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Surviving With Condom: 20 Situations (Except Sex) Where Condom Can Save You: (Self-Defense, Survival Gear)

by Patrick Harris

Surviving With Condom:

20 Situations (Except Sex) Where Condom Can Save You

Mention the word â??condom’ and you will get a smile to many people’s lips. Others will go coy, but this is not a discussion about sex! The condom is actually a vital part of any survival kit. There are many different uses for a condom which can make the difference between your survival or not.

This is not a new thing; condoms have been used for many years as very effective water carriers; amongst other things. They are surprisingly robust and can stretch to cover objects much larger than themselves.

If you have an interest in survival, whether you are looking to be prepared for the end of the world or simply looking to survive a disaster; you will need to read this guide.

You will, undoubtedly, be amazed at the array of things which can be done with the humble condom. In fact, you will quickly realize that this is just the start of your options. Once you embrace the idea and start to experiment with other possibilities you will understand why you must keep at least one box in your survival kit at all times!

This book will help you see the potential in the condom by:

  • Sharing why condoms are an essential part of your preparation procedures
  • Giving you 5 ways to Use Your Condoms for basic survival.
  • Providing 5 ways to use them to improve your safety whilst surviving.
  • An additional ten lessons which show the potential and variance of condoms as part of your survival kit.

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Smoking Meat: Fish Edition. : Delicious Smoking Fish Recipes for Everyone (Book 2, Smoked Fish Recipes Cookbook, Smoked Fish Guide, Unique Smoking Fish Recipe Book, Smoking Meat, BBQ Cookbook)

by Mark Robertson

Here You Will Find The Most Popular And Delicious Smoking Fish Recipes That Will Make Your Smoking Process Much More Interesting!

Want to Get the Most Out of Smoking Fish?
You know, it’s funny… other books are full of unnecessary tips and recipes: almost every smoking tip tells that everybody knows and there is little useful information in such books. How useful is that kind of smoking meat or fish recipe book? We’ll answer that: NO USEFUL AT ALL. Wish it had more useful cooking tips and more delicious smoking fish and seafood recipes? You know what can help you? There’s just one answer to this question – this Smoking Meat Recipes: Fish Edition Book.


Do You Want To?

  • know the most useful tips and most delicious recipes of smoking fish;
  • get a lot of pleasure out of the smoking process;
  • cook delicious dishes by using new smoking fish and seafood recipes.

You Might Already Have Tried Other Smoking Fish Recipe Books, But This Book Will Take Your Smoking Process To The Next Level!

This book is one of the best contemporary smoking fish recipe books. Sometimes some useful smoking fish and seafood secrets – this is exactly what we need to enjoy this process much more. In the book you will find useful tips and delicious recipes that every smoking fish fan will love! It is the most amazing Smoking Fish Recipe book you’ve ever read.

From this book you will learn how to:

  • smoke delicious fish and seafood dishes on your smoker;
  • make your fish and seafood tender and juicy;
  • smoke various types of fish and seafood in a proper way;
  • prepare the marinade for smoking fish.

You will also learn:

  • what types of fish and seafood can be used for smoking;
  • what fish can be prepared for real gourmets;
  • what spices should be used to add a unique flavor to your smoked fish.

Deep Rough – A Thriller in Augusta

by Chris Blewitt

“Once you pick up Deep Rough, forget putting it back down. Meticulously researched and superbly paced, Chris Blewitt does a fantastic job of painting a detailed and realistic Masters Tournament, as well as piling on relentless suspense that makes you constantly want to peak ahead to the next page.” — Michael Robertson, author of Regret (writing as Dan Dawkins)

When Craig Waltrip, an associate at a Philadelphia sports agency, uncovers a meeting with his boss and a man from Augusta National Golf Course, all bets are on. Deep Rough takes the reader inside The Masters, revealing not only the historical backdrop of the famed tournament, but of a plot that could destroy the very fabric of the tournament itself. Filled with hole by hole descriptions, high stakes and even murder, Deep Rough will make even the casual golfer ponder what really goes on at the most famous golf course in the country. A story about The Masters that you’ve never dreamed could happen, Deep Rough is a page-turning novel that is sure to please golfers, sports fans and readers of thrillers everywhere.

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Prepperâ??s Garden: Grow Your Own Food and Go Off-Grid: (Prepping, Off-Grid Living)

by Andy Bennett

Prepper’s Garden: Grow Your Own Food and Go Off-Grid

Most people don’t have survival garden at the top of the priority list when they begin to treat the soil. In any case, over the long term and as the world news gets more critical and the future more unverifiable, they understand that garden can’t be only a late spring diversion, however a spring, summer and fall survival garden will be required if they are to have enough products from the soil for the year.

During the Depression time, these were the people that didn’t feel the financial crunch in light of the fact that they could at any rate to nourish themselves. The expression of survival garden makes the reasonable qualification between growing a couple of tomato plants in the late spring and having the goal of sufficiently grown garden by harvesting a large portion of the year to eat crisp and save the overflow.

Much the same as wellbeing or life coverage, but less expensive, insurance is a sound basic against rising costs of food, business food defilement and the incorporation of faulty, hereditarily adjusted living being in more of our economically arranged foods.

Following things have been discussed in this book:

  • Need of survival gardening
  • Survival gardening and different crops
  • Planning for your own survival garden
  • Grow your own survival garden easily

Outdoor Survival Skills For Hikers: 20 Survival Skills To Know For Your Next Hiking Trip

by Survival Nick

I don’t know about you, but I love hiking.

Hiking is fun, it’s relaxing and yet exhilarating at the same time, it’s great exercise, and you can see some truly awesome scenery.

But as fun as hiking it, the truth is having fun has to be your second priority.

Your first priority must be safety, and part of being safe on a hiking trip means knowing important outdoor survival skills to stay alive or get stranded.

In this book, we will cover the top twenty outdoor survival skills that new hikers such as yourself need to know, including but not limited to:

How to choose a campsite to spend the night at
How to measure the distance you have traveled
How to thaw out your cold or wet feet
How to locate a source of clean drinking water
How to improvise fishing equipment
How to build a fire
How to use pine trees to stay alive

If you’re looking to go on your first or next hiking trip, the survival skills in this book will be absolutely imperative for you to know should anything go wrong.

Muskelaufbau: 50 Trainings und Ernährungstipps für effektiven Muskelaufbau (Bodybuilding, Fitness, Muskelwachstum, Muskeln aufbauen, Trainingsplan, Muskeltraining 2) (German Edition)

by Sven Krieg

Muskelaufbau – effektiv Muskeln aufbauen!

In diesem Buch erfährst Du, wie Du mit der richtigen Ernährung und dem richtigen Training einfach und effektiv Muskeln aufbauen wirst!


  • Du willst endlich Muskeln aufbauen aber weiÃ?t nicht wie?
  • Du willst wissen welcher Trainingsplan für Dich der richtige ist?
  • Du willst lernen wie du Dich optimal ernährst?
  • Du trainierst schon lange ohne Erfolg?
  • Du willst breiter und stärker werden?


Dann ist dieses Buch genau das richtige für Dich! Hier werden alle Deine Fragen zum Training und der Ernährung beantwortet!

Egal ob Du schon lange trainierst und einfach noch keine gro�en Erfolge hattest oder ob Du gerade erst mit dem Training anfängst. Dieses Buch hilft Dir weiter.

Die 50 Trainings und Ernährungstipps basieren sowohl auf wissenschaftlich fundiertem Wissen als auch auf langjähriger persönlicher Erfahrung.

In diesem Buch erfährst Du:

  • Welche Ã?bungen in keinem Trainingsplan fehlen dürfen!
  • Wie Du endlich Muskeln aufbauen wirst!
  • Wie Du dein Training kurz und effektiv gestaltest!
  • Wie Du deine Ernährung optimal gestaltest!
  • Wie Du dich selbst motivierst dran zu bleiben!
  • Welche Fehler die Mehrheit aller Trainierenden begehen und wie Du sie vermeidest!
  • Alle wichtigen Antworten auf die Fragen die sich am Anfang jeder Trainierende stellt!
  • Und noch so viel mehr!


Ich stehe Dir auch nach dem Lesen dieses Buches jederzeit für persönliche Coachings sowie Trainings und Ernährungsberatung zur Seite.
Mein Ziel ist es, Dir zu helfen Deine Ziele zu erreichen. Nutze diese Chance, ich freue mich auf Deine Bekanntschaft.

Und jetzt…

Lass uns loslegen !!!

Bodybuilding Cookbook: Vegan Bodybuilding Plant-Based Diet for Beginners (The Bodybuilding Essentials Series: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Weight Training, Exercise and Fitness)

by Jacob Lewis

Believe the Hypothesis That Vegans Can’t Build Muscle? Let’s Bust This Myth & Start Building Lean-Green Muscle Today!

The final book in the Bodybuilding Essentials Series, Jacob Lewis brings to you the Bodybuilding Cookbook: Vegan Bodybuilding Plant Based Diet for Beginners.

Jacob is a former Personal Trainer and Dietary Advisor within the UK and has worked within the industry for several years. He’s passionate about helping those who wish to transform their body and shed fat. Jacob believes that there are many benefits to following an all organic plant-based diet, as it’s relatively inexpensive and very healthy for the body, as you’re consuming all organic goods.

It’s a misconception that those who follow a plant-based diet, can’t absorb as much protein as those who consume meat, which fortunately, isn’t the case. Every plant has a complete amino acid profile, it’s just that the ratio of acids varies from plant to plant. When you think of a plant-based diet, you imagine lettuce, broccoli, spinach etc. When in essence, beans and legumes are at the forefront of a Vegan bodybuilding diet, as they’re loaded with complete proteins and are the core part of a plant-based diet. Proteins are made up of small amino acids which are building blocks, there are 20 different amino acids and are all joined together in chains.

The reason we require amino acids, is that if we didn’t include them in our diet, our muscles would breakdown creating muscle loss, as there wouldn’t be sufficient tools to repair the muscle tissues. Animal sources contain complete proteins, meaning they have all the essential amino acids we require for our muscles to grow and repair, whereas plant sources aren’t complete proteins. Therefore, to absorb all the essential proteins you require, you must include a plethora of plant sources.

Each of the 75 recipes are loaded with protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. If you’re Vegan, Vegetarian, having a break from meat or just want to try something new, then these wonderfully designed recipes are definitely worth a try.

Here’s an insight to what’s inside;

  • An introduction to a vegan bodybuilding diet
  • Pre-workout menu
  • Post-workout menu
  • Breakfast menu
  • Non-training day menu
  • Before bed menu
  • Healthy desert menu
  • Immediately post-workout menu
  • How to calculate your energy needs
  • Vegan & Struggle to Build Muscle? Then Scroll Up & Click the Buy Now to Learn How!

    Swim Junior – Birth to One Year: Swim Junior – Birth to One Year

    by Swim Junior

    Thank you for your interest in Swim Junior – an overview of Junior Swimming from Birth to Swim Squad. In this booklet, you will find honest advice and a pathway to ensure your child has the best chance of not only learning to swim but becoming a squad swimmer and reaping all of the benefits of swimming as a Sport and a discipline for your child. Module 1 – Birth to One Year

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