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The Players Guide to Dungeon Crawling (The Dungeon Crawlers Book 1)

by Matthew Phillion

For six lifelong friends, it was supposed to just be a simple game night.

But when they break out a new, classic high-fantasy style gameâ??half tabletop RPG, half dungeon-crawling board game, simultaneously familiar and unexploredâ??for a test run, they find themselves transported into the game’s setting, living the lives of their made-up characters, where the dangers, and the monsters, are deadly serious.

Left with little choice but to jump headlong into their roles, Cordelia, Morgan, Jack, Eriko, Tamsin, and Tobias will have to become the heroes they were just pretending to be to stop a nightmare creature’s reign of terrorâ?¦ or find out if life and death in this fictional setting is as real as it seems.

Ranger and cleric, barbarian and thief, bard and magician: they’ll have to combine all of their new-found abilities to stop a creeping evil and to survive in this strange new world.

Hidden Powers (The Hidden World Serial Book 1)

by Ben Swallow

My dream came true. I hated it.

I was a regular woman with a crappy job, a crappy apartment and a boring, unfulfilling life.

Obviously, I dreamed of being taken on an exciting adventure by a hot guy.

Then I met Bryan, and exactly that happened.

He’s hot, quite decent and we both have supernatural abilities. Sounds great?

Well, we were also poisoned and will die in a week if we can’t come up with $50,000.

But if this city’s underworld thinks they can break me, they are wrong. I’m just getting started.

The Hidden World Serial is an Urban Fantasy series of shorter reads, each about one hour long, featuring a badass heroine, supernatural abilities, complex characters and a story that will leave you wanting more!


by Colin Barrington

The morning was quiet off the shores of Berk. A light fog had rolled in during the night, concealing the ocean in a layer of white mist. A flock of Terrible Terrors soared through

the haze, calling and screeching to each other as they looked for a place to land. Down below, a Scauldron lifted its massive head from the sea, letting out a quiet snarl to warn

the smaller dragons away from its territory. Knowing they were no match for the much bigger sea dragon, the Terrors flew away, a few of them squawking indignantly. The

Scauldron snorted and then turned its head. It had sensed something else in the vicinity, something bigâ?¦

That something was a Viking ship, which burst through the fog like some great beast leaping from its hiding place. The Scauldron ducked its head back into the water and swam

away, suddenly wary. A ship could mean only one thing: humans.

And indeed, the boat was manned by a crew of about twenty Vikings, natives of the Isle of Berk, all laughing and singing cheerily as they threw their nets over the side, hoping

for a good catch. Their rough voices carried over the misty surface of the sea, their song echoing in the stillness beyond:

“I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue

And it’s hey to the starboard, heave ho

Look out, lad, a mermaid be waiting for you

In mysterious fathoms below”

There was much grunting and huffing as the Vikings pulled in their nets and started transferring the fish they’d caught into barrels positioned on the deck. It was a good catch:

this would go a long way in stocking the storehouse on the island. Winter was on its way and they needed all the food they could possibly gather. The sea’s generosity kept the

mood on board light enough for the men to continue their song.

“Fathoms below, below

From whence wayward Westerlies blow

Forests of Farallon

by Ben McKinnon


How can Jeremy sit through another boring high school class when his life has been turned inside out? His older sister, Sasha, mysteriously vanished months ago, leaving him to help care for his kid sister and older special needs brother without her.

Despite the whispers, he has to believe…


Together with his friends, Whytney and Eric, Jeremy’s search leads to an unknown realm of primitive people and incredible creatures. They find themselves accidental participants in a death race that holds civilization in its claws.


Valkyrie’s Vengeance: Loki’s Wolves (Ragnarök: Doom of the Gods Book 1)

by Melissa Snark

In an alternate earth where the ancient Norse gods rule, one woman’s destiny will determine the fate of the world…

A thirty-year alliance that aligned wolves and hunters has shattered.
Victoria Storm leads a few surviving members of her pack in a desperate flight. As the only surviving child of their leaders, the she-wolf inherited the role of Alpha. The violent deaths of her parents and the man she loved left her devastated, and the lives of her followers depend on her decisions. Simple survival often conflicts with the demands of preserving her Norse heritage, so she must struggle to balance her duties as Freya’s priestess and Odin’s Valkyrie. When innocent children are abducted, she must set aside her differences and work with her worst enemy to rescue them.

136 pages. 1st Edition. Standalone novel.
Valkyrie’s Vengeance was adapted from the short story “The Child Thief”.

Discover this exciting Norse mythology urban fantasy series where the modern crosses over with mysticism in a setting similar to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Science & technology clash with sword & sorcery in action-filled plots replete with magical creatures: gods & goddesses, shapeshifters, ghosts, elves, vampires, and werewolves.

Important note for readers: This book is an adult urban fantasy set on an alternative modern earth ruled by the Norse gods and goddesses. It contains violence, swearing, and sexual themes. The romance in this series is “slow burn”, and there is no sex in this particular novel. There is no cliffhanger ending. The story depicts events that take place approximately two months before the the next book in the series, Hunger Moon.

Suggested reading order:
#1. Valkyrie’s Vengeance
#2. Hunger Moon
#3. Battle Cry
#4. Wolf’s Cross
#5. Hunter’s Mark (prequel)
#6. Fragile Gods (To be released)
#7. Blood Brothers (To be released)

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