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Economic Complexity and Human Development: How Economic Diversification and Social Networks Affect Human Agency and Welfare (Routledge Studies in Development Economics)

by Dominik Hartmann

This book combines the human development approach and innovation economics in order to explore the effects that structural economic change has on human development.

While economic diversification can provide valuable new social choices and capabilities, it also tends to lead to more complex decision processes and changes to the set of capabilities required by people to self-determine their future. Within this process of structural transformation, social networks are crucial for accessing information and social support, but networks can also be a root cause of exclusion and inequality reproduction. This implies the need to encourage innovation and economic diversification beyond production expansion, focusing on the promotion of human agency and social inclusion.

This book provides such a modern perspective on development economics, emphasizing the role of social networks, economic diversity and entrepreneurship for social welfare. The author discusses how innovation, social networks, economic dynamics and human development are interlinked, and provides several practical examples of social and micro-entrepreneurship in contexts as diverse as Peruvian rural villages and Brazil’s urban areas.

The interdisciplinary perspective put forward in this book illustrates theoretical and methodological methods of exploring the complexity of development in a practical and relevant way. It also provides useful information about structural factors which need to be considered by practitioners when designing pro-poor growth policies. Furthermore, the coverage of the core concepts of innovation, networks and development economics, enriched with multiple examples, makes it a valuable resource for scholars and advanced students of modern development economics.

Working, Housing: Urbanizing: The International Year of Global Understanding – IYGU (SpringerBriefs in Global Understanding)

by Jennifer Robinson

This book presents an incisive outline of the historical development and geography of cities. It focuses on three themes that constitute essential foundations for any understanding of urban form and function. These are: (a) the shifting patterns of urbanization through historical time, (b) the role of cities as centers of production and work in a globalizing world, and (c) the diverse housing and shelter needs of urban populations. The book also explores a number of critical urban problems and the political challenges that they pose. Empirical evidence from urban situations on all five continents is brought into play throughout the discussion.

The Dynamics of Opportunity in America: Evidence and Perspectives

by Irwin Kirsch

Across the country, our children are beginning life from very different starting points. Some have aspirations and believe they can be achieved. For too many others, aspirations are tempered, if not dashed, by the sobering realities of everyday life. These different starting points place children on distinctly different trajectories of growth and development, ultimately leading to vastly different adult outcomes.
How did we get to a place where circumstances of birth have become so determinative? And what must we do, within communities and across our country, to better equalize opportunity for more Americans – both young and old? The editors of this volume contend that if, as a nation, we do nothing, then we will continue to drift apart, placing an unsustainable strain on the nation’s social fabric and the character of its democracy. Consequently, understanding the dynamics governing the distribution and transmission of opportunity – and transforming this understanding into policies and programs – is critical for not only the life outcomes of individual Americans and their children, but also the country as a whole.
The goal of Educational Testing Service’s Opportunity in America initiative is to explore these powerful dynamics and to describe and convey them in a way that advances the national conversation about why we must take action – and how best to do so. This volume contains 14 chapters, including an
epilogue, written by leaders from a range of fields including education, economics, demography, and political science. Collectively, they not only illuminate key aspects of the problem but also offer suggestions of what policies, programs, and changes in practices could begin to reverse the trends we are seeing. Written in an engaging style, this volume constitutes an essential foundation for informed discussion and strategic analysis.


by Pete Marchesi

What is Pogrom?

The Interconnected Arctic â?? UArctic Congress 2016 (Springer Polar Sciences)

This open access book presents the most current research results and knowledge from five multidisciplinary themes: Vulnerability of Arctic Environments, Vulnerability of Arctic Societies, Local and Traditional Knowledge, Building Long-term Human Capacity, New Markets for the Arctic, including tourism and safety. The themes are those discussed at the first ever UArctic Congress Science Section, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 2016. The book looks at the Arctic from a holistic perspective; how the environment (both marine and terrestrial) and communities can adapt and manage the changes due to climate change. The chapters provide examples of the state-of-the-art research, bringing together both scientific and local knowledge to form a comprehensive and cohesive volume.

Except where otherwise noted, this book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Gro�erzählungen des Extremen: Neue Rechte, Populismus, Islamismus, War on Terror (X-Texte zu Kultur und Gesellschaft) (German Edition)

Was macht radikale Weltbilder so attraktiv? Und wie lässt sich die Renaissance des Extremismus kultur- und sozialwissenschaftlich erklären? Sprach man bis vor Kurzem noch davon, dass Gro�erzählungen auf dem Schrottplatz der Geschichte liegen, finden sie neuerdings mit der Wiederkehr des Fundamentalismus den Weg zurück in den Diskurs. Die Beiträge des Bandes stellen verschiedene Gro�erzählungen des Extremen vor und diskutieren, wie sie sich in Denkfiguren, Rhetoriken, Symboliken und Handlungsweisen niederschlagen. Mit Beiträgen u.a. von Claus Leggewie und Susanne Schröter.

Söldnerfirmen im Irak: Studienarbeit und Arbeitsgrundlage (Studienarbeiten Politik 7) (German Edition)

by Sandra C. Mayinger

Ein kurze Grundbeschreibung des Konflikt zwischen der Steigerung der Effizienz in der Armee durch Einsatz von Söldnern und die Auswirkungen bei Auslandseinsätzen.

Grenzobjekte und Medienforschung: (hg. von Sebastian GieÃ?mann und Nadine Taha) (Locating Media/Situierte Medien 10) (German Edition)

by Susan Leigh Star (verst.)

Susan Leigh Stars (1954-2010) Werk bewegt sich zwischen Infrastrukturforschung, Sozialtheorie, Wissenschaftsgeschichte, �kologie und Feminismus. Die wegweisenden historischen und ethnografischen Texte der US-amerikanischen Technik- und Wissenschaftssoziologin liegen mit diesem Band erstmals gesammelt auf Deutsch vor. Ihre Arbeiten zu Grenzobjekten, Marginalität, Arbeit, Infrastrukturen und Praxisgemeinschaften werden interdisziplinär kommentiert und auf ihre medienwissenschaftliche Produktivität hin befragt.
Mit Kommentaren von Geoffrey C. Bowker, Cora Bender, Ulrike Bergermann, Monika Dommann, Christine Hanke, Bernhard Nett, Jörg Potthast, Gabriele Schabacher, Cornelius Schubert, Erhard Schüttpelz und Jörg Strübing.

I poteri dello spirito (Italian Edition)

by J. B. RHINE

Cap. I. – Il problema centrale dell’uomo
Cap. II. – Primo passo verso la risposta: la telepatia
Cap. III. – Un secondo passo: ESP e materia
Cap. IV. – L’estensione della mente nello spazio
Cap. V. – Attraverso le barriere del tempo
Cap. VI. – La forza misurabile della mente
Cap. VII. – La massa e la mente
Cap. VIII. – Dove entra la PK
Cap. IX. – Sulla normalità delle facoltà PSI
Cap. X. – Sull’accettazione della ESP e della PK
Cap. XI. – Prospettive di applicazione
Cap. XII.- Conseguenze per le relazioni fra gli uomini
Appendice – Condizioni che favoriscono il successo nelle prove di PSI

Ð?ласÑ?еÑ?нÑ?й подÑ?од: ЭкономиÑ?еский Ñ?осÑ? и инноваÑ?ионнÑ?е класÑ?еÑ?Ñ? (Russian Edition)

by АкÑ?лиÑ? Ð?аÑ?гаÑ?иÑ?а

Ð? книге Ñ?ассмоÑ?Ñ?енÑ? основнÑ?е аспекÑ?Ñ?, касаÑ?Ñ?иеся обеспеÑ?ения экономиÑ?еского Ñ?осÑ?а сÑ?Ñ?анÑ?, Ñ?егиона и пÑ?едпÑ?ияÑ?ия за сÑ?еÑ? пÑ?именения класÑ?еÑ?ного подÑ?ода, а Ñ?акже инноваÑ?ий и инноваÑ?ионнÑ?Ñ? класÑ?еÑ?ов.

Childlessness in Europe: Contexts, Causes, and Consequences (Demographic Research Monographs)

by Michaela Kreyenfeld

This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

This open access book provides an overview of childlessness throughout Europe. It offers a collection of papers written by leading demographers and sociologists that examine contexts, causes, and consequences of childlessness in countries throughout the region.The book features data from all over Europe. It specifically highlights patterns of childlessness in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. An additional chapter on childlessness in the United States puts the European experience in perspective. The book offers readers such insights as the determinants of lifelong childlessness, whether governments can and should counteract increasing childlessness, how the phenomenon differs across social strata and the role economic uncertainties play. In addition, the book also examines life course dynamics and biographical patterns, assisted reproduction as well as the consequences of childlessness. Childlessness has been increasing rapidly in most European countries in recent decades. This book offers readers expert analysis into this issue from leading experts in the field of family behavior. From causes to consequences, it explores the many facets of childlessness throughout Europe to present a comprehensive portrait of this important demographic and sociological trend.

Integration Processes and Policies in Europe: Contexts, Levels and Actors (IMISCOE Research Series)

by Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas

In this open access book, experts on integration processes, integration policies, transnationalism, and the migration and development framework provide an academic assessment of the 2011 European Agenda for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals, which calls for integration policies in the EU to involve not only immigrants and their society of settlement, but also actors in their country of origin. Moreover, a heuristic model is developed for the non-normative, analytical study of integration processes and policies based on conceptual, demographic, and historical accounts. The volume addresses three interconnected issues: What does research have to say on (the study of) integration processes in general and on the relevance of actors in origin countries in particular? What is the state of the art of the study of integration policies in Europe and the use of the concept of integration in policy formulation and practice? Does the proposal to include actors in origin countries as important players in integration policies find legitimation in empirical research?A few general conclusions are drawn. First, integration policies have developed at many levels of government: nationally, locally, regionally, and at the supra-national level of the EU. Second, a multitude of stakeholders has become involved in integration as policy designers and implementers. Finally, a logic of policymakingâ??and not an evidence-based scientific argumentâ??can be said to underlie the European Commission’s redefinition of integration as a three-way process.This book will appeal to academics and policymakers at international, European, national, regional, and local levels. It will also be of interest to graduate and master-level students of political science, sociology, social anthropology, international relations, criminology, geography, and history.

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