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Rumors of War (Cadicle Book 1): An Epic Space Opera Series

by Amy DuBoff

“Exciting space adventure”  – Publisher’s Weekly

The Taran Empire is fighting a secret interdimensional war… and they’re losing.
Cris Sietinen joins the Tararian Selective Service to hone his latent telekinetic abilities, but being a TSS Agent puts him at the center of a galactic conspiracy.

The TSS has been waging a generations-long war within a hidden dimensional rift against the Bakzen, a mysterious race skilled in advanced telekinesis. The only hope for victory is the prophesied Cadicle–foretold to have powerful abilities unlike any other. But the governing Priesthood has its own clandestine agenda with disastrous ramifications for the Taran Empire.

With the future of their people at stake, Cris and his family must face the ultimate questions of duty and morality to save their civilization from certain destruction.

This character-driven space opera epic with adventure, coming-of-age, romance, and intrigue will appeal to fans of Star Wars, Anne McCaffrey, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and the Lensman series by E.E. “Doc” Smith. Join three generations of the Sietinen family as they challenge destiny to win a war where enemies are not always who they seem.
Rumors of War contains the first three volumes in the Cadicle series: 

  • Volume 1: Architects of Destiny
  • Volume 2: Veil of Reality
  • Volume 3: Bonds of Resolve


Additional books to complete the Cadicle series:

Book 2: Web of Truth (Cadicle Vol. 4) Buy it now:
Book 3: Crossroads of Fate (Cadicle Vol. 5)  Buy it now: 4: Path of Justice (Cadicle Vol. 6) – Buy it now: 5: Scions of Change (Cadicle Vol. 7) – Buy it now:


by Perrin Briar

Enjoy The Walking Dead, Zombieland and Dawn of the Dead? Then you’ll love Resistant!

Riots have broken out across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Disturbing news footage floods the cable news channels. People are running scared, terrified. Frightened.

Dana is oblivious. She’s in her final meeting with Miss Jenkins, her caseworker. Dana’s juvie record is an inch thick, a catalogue of misdemeanors. She’s destined to spend her life behind bars.

Stressed out and looking for some much-needed distraction, Dana turns up at her boyfriend’s apartment. But something is wrong.

Darren is not alone.

He’s in bed with another girl. Eating her, and not in a good way. He attacks Dana with savage violence. She puts him down, but not before his blood-stained teeth tear into her arm.

With the world falling apart, Dana fears the worst. She rushes to the only person who’s ever mattered to her, her younger sister Max.

Dana promises she will protect her forever, keep her safe. No matter what.

But then she’s betrayed by those meant to protect her, and Max is taken.

Can Dana find her sister before she turns into the very monster she wishes to protect her from? Or will she be too late?

This is the first tome in a brand-new groundbreaking series, a tour-de-force in thrills and excitement.

City Under Ice (Into the White Book 1)

by T E Olivant

Under the ice the cracks are beginning to show…

Lisanne has only ever wanted to keep out of trouble. But when her best friend is exiled it shows the corruption at the heart of the city under the ice. To find out the secrets of her city she must go to the one place she has always feared: the White.

Kyrk is a Hunter, living on his wits out on the frozen earth. Soon he learns that his world is stranger than he ever imagined. The clans are fighting and he must find out why before it is too late. But when he meets the girl from under the ice all his problems starts to make sense.

Together Kyrk and Lisanne must prevent a war, and save both their races.

Starlight Taxi

by C. M. Lanning

Take a ride with the driver as he goes from planet to planet, picking up fascinating passengers and dropping them off at their destinations.

Being an intergalactic cab driver isn’t the worst job in the world. He gets to meet new people every day as he adds their tales to his own.

Set in the future, mankind no longer exclusively inhabits Earth. Instead, people left and terraformed other celestial bodies in the galaxy. When those people need a lift, they call Starlight Taxi, and the driver comes to pick them up.

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