸ã®è§£èª¬ã¯ç­?è??のå??人ç??è¦?解でã?ã??ã?æµ·ä¸?è?ªè¡?é??ã?確認ã?ã?ã??のでなã?ã?とã??æ??å?ã«ã?æ?­ã??ã?まã?ã??

ã??ç·´ç¿?å?é¡?は平æ?å??å¹´é ?ã?ã??å¹³æ?ï¼?ï¼?年までのï¼?æ?¹æ??任試é¨?é?å?»å?ã??æ??å°?できã??ã?¬ã??ã?«ã«è¨­å®?ã?てã?まã?ã??その解説はå??è£?ç??学校のå®?æ??試é¨?ã?å?ç´?å¹¹é?¨æ¤?å®?に対å¿?できã??ã?¬ã??ã?«ã«ä»?ä¸?ã?てã?ã??まã?ã??å®?é??の試é¨?å?é¡?は4æ??式でã?ã?ã?è??ä½?権ã??è??æ?®ã?å?é¡?のç?´æ?¥å¼?ç?¨ã¯ã?ã?ã?è¨?述式ã??正誤å?é¡?ç­?でæ§?æ?ã?てã?まã?ã??æ?²æ??å?¦å??のå?ºæº?はï¼?ï¼?å¹´ï¼?0æ??にæ?¹æ­£ã?ã??まã?ã?のでã?ç·´ç¿?å?é¡?ã??æ??æ?°ã®æ³?規とæ?´å?ã?てã?まã?ã??海士é?·ã¸ã®æ??å°?とã?てはæ?¬æ?¸ã®ç·´ç¿?å?é¡?でå®?å??ã??確認ã?ã?æµ·ä¸?è?ªè¡?æ?°è?社æ§?ã?ã??å?ºç??ã?ã??てã?ã??é?å?»å?ã«æ??æ?¦ã?ã?ã??ã?とã??ã?å?§ã?ã?まã?ã??

ã??è?¥æ??士å®?には根æ? ã«ç²¾é??ã?てã??ã??ã?ã?ã?とのè??ã?ã?ã??ã?ä¸?つä¸?つ根æ? ã??æ??確にã?てã?まã?ã??ç?解ã??容æ??にã?ã??ã?ã?ã?é?¯èª¤ã?ç??ã?なã?ç¯?å?²ã§æ¡æ??ã??ç°¡ç?¥å??ã?»è£?足ã?てã?まã?のでã?ä½¿ç?¨ä¸?の注æ?äº?é ?にã??くç?®ã??é??ã?てくだã?ã?ã??


Instructional Scaffolding in STEM Education: Strategies and Efficacy Evidence

by Brian R. Belland

This book uses meta-analysis to synthesize research on scaffolding and scaffolding-related interventions in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Specifically, the volume examines the extent to which study quality, assessment type, and scaffolding characteristics (strategy, intended outcome, fading schedule, scaffolding intervention, and paired intervention) influence cognitive student outcomes. It includes detailed descriptions of the theoretical foundations of scaffolding, scaffolding strategies that have been proposed to meet different intended learning outcomes in STEM, and associated efficacy information. Furthermore, the book describes assessment strategies and study designs which can be used to evaluate the influence of scaffolding, and suggests new fields in which scaffolding strategies that have proven efficacious may be used.

A Grade Essays: A Simple Formula for Writing Highly Effective A-Level, College and University Essays (Simple Study and Writing Guides Book 1)

by Valerie Neal

This is my simple guide to writing excellent essays. This formula won me a place at Oxford and has been used by my university and college students alike. A tried and tested plan to help anyone write an outstanding essay!

Tithe and Offering: Q & A Style for Children and Adults Understanding; Why Your Pastor Never Told You about Deutronomy 14:22-29

by O George

Tithe, Offering and other doctrines such as First fruits and Sow a Seed are amongst the major issues today, that engages many Christian discussion and teaching. Is tithing a biblical command or church principle? Should we be advocating what our individual Pastors say rather than what the Bible commands us to do? Or are there doubts as to the authenticity of the Word of God as entrenched in the bible? Is Tithe a debt we owe or seed we sow? Are there designated persons to receive it or just any person can? Does it have any influence on prosperity? Is it a present day deceit and manipulation of Satan? And a whole lot of other questions and issues that demands appropriate, infallible and undisputable scriptural explanations and answers.

The Christendom today, is laced with lots of false doctrines and teachings, postulated by false teachers and prophets, which they cunningly brought into the Faith. The scripture attests: “Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they have deceived; the poison of venomous snakes is under their lips; whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness; their feet are quick to shed blood; destruction and sadness are in their paths; and they have never possessed the nature of peace; they lack the fear of God.” Romans 3:13-18. Thus, there is so much confusion, that determining sound doctrine becomes an uphill task to the believer.

Most Christians today, hardly make out time to study the scriptures and allow the Father, God Almighty by the Holy Spirit, to teach them His word and perfect will. The scripture attests: “The comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your memory…” John 14:26 . Though this is one amongs millions of Christian books out there, George offers this motivational book as an inspirational gift for women and men.

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