Free fiction Kindle books for 06 Apr 18

A Dragon’s Gift: Erotic Shifter Romance

by Piquette Fontaine

For years, the land of Draycott has been captive under the grip of the evil wyvern dragon shifters. Paige has lived her entire life without hope, thinking that her destiny is to exist under this brand of tyranny forever, being forced into marriage with one of her captors in a matter of months, and her father currently in the grip of a life-threatening illness.

All of that changes, however, in the event of a massive raid against the wyverns by a race of rival dragon shifters, the kirin. During this raid, Paige’s life is narrowly saved by a brave and noble kirin warrior named Seth, and after a brief spell of unconsciousness, she awakens to find herself in the grip of intense, unprecedented feelings for the man.

But will her long-standing prejudice against dragon shifters poison their relationship before it even has a chance to begin?

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This thriller is intended for adult eyes only.

Scattered Colors (a Colors novel)

by Jessica Prince

Life has always been easy for Freya Linden.
Happiness. Family. Love.

Until the unthinkable happens and she’s forced to grow up and face reality.
The once bright colors of her life fade into black and white, leaving her a colorless shell full of loneliness.

Then she meets him.

Parker Owens is broken, hiding his sorrow behind a mask, pretending to still be the popular boy with all the answers. But Freya sees through his façade. Suffering lingers in his soulful eyes, creating a connection between the two kindred spirits.

Together, they begin to heal.

He breathes life back into her world. She gives him peace.

But happiness isn’t a guarantee.
Sometimes you have to fight for what you want.
And sometimes, if the person you love can’t share their secrets, you have to walk away.

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