Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 05 Apr 18

Thailands sexiest girl collection (Japanese Edition)

by Khanh Chi


Tohoku Cherry Tour2 (Japanese Edition)

by phototez



Wild Child

by C.Y. Dillon

An original screenplay written by Carma Yvonne Dillon, “Wild Child” is a love story about a highly successful, intensely creative woman whose life is turned inside-out by the polarizing forces of love and biological urges.

WICCA SPELLS FOR BEGINNERS: Essential Wicca Magic Spells: A Spellbook for Beginners, Witches and other Practitioners of Magic

by Sophie Welch

Would you like to know more about Wicca spells for beginners?

Have you ever felt a powerful connection with nature on a spiritual level?

When you walk through a forest, do you feel a kinship with the trees and the animals? Do you experience enchantment and bliss under the light of the moon or the rising sun? Do you recognize a connection in all living things, from the smallest songbird to the largest and most ancient trees? These feelings are at the heart of the Wiccan religion.

You have landed to the right spells book for beginners, you will know a lot about Wicca in this book.

This book brings together different Wicca spells and techniques for beginners which are proven to work best for you.

It also provides the best knowledge about this religion, with easy-to-follow ways for you if you want to learn more.

This guide provide all the necessary information and tips you need to examine different spells that you can use in all different cases:

  • What the goals of Wicca are
  • The requirements needed for you to be successful in Wicca
  • You will know how to begin practicing Wicca
  • The rules of consistency and routine for Witchcraft
  • The special tools for your rituals
  • and much more!

Follow this amazing Wicca spells book and you will get a lot of information by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Pepe Flores El Bohemio Loco: Primera parte (Spanish Edition)

by José Luis Díaz

Si ustedes quieren rememorar, o si es más joven, conocer lo que eran las sesiones continuas, los cines al aire libre, las matinales. Como los chicos de la época aprovechaban la oscuridad de las salas de proyección para “magrear” a su acompañante, no dude en acceder a este libro. Donde le desvelara también la simpática anécdota de los gatos que pululaban en los cines de la década de los 60, solicitando al espectador parte de su merienda o la historia del cine Carretas de Madrid, uno de los pocos lugares de encuentro entre gays. En suma, si quiere pasar un rato agradable, no dude en comenzar la lectura de este libro. La segunda parte será sobre las vivencias del autor en el mundo del arte y la tercera sobre su dilatada carrera literaria.

Vietnamese girl looks pure charm is you – THAI NGOC TRINH (Japanese Edition)


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