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Unmasked: Overcoming the Shame that Says You’re Not Enough

by Matt Manney

Shame is a part of our society, our homes, our schools, our churches, and our personal lives. It is destructive, manipulative, and paralyzing. Shame drives people to stay in bad relationships, put up with poor work environments, succumb to the pressure of bullies, and even walk out of the church. But life does not have to be this way.

Discover the power to Overcome the Shame that Says You’re Not Enough in Matt Manney’s book, Unmasked. Learn the five emotions that shame impacts-Insecurity, Indecision, Insignificance, Rejection, and Inadequacy. You will learn…

To Overcome the Shame of Insecurity
-Three common responses to Insecurity that cause great damage but can easily be avoided.
-Understand the power of the cycle of fear, and why you never see it coming.
-Learn the two dramatic costs of trying to control your insecurity.

Overcome the Shame of Indecision
-Learn why choices are so important to our human nature.
-3 Definitive Guidelines for making choices.
-#1 Question you have to ask yourself before making any decision.

Overcome the Shame of Insignificance
-Understand the 4 myths that define your worth, and why they are actually destroying your relationships.
-Uncover the 4 faulty Attempts to discover your worth.
-Evaluate the 4 Obstacles to your worth, and how you can overcome them.
-Discover God’s Proven Plan to Define your Worth and how it is connected to your purpose in life.

Overcome the Shame of Rejection
-Learn the three ways you try to gain attention and love but don’t even realize that it’s driving people away from you.
-Discover the problem of the “Head-Heart Conflict” and why it’s holding you back in your relationships with friends and family.
-Discover the #1 Key to being loved and how it’s easily attainable.

Overcome the Shame of Inadequacy
-Discover the societal norms for being Great and how it is working against you in your workplace, home, and personal life.
-Learn the 2 common ways you try to overcome Inadequacy and why they don’t work.
-Find the key to Greatness, Influence, Impact, and Making a Difference.

In this book, you’ll learn simple principles from the Bible that can help you to overcome shame in your life. Matt unpacks these truths from a powerful portion of scripture found tucked in the middle of the book of Romans. He dives into the historical and theological impact shame and acceptance had 2,000 years ago in first century Rome, and how it’s exactly the same today. With humor, insight, and great storytelling, you will be drawn into this unfolding drama of the power of Shame and the capacity God has provided you with to overcome that Shame.

It’s time to stop the madness and Unmask the Shame that has kept you hiding, hindered, and helpless in living your life. You can reach your full, God-given potential when you begin to live Unmasked. Begin the journey today!

The Lord’s Work Done in the Lord’s Way

by K.P. Yohannan

Tired? Burned out? Weary? The Lord’s work done in His way will never destroy you. Learn what it means to minister unto Him and keep the holy love for Him burning strong even in the midst of intense ministry. A must-read for every believer!

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