Free fiction Kindle books for 07 Apr 18

How It Felt

by Damien Maxey

A collection of 11 poems on my experience with psychosis, as well as feeling love and hope through it all.

The Sinister Secrets of Hanover Farm (An Angela Morton Campground Mystery Book 2)

by Lucinda D. Davis

You’ve never met Bernice Peabody-Wells? Be thankful because she’s in a class of caustic all by herself and she’s just dodged a poison bullet.

She lives in fading palatial grandeur at Hanover Farm, her late father’s once famous horse racing stable just outside of beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York.

But something evil is lurking amongst the walls and gardens of the beloved farm: Fay, the long-suffering housekeeper shows up in odd places, ghost-like figures haunt the gardens at night, and her estranged and aggravating sister Esther has roared back into her life. But there is something not quite right about her! To top it off, there’s the small matter of the poisoning attempt!
The shadow of doom lurks closer each day!

It will take tall, attractive Angela Morton; avid camper, low-key detective, and owner of a broken heart, along with the dark and handsome Nathan Swale, Lake Placid Police forensics expert, to see what others cannot in a world where old world values and lifestyles collide with new age skullduggery and greed in one of America’s most beautiful towns.

But as Angela and Nathan dive into the world of a bygone era, they discover that the old family house and farm hold more than a few secrets and more than a few suspects who will stop at nothing to keep the truth from leaking out.

Fun Stories For Your Drive To Work

by R. Scott Murphy

Your commute stinks. Your job’s a mess. You didn’t win Powerball. Here’s help! Get the first book in the humorous “Fun Stories” series from award-winning writer R. Scott Murphy. Inspired by “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “The Office,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “The Far Side,” the “Fun Stories” series offers amusing books, audio books and CDs to help lighten your day.

Part storyteller, part game show host, part DJ, part madcap tour guide, Murphy shares embarrassing work stories, conducts crazy countdowns, sets out on silly Google safaris, and invites your participation through his interactive storytelling game called Mental Kickball. An accomplished radio & TV personality, game show producer, author, and four-time winner of the “Late Show With David Letterman” Top Ten List Contest, Murphy takes random fun to the next level.


-TOP FIVE THEATER:  Count down the “Top Five Shamefully Suggestive City Names”
-MENTAL KICKBALL SURVEY:  Is Starbucks more popular than deodorant in your office?
-FUN SCHOOL:  Turn an uneasy meeting with a man peeing in the alley into a valuable life lesson
-COMMUTER EMPOWERMENT:  Learn the best ways to make fun of other motorists and give Clown Commuter Awards
-UPLIFTING ADVENTURE:  How Chick-fil-A makes Scott feel like Leonardo DiCaprio
-IN A WORLD OF SUPERHEROES:  Proof positive that Scott is “The Freakin’ Michael Phelps of Googling”
-SECRET OFFICE TIPS:  How to successfully plant decoy food in your work refrigerator

Your average daily commute now clocks in at a record 52 minutes (Census Bureau).  Your total yearly commute time is now more than nine days. Scott says that’s longer than some celebrity marriages. You deserve more smiles. Pick up “Fun Stories For Your Drive To Work” today to add some entertainment to the grind of your drive.

For more information about R. Scott Murphy’s audio books, CDs and books, please visit

FUN SIDEBAR: Scott used to think that “spirit animal” discussions were kind of silly. Now, with the creation of the supercool 800-pound gorilla Mental Kickball logo, Scott sees it as a fun symbol for the collective power of the 140 million US commuters. Unleash your “spirit gorilla” and get more enjoyment in your days. We are Commuter Nation!

Tides of Love (The San Capistrano Series Book 2)

by Angelique Jurd

Two years have passed since Ben and Alex met at a rock concert and fell in love. Living together in the city and regularly visiting Polly and Ally at the Beach House, the pair have no idea their happy life is about to be turned upside with both a happy event and devastating news.

When Ben is shot by a client’s abusive spouse, Alex is forced to find strength nobody knew he had.

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