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Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement!

by Jamie Hopkins

Common misconceptions, assumptions, and behavioral biases often prevent people from building robust and flexible retirement plansâ??and this is an enormous problem. If you don’t know your decisions are based on false assumptions, how can you avoid making serious mistakes?

Rewirement: Rewiring the Way You Think about Retirement! offers a solution. Under the expert guidance of Jamie P. Hopkins, Esq., CFP®, RICP®, you’ll learn to identify problems that might sabotage your savings while learning how to build and implement the retirement plan you need.

Considered one of the top forty financial services professionals under the age of forty by InvestmentNews, Hopkins provides an accessible and actionable ten-step process for building your retirement income plan. You’ll discover the basics of retirement planning, how to tap into home equity, and how best to use employer-sponsored plans. At the same time, you’ll learn how to prepare for long-term care while protecting yourself against market risks.

Essential reading for anyone who needs to make quality financial decisions, Rewirement lays out the process needed to develop a retirement income plan in easily understood steps. Do you need to rewire your retirement thinking? Would you know if you did?

10 Biggest Mistakes Executives Make

by Jossane Kerrice Felix

About The Book

Most employees have experienced working in an environment where they have observed
the modus operandi of Executives and have questioned why certain decisions were
taken. They may arrive at the fact that they may have taken a different decision or
implemented a project or even a simple task with a different approach had they been
afforded the opportunity to be placed in the position.

This book takes a birds-eye view in revealing some of the mistakes which Executives
make when treating with their subordinates and also in approaching different strategies
when seeking to execute various projects. The effect of these decisions on employees is
also discussed throughout the chapters.

Some of you may have been in these situations and may have experienced such
moments throughout your career. Sit back and have a good read as I am certain that
you will be delighted and you may even discover some “ah ha!” moments.

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