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Kemba Walker: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Explosive Point Guards (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Inspiring Story of the Charlotte Hornets’ Star Point Guard Kemba Walker!

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In Kemba Walker: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Explosive Point Guards, you will learn the inspirational story of one of basketball’s most dynamic point guards, Kemba Walker. Since entering the league in 2011, Walker has become the face of the Charlotte Hornets franchise.

Walker has evolved his game every single year to become one of the most lethal scorers in the game today. Statistically, he has improved his field goal percentages to mark that of an elite point guard. It’s hard to believe that just a few seasons ago, Walker struggled from behind the three-point arc. That’s no longer the case and his statistical improvements are simply a mark of his dedication to the game. In this book, we’ll learn more about Kemba Walker’s journey into the NBA, his impact on the game, and his growing legacy as one of the best offensive point guards to grace the courts in the modern era of basketball.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Childhood and Early Life
  • High School Career
  • Walker’s College Career at UConn: Spitfire Freshman, Sophomore Season, and the Miracle Run in Junior Year
  • NBA Career
  • Walker’s Rise to Alpha Status
  • Kemba’s Personal LIfe
  • Walker’s Impact, Legacy, and Future

An excerpt from the book:

NBA eras are defined by the players and positions that dominate the landscape during those days. Centers and big men dominated the early years of the NBA with mountains such as Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar becoming the staple names back in the 60’s and 70’s. The 80’s had its share of centers that dominated the league, but the highlight of those days were perimeter players such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.

While the 90’s also relied mostly on centers such as Shaquille O’Neal, David Robinson, and Patrick Ewing, among others, the earlier part of the new millennium saw the birth of the NBA’s reliance on versatile forwards such as Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and LeBron James. The NBA had only a few elite guards during that era.

But there has been a drastic change since the late 2000’s up to today’s modern NBA era. The league has tended towards relying mostly on point guards, but not for their ability to run plays or to make passes. This was not the time when teams relied on excellent passers such as Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, and Jason Kidd to make life easier for scorers waiting in the wings. This is an era where teams rely on point guards to do nearly everything├ó??scoring, passing, and leading.

The NBA trend of relying on point guards started when Chris Paul was leading the New Orleans Hornets in virtually every category back in the late 2000’s. Then came the time when Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook broke onto the scene to wow crowds and fellow players alike with their jaw-dropping athletic abilities and with their penchant for doing everything on the floor. Rose would become the youngest MVP in league history, but has since been marred by injuries. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook has transformed into a walking triple-double machine.

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Paid to Live the Dream: A Seafarer’s tale of life Afloat

by Anthony Edwards

From steam tugs on the Thames to yachts in the Med.
An entertaining and perceptive tale of working and living afloat.

  • Part 1.Yacht skipper Anthony Edwards entertains us with stories of his early life in 1950’s Gravesend, and tells of the momentous decisions that would change the course of his life.
  • An insightful account of working in the dangerous environment of Thames steam tugs in the 50’s and 60’s.
  • Christmas Eve in custody and other exploits and misunderstandings on trips to France and Spain, on what were precursors to modern package tours.
  • Part 2. An exciting change in direction, with a lucky break leading to a new life.
  • Navigating the French and Belgian canals en route for the Med in an ill-conceived and disastrous new pleasure yacht.
  • Is chartering meant to be like this? Charterers come in all types – perverted, demanding, terrified, selfish, and generous – but never boring.
  • Appreciating the S. of France life. The skiing, the parties, the food.

The book is a combination of travelogue and entertaining narrative about working on boats – but woven in there are insightful personal accounts of life and loves. From growing up in Gravesend in the swinging sixties and mixing with rough tearaways whose behaviour would most likely end them up in prison – to following intuition to escape to another life and another place. Some people might question whether climbing up a cliff face in the dark or being tossed around in a storm in the Bay of Biscay could be considered the dream, but at least he was doing what he wanted to do!

Modern Rustic – Small Game and Bird Hunting: A Basic Primer for Adding Game Meat to Your Freezer and Table

by Eric Beuning

I know for some people the homesteading lifestyle is more about gardening and raising small domestic animals than it is hunting. In reality hunting for meat is a very common part of rural life. Not only is it an opportunity to get out in the peace and quiet of the forest and connect with nature, but it’s also a great way to get extra protein without spending a ton of money.

Bagging a deer, elk, bear or even in some places, a moose, is an annual event that goes a long way towards stocking the freezer with meat for the long winter. Unfortunately in many states these seasons can last only a few weeks.

For example, in my home state of Minnesota you can only hunt for deer with a shotgun and deer slug for two short weeks out of the year. If you hunt with a rifle you can get a three week long season but only if you’ve got hunting ground in the northern part of the state.

If you have the misfortune of your homestead being in an area that receives additional hunting pressure you might only have a day or two at the beginning of the season to shoot a deer. After that the presence of hunters tromping around the area sends the deer into a spook-mode where they travel sparingly, in the deep of night to more difficult, unpressured terrain.

Once the firearms season ends your only options for deer is short range muzzle loaders, where you put black powder down the barrel, or bow hunting.

For some hunters, small game and bird hunting is a real joy that surpasses their love of deer hunting. It’s also probably the best way to get kids interested in hunting.

Here is what you’ll find in this book:
– The importance of gun safety
– Gun selection for various game
– Clothing selection for staying warm, dry and comfortable while hunting
– Cleaning and butchering each animal
– Tips and strategies for tracking and hunting

Small game animals included in this book:
– Squirrel hunting
– Rabbit hunting
– Pheasant hunting
– Grouse hunting
– Wild Turkey hunting

While this isn’t a complete small game cookbook, it does include several delicious and unique small game recipes including:
– Brining
– Hasenpfeffer
– Squirrel pot pie
– Slow grilled pheasant
– Pheasant fajitas

If you’re ready to learn how to put small game on your table scroll up and click the Buy Now button and get started today!

Andre Iguodala: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Skilled Forwards (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Inspiring Story of the Golden State Warriors’ Star Sixth-Man Andre Iguodala!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Andre Iguodala: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Skilled Forwards, you’ll learn the incredlbe story of one of basketball’s premier forwards, Andre Iguodala. Since entering the league as the 9th overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft, Andre Iguodala has molded quite the career for himself. For eight years, he was a centerpiece of the Philadelphia 76ers as they worked through the post-Iverson era. Then, after a short stint with the Denver Nuggets, Iguodala joined the Golden State Warriors in 2013. The rest is history.

As a member of the Warriors, Iguodala has become one of the most reliable leaders of a second unit in the league. Still a highly dynamic player, Iguodala provides a spark off the bench for the Warriors whenever superstars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, or Kevin Durant need rest. Iguodala’s performance in the 2015 NBA Finals was one for the memory books, and a series that helped him win the 2015 NBA Finals MVP award.

It will be exciting to see how the final chapter of Andre Iguodala’s career plays out. This work details everything up until the start of the 2017-2018 NBA season for the career of Andre Iguodala.

If you’re a fan of Iggy, don’t delay in picking up this book. Start learning his inspiring story today.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll read about:

  • Childhood and Early Life
  • High School Career
  • College Career at Arizona
  • Andre Iguodala’s NBA Career
  • Getting Drafted
  • Rookie Season
  • On the Rise, Iverson Trade
  • The New Franchise Star
  • Learning to Delegate
  • Lone All-Star Appearance, Final Season in Philly
  • One Season in Denver
  • The Move to the Warriors
  • First NBA Title, the Finals MVP
  • The Historic Regular Season, the Rematch with the Cavs
  • Kevin Durant’s Arrival, Second NBA Championship
  • National Team Career
  • Andre Iguodala’s Personal Life
  • Iguodala’s Impact on Basketball and Legacy

An excerpt from the book:

The NBA puts a premium on do-it-all wingmen that have all-around abilities that help them to contribute in all facets of the game. They can score, rebound, make plays, bring the ball, defend, and even lead. Known as the Swiss Army knives of basketball, do-it-all wingmen are recognized for the versatility that their athleticism and basketball skills allow them to do. More often than not, championship teams are built with an all-around player on their roster.

When you talk about the best all-around players in the league, you can never forget about names such as LeBron James, Scottie Pippen, Grant Hill, Larry Bird, and Kevin Durant. Even Magic Johnson, a point guard, could play the wings because of his size and athleticism. Known for their penchant for doing it all on the floor, whether it was scoring, rebounding, passing, or defending, all-around wingmen are usually bound for superstardom because of how they stuff the stat sheets and affect games in all facets.

All-around do-it-all wingmen are most likely going to end up as leaders and superstars. But there are those that love to do everything so much that they would even allow themselves to be considered as glue guys and glorified role players though they actually possess abilities that could make them perennial All-Stars or even superstars in the NBA. One such player is Andre Iguodala.

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