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Dropshipping a Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping: How to Make Money Online and Build Your Own Online Business (passive income, financial freedom, money, investing, make money fast Book Book 5)

by James Moore

Perhaps the most essential advantage to dropshipping is that it’s possible to launch an e-commerce store without the need to invest thousands of dollars in inventory to start with. Customarily, merchants have had to tie up vast amounts of capital when acquiring stock. But, this is unnecessary if you use dropshipping.

With a dropshipping model, there is no need to purchase a product without you already having made the sale, and having been paid by your customer. Devoid of substantial up-front inventory investments, it is very possible to begin a thriving dropshipping business without minimal financial backup.

It’s Easy to Startâ?©Running e-commerce businesses is easier when you don’t have to deal with handling physical products. When you dropship, you have no worries about

-Paying for, or managing a warehouse
â?©-Packing and shipping your customers’ orders
â?©-Tracking the inventory for accounting purposes
â?©-Handling inbound shipments or any returns, physically
â?©-Repeatedly ordering products and maintaining stock levels
â?©-Needing a storage place to hold physical productsâ?©

Low Overheadsâ?© Because there is no reason to deal with purchasing any inventory or the management of a warehouse, your overheads and businesses expenses can be quite small. Many successful dropshipping companies are run from home offices with a single computer for less than $100 per month. As your business grows, it’s likely these expenses will increase, but nonetheless, they will still be low when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar companies.â?©

Dropshipping businesses can be run from almost anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This is vital to allow communication with your suppliers and your customers, both quickly and efficiently. Many successful online stores are run by people when they live outside of their home country, too.

â?©Because there is no need to pre-purchase any items you sell, you can offer a broader array of products to potential customers. So, if your supplier stocks a certain product, you can list it for sale in your online store, or on the platform you use, at no additional cost.â?©

With conventional business types, if you have orders for three times as much business, it is likely you’ll need to perform three times as much work. With the leveraging of dropshipping suppliers, the majority of the work in processing additional orders is borne by your suppliers. This allows you to expand your business with fewer growing pains. Sales growth always brings some extra work. In most cases, this is primarily related to customer service. Companies that exploit dropshipping as a necessity, scale exceptionally well, especially when compared to conventional e-commerce businesses. â?©All of these benefits make dropshipping an advantageous and efficient model to both new and established merchants, alike. Regrettably, dropshipping isn’t always a bed of roses, though. All this convenience and flexibility comes with a few disadvantages. Let’s shed some light on these.

Time Management Productivity System Project: A personal & labor productivity secrets book tools to fix productivity problems and management issues plus productivity secrets for entrepreneurs journal

by Alexander Tarr


Pragmatic time management does not need to always consist of getting the job finished before you are really done doing it the right way. While this may put the problem in the “out” basket and out of your mind, it will not provide the best results quality-wise. There are various ways to get things done with excellence, on time, and still have time to spare for yourself, and those you love.

In this book you will learn new  and pragmatic time management skills that you can actually use and benefit from. Learn how to create more time! Learn how to maximize the time you do have, to get more things done!

In the last several years we have all watched as technology skyrocketed, providing us with faster and easier ways to get things done in this high-speed world. While the software applications we utilize do have wonderful benefits, these programs seem to run us rather than the other way around. It can, however, be a tool that could help you be on top of your game as far as time management and productivity is concerned and this book will show you how.

Time management can be learnt even by the most disorganized person. Some people may have it easier than others but ultimately with a few tips here and there, all of us can become more time conscious and productive. Whether you are a neat freak and overly time conscious or a lazy procrastinator, this book will help you become more self-aware and help you find a way to handle your daily activities in a fun and productive manner

We will provide you with effective tricks, as well as some “well-kept” secrets to effective time management, and will help you to not only manage you day better, but improve your performance in the process.


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Your Social Security Retirement Toolkit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting the Money, Benefits & Financial Support You Are Entitled to in Your Golden Years

by Donna Davis

This is the perfect book for anyone wanting to understand the often puzzling programs of Social Security and Medicare.

Organized in a stress-free, flowing style, each chapter gives you a point-by-point description of your benefit options and the steps you’ll need to take to obtain them.

Author, Dr. Donna Davis, wants you to know that obtaining your rightfully earned benefits is not as hard as most people think. That’s why she’s written this book:

The Social Security Retirement Toolkit:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting the Money, Benefits & Financial Support You Are Entitled to in Your Golden Years

Trying to wade through the quagmire of online information about Social Security can take a long time, and all the financial jargon can make it difficult to follow. In Your Social Security Retirement Toolkit, Dr. Davis has condensed hundreds of pages of government information into one, concise package, using simple, everyday language you don’t need to have an Accounting degree to understand.

In this book, you will find answers to these questions (and many more):

  • When can I start collecting Social Security?
  • How much money will I get?
  • What do I have to do to get it?
  • What if I live abroad?
  • What if I’m divorced or widowed?
  • Can I work while collecting Social Security?
  • Am I eligible for Medicare?
  • When can I get Medicare?
  • Is Medicare free?

Your Social Security Retirement Toolkit will save you time, spare you headaches, and help you sleep better at night. It will give you all the information you need to make educated decisions about your financial future and avoid the mistakes many others have made. It will give you more choices, so you can have more money and more financial security as you get older. All of this will bring you peace of mind and a feeling of empowerment about your future.

Accepting the fact that we are aging and our lives are inevitably going to change can be emotionally difficult for many. But with this book by Dr. Donna Davis, at least Social Security and Medicare need not be a nightmare.

What readers are saying:

“A clear, concise book with tons of valuable information. Donna Davis has a knack for taking a subject that is complicated and scary for many and making it easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this book!”

“A must-read for anyone approaching the retirement years.”

“â?¦clear and captivating, slicing through complexity simply and accurately.”

Big Magic: Find Inspiration, Skyrocket Your Creativity to Achieve Success in Life and Business (Simple Guide on How to be More Creative) (Big Magic: Creative … Life – Book, Paperback, Hardcover Book 1)

by Alexander Korsh

Do you want to improve your creativity and achieve more success in life?

We seem to be in a creative revolution. In business, this revolution is changing the way we bring our products and services to the public, but it is also changing the very nature of those products and services. Being online is still a revolutionary act: it goes against the general wisdom that, to get ahead, you must work for years, work your way up through the ranks and end up a junior manager of junior managers.
We are entering an age when everyone, not just the genius few like Ford or Spielberg or Bill Gates, can carve out their own life and make it work and in doing so can change the face of society. We all have the tools, if we have the desire, to create something wonderful, that makes a difference on the planet and creates a life for ourselves that is worth living.
With these new tools available to us for both the creation of our products and services and for the dissemination of them, we now have the responsibility to ourselves and to the planet to create something worthy of ourselves. We have always had that responsibility, but now, with so much interconnectedness, it is more obvious. It is also more obvious when we don’t take on that responsibility.
Part of the creative process, in life, art, and in business, is to dream. Remember that dream you had as a child? The dream of what you wanted to do, who you wanted to be? What was it? Get back in touch with that dream and let it percolate in your subconscious mind a bit, which is the very essence of being responsible for your creativity, and see what it presents you with.
Also, remember that dreams don’t die. They do sometimes go into hibernation when we don’t pay attention to them. It is time to let the hibernation of your dreams come to an end. Let the dreams percolate back to our conscious minds. Once they are there, let the creative process take over and suggest ways to turn those dreams into something practical that will benefit your clients and customers and will enhance your way of life
When you align with your dreams, and your dreams align with what we used to call the greater good, you open the possibility of creating a powerful shift. Dream big and create that shift.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Get:

  • In Big Magic , you will understand about creativity.
  • In Big Magic , you will learn different techniques on how to be more creative
  • In Big Magic , realize the importance of daydreaming.
  • Get a copy, and learn everything about Big Magic.

Why Traditional Bookstores Wonâ??t Carry Your Book on Their Shelves â?¦ and Why Thatâ??s Okay (Free Gifts for Indie Authors 3)

by Kim Staflund

Many of today’s indie authors are content with self-publishing ebooks alone on Kobo and Amazon’s Kindle. Others who wish to offer a paperback version for your readers may be satisfied with simply converting those ebooks into print-on-demand (POD) paperbacks for sale through Amazon.

But many indie authors dream of seeing your books on the shelves of the traditional “bricks and mortar” bookstores, and you may wonder why these bookstores won’t carry your self-published titles. The real reason may surprise you, and it may also make you decide that it’s okay to stick with ebook and POD selling online. Times are changing, after all.

But times are changing a little more slowly in the world of traditional bookstores. Many of the long-established players in the book supply chainâ??trade publishers, distributors, and booksellers in particularâ??still follow the same archaic European business practices that were implemented in America in the 1930s as a way to stimulate bookstore sales during the great depression. These policies are unique to “bricks and mortar” booksellers; and it is these policies, more than any other factor, that shape which titles they will stock on their shelves.


Not only is it possible to move a surprising number of books during a bookstore signing (if planned properly ahead of time); it is also a great way for fledgling indie authors to get used to being “on display” in public. There isn’t the same pressure to perform and entertain as there is at an evening book launch and reading event. Bookstores offer a much more comfortable arena for indie authors to learn how to talk about and sell your books to others. So, please know that I’m a strong advocate of bookstores in generalâ??of celebrating new books in person through bookstore signings. There’s no more special place in the world to launch a new title, in my opinion.

And here’s the great news! Mostâ??if not allâ??traditional bookstores will support indie author signings on a one-day (e.g., three hours in the afternoon) consignment basis even if they won’t carry your self-published books on their shelves for general browsing. For three solid hours you’ll get your own table, and you and your book will get to be front and center in the bookstore. That’s a very good thing, believe me. It’s much better than being tucked away on a shelf somewhere out of sight.


There is a form of online book sales and marketing that many of today’s most successful indie authors are using to sell literally thousands of books every yearâ??quantities that are unheard-of and unimaginable for most trade-published authors whose books are displayed on “bricks and mortar” bookstore shelves. Authors, can you imagine how much more profit you would earn if you learned these tried and true strategies for success? Publishers, can you imagine how much more profit you would earn if your authors were out there actively selling their own books alongside your in-house publicity, sales, and marketing efforts? Bookstores, can you imagine how much more profit you would earn if you were using your co-op advertising dollars to support in-store book signings and online book launches for the authors who are willing to bring their traffic straight to your physical stores and websites? There is a way for authors, publishers, and booksellers to all work together for our mutual benefit, and I believe it is the wave of the future in this industry.

Trading: 4 books in 1 (A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Trading Stock, Options, Forex & Day Trading)

by FinTech Publishing

Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Stocks, Options, Forex & Day Trading

Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Stock, Options, Forex & Day Trading is your one-stop guide to everything that you need to learn about getting started with stock trading stocks, options, forex and day trading. This is unlike any other book on investing in and tradin. Especially written for beginners, this book will teach you the ins and outs of all components of the stock market, which will allow you to turn it into a goldmine. If you have questions, here are the answers that you need.

With the goal of making you money, this book helps you:

    -Learn the basics

    -Have a better understanding of the stock market

    -Open trading accounts

    -Discover what to look for in a broker

    -Understand trading psychology

    -Become aware of effective and time-tested strategies

    -Understand best trading practices

    -Familiarize yourself with trading pitfalls

And so much more!

The stock market is one of the best ways to make money online. In fact, there are people who are able to quit their day job and become a full-time stock traders. Just like any other investment, there are risks involved when you engage in the stock market; however, if you stick to the strategies and best practices in this book, then you can significantly increase your rate of success.

Now is the time to make a difference. Learn how to trade stocks effectively, be successful, and live a happier life.

So what are you waiting for?

Take action right now and grab your copy, today!

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