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Viridian Gate Online: Cataclysm: A litRPG Adventure (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 1)

by James Hunter

October, 2042

An extinction-level asteroid, 213 Astraea, is cannonballing toward Earth. Collision, imminent. An international team of scientists is working around the clock to avert the cataclysmâ??few are optimistic. World governments are preparing for impact with deep earth bio-dome bunkers, but only a select few lottery winners will be saved.

Jack Mitchel, a thirty-two-year-old EMT living in a tiny studio apartment on the West Coast, isn’t one of those winners.

Still, there might be a way for him to survive Astraea: a slim chance, requiring a radical leap of faith. Through a connection at Osmark Technologies, Jack’s acquired a NexGenVR capsule and with it, a one-way ticket to the brand-new, ultra-immersive, fantasy-based VRMMORPG, Viridian Gate Online. Taking that leap of faith, though, means permanently trapping his mind in the game, killing his body in the process.

Worse, one in six die during the transition, and even if Jack beats the odds, he’ll have to navigate a fantastical world filled with vicious monsters, domineering AIs, and cutthroat players. And when Jack stumbles upon a secret conspiracy to sell off virtual real estate to the ultrawealthyâ??transforming V.G.O. into a new feudal dark ageâ??the deadly creatures inhabiting Viridian Gate’s expansive dungeons will be the least of his concerns.

If Jack can’t game the system, he’s going to be trading in a quick death for a long, brutal one â?¦ â??

Vampire Dead-tective: Dead-tective, Book 1

by Mac Flynn

Paranormal romance thriller episodes revolving around a pair of unlikely partners in their quest for truth, justice, and a pint of blood.

There are those who hunt the night, and then there’s Liz Stokes. She’s a normal woman with an abnormal roommate until he up and gets himself murdered. Now she’s inherited his unique ring and even more unique business partner, and the world of the paranormal is sprung on her like a surprise birthday party nobody wants. Together the pair find out that they don’t like each other. A lot. The catch? They can’t kill each other or the survivor will die, too.

Now Liz has to navigate this new and frightening world while dealing with her equally new and frightening companion. It’s a mad chase with mad scientists, men in black, and cop werewolves who want to take more than a bite out of crime.

The Dew of Heaven

by Angelo Paratico

A historical novel based on true events set in Hong Kong and Macau. The story unfolds with the sudden reappearance of a mysterious Holy Grail charged with an irresistible magic power.

In Mongolia during the â??20’s, Stalin’s henchmen razed lamaseries, burned libraries, and shot thousands of harmless lamas, smashing their precious artworks and sacred relics. They were seeking Genghis Khan’s spiritual banner – the Khara Sulde. A steel trident with silver rings carrying the black mane of his warhorse, a relic that disappeared from the Shankh lamasery of Ovorkhangai Aimag, in Western Mongolia.

The Japanese learned of Stalin’s failure to find the relic and unsuccessfully searched during their botched attempt to invade Mongolia prior to WWII.

Adolf Hitler consulted Swedish explorer, Sven Hedin, in an effort to locate it. Despite Hitler’s success locating other ancient relics – such as Longinus’ spear that pierced the heart of Jesus – he was unable to locate the Khara Sulde.

Why then, has the Khara Sulde surprisingly resurfaced today in contemporary Hong Kong, and right into the hands of a strange Italian mogul? A very mysterious man known to the few who have met him as half godfather and half mystic?

“The Author of The Dew of Heaven masterly combines the history of Italy’s armed intervention in China during the Boxer War with Oriental mysticism. The result is a book which entertain and educate the readers.”

â??Luciano Garibaldi; Author of ‘Century of War and Mussolini: The Secrets of his Death’.

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