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Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvertâ??s Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big

by Katie Rasoul

High-achieving introverts feel the intense tug between the drive to achieve more and the need for solitude, between going out to conquer the world fighting with the desire to simply be alone.

And there is an Achilles heel that every high-achieving introvert has: a keen sensitivity to inner critics, those voices telling us we aren’t enough of somethingâ??not good enough, qualified enough, attractive enough, smart enough. Everyone has inner critics, but some people seem able to move past them more easily than others. For those addicted to achievement, like high-achievers, this is the place where perfectionism breeds, and where nothing is ever enough. And the introvert’s tendency to spend hours a day, thinking, exacerbates the inner critic.

As an entrepreneur and leader, who is also a high-achieving introvert, I had lived my whole life thinking that striving, stress, and second-guessing myself was the only way to success, when in reality, it was the one thing holding me back from my true greatness. As it turns out, success actually can feel easy, free, present, and without fear of what might happen. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to harness the benefits of being both a high-achiever and an introvert in your business, whether you’re a leader, an entrepreneur, or both
  • Why the voice of your inner critics are so present in your life and have prevented you from taking bold action in the past
    What to do and what to give up, in order to be effective, fulfilled, confidentâ??at home, in your business, and as a leader
  • Daily habits and practices that will allow you to tap into your strengths, as a high-achiever, to lean into leadership and do your best work with energy and enthusiasm, every day.

Greatness is absolutely within your reach. If you can discover how to harness the dual power of your audacious goals and your introverted ability to focus, you can do anything.

The Predictable Stock Trading System: Turn 1 Hour Of Stock Trading Per Day Into Generational Wealth

by Stephen Smith

Are you looking for a great book about trading stocks but every single time you purchase a course it seems that nothing makes sense? Are you scared when you hear words like “trendline,” “bonds,” and “futures”?

Then, this is the right book for you! In Stock Trading, you are going to learn everything there is to know about this topic and get insightful tips that will transform your mindset when it comes to money.

During this in-depth manual, you are going to learn about fundamental topics such as the following:
-What initial capital is required to start so that you know if you have the right credentials to get started in this amazing world or if it is time to save money before going on the attack
-What big boys do to stay ahead of the competition and get the best deals, making money even when stocks are falling
-What social trading is and how you can benefit from it
-What trading is not and how you can avoid the main mistakes of beginners
-How to time the market correctly and get the most out of your trades
-A lot of hidden information that will boost your education and get you started investing as fast as possible

As you can see, this book is full of details and goes very deep on the subject. Prior experience is not required, and the manual was written especially for those who do not know anything about investing.

If you have been on the fence for a while and want to take your investing game to the next level, this is the right book for you. Get it now at a special price and act fast; it won’t be so cheap forever.

¿Vendes o te Compran?: La Guía Completa que te ofrece métodos probados para cerrar ventas. (Spanish Edition)

by José Piquer

¿Tienes don de gentes… pero al final.. no vendes nada?
¿Estás preocupado/a porque tu negocio no funciona lo bien que debería?

Eso es porque desconoces los cierres de venta más efectivos que utilizan los grandes vendedores.
En este libro, José Piquer te explica nada más y nada menos que 21 cierres de venta, con los que no habrá ningún cliente que se te resista, ya que podrás neutralizar cualquier objeción a la hora de terminar una venta.

Con más de 20 años de experiencia como empresario especializado en ventas, encontrarás muchas técnicas y ejemplos claros con los que despegarás para obtener resultados que nunca hubieras imaginado.

¡�chale un vistazo al libro!

The Beginner’s Guide to Investing & Wealth Building: Understanding Emergency Funds; Life, Disability, Umbrella Insurance; & How They Work Along with Stocks, Mutual Funds, & Real Estate Investments

by Steven Cheung

Looking to invest, but not sure where to start? The book and its accompanying podcast are designed to provide a beacon of light in the fog of misinformation, as well as prevent information overload by focusing on what’s important versus what’s not when it comes to the basics of investing. It was written to provide a starting point for everyone to take real, actionable steps towards improving their financial lives – all in small, bite-sized doses.

Before delving into investing, we discuss the importance of insurance – and why this often overlooked portion of our financial plan is an absolute requirement. The latter half of the box reviews the types of common investments, how they compare to each other, along with their individual pluses and minuses.

The book is laid out in a way that explains what the I and many others I’ve guided have done in the past to get to where we are today, and the reasons why. I really want to emphasize – everyone’s situation is different, so it’s absolutely critical to understand the “Why” behind every action step – so that you can figure out what’s best for you. As mentioned in the disclaimer, having a greater understanding should allow us to help tweak these ideas and form it into our very own, unique action plan.

Creación de Modelos de Negocio de éxito basados en Inteligencia Artificial: Utiliza Machine Learning y Deep Learning para hacer crecer tu negocio (Spanish Edition)

by Bert Langa

Cada pocos años, aparece alguna tendencia tecnológica que produce la creación de miles de startups y nuevos negocios. En este momento, podemos afirmar sin ningún tipo de duda que una de estas tendencias es la Inteligencia Artificial (IA) y los algoritmos de Aprendizaje Automático (Machine Learning o Deep Learning, en inglés).

En principio, hay una razón muy importante que justifica que esto sea así. En la actualidad, se está produciendo una transición de la economía industrial nacida a finales del siglo XIX hacia una nueva economía digital que se sustenta fundamentalmente en los datos. En esta nueva economía de los datos, uno de los pilares del crecimiento empresarial es el uso eficiente de los mismos para soportar la toma de decisiones de negocio. En ese sentido, las compañías líderes de mercado están utilizando sus bases de datos y los algoritmos de aprendizaje automático para mejorar el conocimiento de sus clientes y alcanzar nuevas cuotas de crecimiento.

Dentro de este contexto, McKinsey (una de las principales consultoras de gestión a nivel mundial) nos dice que “los gigantes tecnológicos, incluidos Baidu y Google, están gastando entre 20 y 30 mil millones de dólares en inteligencia artificial, el 90% en I+D y el 10% restante en la adquisición de compañías de Inteligencia Artificial”.

Increíble, ¿no? ¿Te imaginas capturar el 1 por mil de esas inversiones con una nueva startup o un nuevo modelo de negocio? Pues este es el objetivo principal de este libro. Explicarte de forma muy práctica los conceptos clave de la Inteligencia Artificial, junto con el método Canvas necesario para crear modelos de negocio disruptivos basados en dicha tendencia tecnológica. De esta forma, podrás aprovechar esta tremenda oportunidad y convertirte en un emprendedor o empresario de éxito.

SNOWPRENEUR: How Shoveling Snow Changed My Life

by Stephen C. Langhjelm

Turns out that shoveling snow is a temporarily lucrative side hustle, who would have thought! None of this changed his entire life but it certainly led to many lessons learned and entertaining stories to tell. More importantly, Stephen demonstrates that if it’s possible to make more than a few grand on the side shoveling snow (in one winter), ANYTHING is possible.

Every chapter is based upon an entrepreneurial principle that he used throughout this initiative, which anyone can apply to their own business idea. His approach worked so well that by the time it snowed again the following year he didn’t need to post any ads offering his service, the work came to him.

Learn why he chose this path to make extra cash, the methods he used to make it happen, and where it’s led him to this day in time. If you’ve been procrastinating on an idea, need a boost of momentum, or simply want to enjoy a unique and refreshing read . . . this book is for you.

Don’t hesitate to snag your own personal copy and entrepreneurial handbook, check it out today!

The Craigslist Entrepreneur: Craigslist Buying and Selling Secrets & How I Made Thousands As a Teen Entrepreneur

by Andrew H.

The world of Craigslist is a great opportunity for anybody to make a little extra cash. In some cases, a LOT of cash. There are people out there, who have traded their 9 to 5 job for a career of buying and selling on Craigslist. These people make several thousands of dollars every week on Craigslist. This just goes to show the potential of buying and selling on Craigslist. For those who just want to make a little side income, or to simply get rid of unwanted items collecting dust, it is a very simple process. Anybody, literally anybody, can sell on Craigslist. I have been buying and selling on Craigslist as a sufficient source of side income for many years now and have made a lot of cash doing so. I did my research early on and learned many tricks and techniques to maximize my Craigslist profits, as well as learned many tricks and techniques through trial and error. I will be sharing everything I know and personally implement into my side hustle of buying and selling on Craigslist. If I can do it, anybody can. Hopefully, this information will provide universal value to all who have goals of making extra cash, getting out of debt, buying and selling for a living, or to simply get rid of unwanted goods. Good luck to you all!

Drop Ship Economy: How to Become an Instant Importer via T-Shirt Selling, AliExpress and Pop Culture Products

by Ben Craig

If you want to start a business without risk, huge capital or any business experience, then this bundle is for you.

Learn how to sell stuff online and make a part-time or full-time income doing it.

Here’s what you’ll uncover in this training bundle:

– The entire blueprint to making money via Teespring
– 3 Ways to find winning markets… so you only sell products to those who already want to buy it!
– Why you should target pop culture references as your design market
– Two of the best ways to find cheap but quality designers
– What to look for on a shirt design and how to communicate this to your designer
– This “secret blackhat” technique that will allow you to get $399 designs for as low as $5! This is legal but still a little bit taboo!
– How to create your Teespring listing from start to finish
– How to advertise on Facebook from A-Z
– How to analyze your results after 3-5 days and what to do in every scenario that may play out

* How to choose a profitable product to sell
* How to never worry about inventories ever again
* The only 3 criteria that will guarantee that you’ll only choose awesome products to sell
* How to sell your products via FREE Facebook fan page marketing
* How to apply some ninja SEO tactics to rank your website faster on Google and get more customers online!
* How to fulfill customers orders fast!

* The entire process of making money selling POP related items on Shopify
* How to find the best markets to sell into
* 3 simple criteria to follow to have a higher chance of selling a highly in-demand item
* How to create your own Shopify store in 30 minutes or less
* How to set up your products for maximum conversion
* How to fulfill your customers orders without worrying about shipping and inventories
* How to advertise on Facebook from A – Z
* When to scale the ad and when to kill it

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can learn all of these by yourself, make a lot of mistakes and eventually succeed (or not).


2 – You can get this short bundle, read and then apply it today. And then achieve success faster and avoid hundreds of hours of mistakes.

It’s totally up to you. If you choose #2…

Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Now!

Information Publishing Blueprint: Sell Information Products Like Ebooks & Courses via Amazon Recipe Publishing & Teaching Online Courses on Udemy

by Mark S. Laurel


In this bundle, I will show you 2 business ideas that can help you make 6 figure income per year.

Here’s what you’ll get:

– How to find the perfect category
– A table that will show you how many books a specifically ranked book is selling per day
– How to choose a category that will make you a minimum $200 per month per book… on autopilot!
– Where to outsource your recipes and cookbooks
– How to find book covers that inspires and sells!
– An example of ad to copy for your own outsourcing project
– Where to find images for your cookbook… some free and some paid.
– How to outsource your book cover for as cheap as possible with the highest quality you can get
– How to upload your book the right way
– How to find highly targeted keywords for your book… this will easily double your sales!
– How to write your own product description the easy way
– How to promote your product and how to structure your FREE promotion days

– The exact steps to take to go from zero to four figures per month via your own online courses
– How to properly do a niche research
– How to know exactly if a topic will be profitable or not (this will save you time and heartache by not creating a course on a non-profitable topic!)
– How to create and outline your course… the tool that you need and the steps that you need to take!
– How to properly upload your course so it’ll get approved fast!
– How to write your sales letter script for maximum sales conversion
– Why you should dig deep on sub-categories to be able to find some hidden profitable niches


Don’t try to do this all by yourself!

Invest in this book and take a shortcut to online success now.

Download your copy and start learning today!

Mastering Self Leadership: Self Leadership Skills. Become more successful. Influence yourself to achieve every goal you set. Self Improvement.

by Life Success Books

Are Ñ?оu running your lifе or iÑ? life running Ñ?оu? If Ñ?оu are nоt in сhаrgе and dirесting Ñ?оur lifе whо is?
In order tо Ñ?lаÑ? thе gаmе оf life wе have tо undеrÑ?tаnd the rulеÑ? оf the gаmе.

Chаngе can only соmе thrоugh аwаrеnеÑ?Ñ?. Unfortunately a lot оf uÑ? have never bееn tаught the skills we nееd аÑ? a child tо be leaders оf оurÑ?еlvеÑ? BÑ? making a соnÑ?сiоuÑ? decision to сhаngе аnd hаving a Ñ?lаn оf action that is саrriеd out with соnÑ?iÑ?tеnсÑ? and patience you will start to rесоgnizе сhаngеÑ? tаking place. Accept thаt Ñ?оu аlrеаdÑ? hаvе еvеrÑ?thing Ñ?оu need оn the inside tо bе Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful.

Sеlf lеаdеrÑ?hiÑ? iÑ? a journey, аnd thе mоrе self-leadership we аttаin thе mоrе successful wе bесоmе, аnd thе mоrе Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful we become, the more self-leadership we need.

If you want to become a sеlf-lеаdеr that аrе Ñ?еlf-mоtivаtеd tо tаkе purposeful action, download this book today. Become a better leader, entrepreneur, аnd team member!

self leadership skills, how to become more successful, self improvement

76 Productive Habits: How to Accomplish More, Overcome Procrastination, and Supercharge your Productivity (Life Simplified)

by Edith Henderson

76 Productive Habits+ How to Accomplish More and Overcome Procrastination by Supercharging your Productivity

Looking to put an end to procrastination and be more productive?

It was 3 pm, on a Sunday and I was looking at a hungry family, a sick dog, a pile of laundry, and an inbox with 102 emails that needed to be read before Monday, 8 am. I was nauseous. No matter how hard I tried, week after week, I found myself in the same place. My mind and my life were littered with chores and unfinished projects. I wasn’t being productive. I was overwhelmed and discouraged. It seemed there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I always teetered on the brink of success, but had failed to hit the mark. Sound familiar? Lucky for you, I found the secret in 76 productive habits. These habits are the difference between that constant carousel of unproductive procrastination and a successful and fulfilling life. These habits will supercharge your productivity so that you accomplish more. They changed my life for the better and I want to share them with you.

Explore habits that will supercharge your productivity and set you on a path to accomplishing your goals

Also, you’ll discover..

Long-guarded secrets of highly successful people
Ways break bad habits and form productive ones

And much more!

Table of Contents


Popular “Reality” Star Evicted from Long-time Residence

Habits 1-10

Residents Spot Headless Body Driving Around Town

Habits 11-20

Anxiety under Attack

Habits 21-32

Federal Agents Raid Technology Warehouse

Habits 33-37

Power of a Dream

Habits 38-47

Mystery Objects Seen in the Skies

Habits 48-56

Band Played â??til the End

Habits 57-65

Extreme Growth Spurts Linked to Supercharged Productivity

Habits 66-76

Start getting Productive today!

A Gentle Introduction to Beating Procrastination and Getting Focused (How to be productive, beat procrastination and achieve better focus on your work)

by Stephen Haunts

Do you struggle to focus on your work? Are you easily distracted? If the answer was yes to those questions, then you have a procrastination problem.

Procrastination is a common problem that we all face at some point in our working lives. It can be too easy to browse Facebook, Twitter or Youtube instead of working on something important. You may even invent other trivial tasks to accomplish instead of your more essential but more laborious tasks, just to give the impression you are busy. If it is left unresolved, then it can severely affect your ability to get your work done to a high standard for a deadline. In this book, we will explore what procrastination is, how to overcome it, and how to achieve a better focus on your work.

This book is split into the following chapters:

  • What is procrastination?
  • The first steps to overcoming procrastination.
  • A Step-by-step process in beating procrastination.
  • Refining your work habits.
  • Developing your ability to focus.
  • Software tools to help.

About the Author

Stephen Haunts is an experienced software developer with a focus on Microsoft .NET technologies and security for back-end enterprise systems. Stephen is also a Pluralsight Author, blogger at, writer and international conference speaker at events like NDC London, NDC Oslo, NDC Sydney, Techorama and SDD Conf. Stephen also runs a user group called Derbyshire Dot Net in the UK.

GET OVER YOURSELF WITH EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: A simple guide on how you too can have a happier life by gaining emotional intelligence


I understand how it feels to have the desire to become emotionally strong, I know what it feels like to to have so much on your mind that you can not focus. I also know how rewarding it must feel to be able to pick yourself up and feel confident in your minds ability to cope with what is going on.

What do you need to become emotionally intelligent?
You need information, you need to learn a way that you can identify what the sources of emotional dysfunction are. We all have different lives and encounter different problems but with this book you will be able to learn how to concur any bad situation that comes your way with mental and emotional confidence.
Do not wait another minute, get a copy now!

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