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The Dam Busters. WW2: ‘RAF 100.’: 75th Tribute (1943-2018) ’30 Minute History.’ (Military Teenager Series.)

by Alex Devaney

Amazon’s 2018 Best Selling ‘WW2: YA & Military Teen Series.’

About The Author
Alex Devaney is an Independent Publisher, Author and Freelance Writer. Since receiving a Honours Diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing from London School of Journalism, Alex has had numerous articles published on Military History, Social History and Military History. Alex has also published twelve ebooks on Military History.

The Dam Busters ‘Operation Chastise’ World War 2; Aviation & Navy ebooks with Maps, Photographs and Famous Leaders.

5 Stars. Amazon Review. KD Groom (USA Site).
I am a history buff. These books were an excellent overview of subjects that I have read before. I will be ordering more in the future.
5 Star Amazon Review. Mark R.
A â??no frills’ look into what was a remarkable operation. The facts are all there and they are presented in a very readable manner. Thoroughly recommended.
4 Stars. Amazon Review by ‘Malc.’
Good Read.

A tribute to RAF No. 617 Squadron. The brave young men, who breached Germany’s industrial dams in the Ruhr Valley in May 1943. ‘Operation Chastise’ became the most famous air operation in WW2 – a secret squad of Lancasters attacked the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams with Dr Wallis-Barnes’ ‘bouncing bombs.’ The Dam Buster mission included aircrews from the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force (& US crew).

In 1943 Sir Winston Churchill was under pressure to persuade Josef Stalin and Franklin D Roosevelt that Britain was an effective ally in WW2. The objective of Operation Chastise
was two fold: Firstly, to flood the Ruhr Valley to disrupt major armament production and water and electricity supplies. Secondly, to aid the Soviet Union by keeping the Luftwaffe
and anti-aircraft forces away from Russia. This military strategy culminated in the winter of 1943, with the RAF raids on Berlin.

In 1955 the ‘Dam Busters’ film, burst across cinema screens around the world, to national acclaim. The daring exploits of Guy Gibson and Squadron 617, were forever immortalised as ‘The Dam Busters.’ But, the success of Operation Chastise would always be marred by the loss of 1,650 German civilians.

  • This e-book has been accurately researched and proof read. It is ideal for ‘YA Readers’ and readers with a ‘General Interest’ in WW2.
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    Confucianisms for a Changing World Cultural Order (Confucian Cultures)

    In a single generation, the rise of Asia has precipitated a dramatic sea change in the world’s economic and political orders. This reconfiguration is taking place amidst a host of deepening global predicaments, including climate change, migration, increasing inequalities of wealth and opportunity, that cannot be resolved by purely technical means or by seeking recourse in a liberalism that has of late proven to be less than effective. The present work critically explores how the pan-Asian phenomenon of Confucianism offers alternative values and depths of ethical commitment that cross national and cultural boundaries to provide a new response to these challenges.

    When searching for resources to respond to the world’s problems, we tend to look to those that are most familiar: Single actors pursuing their own self-interests in competition or collaboration with other players. As is now widely appreciated, Confucian culture celebrates the relational values of deference and interdependenceâ??that is, relationally constituted persons are understood as embedded in and nurtured by unique, transactional patterns of relations. This is a concept of person that contrasts starkly with the discrete, self-determining individual, an artifact of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Western European approaches to modernization that has become closely associated with liberal democracy.

    Examining the meaning and value of Confucianism in the twenty-first century, the contributorsâ??leading scholars from universities around the worldâ??wrestle with several key questions: What are Confucian values within the context of the disparate cultures of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam? What is their current significance? What are the limits and historical failings of Confucianism and how are these to be critically addressed? How must Confucian culture be reformed if it is to become relevant as an international resource for positive change? Their answers vary, but all agree that only a vital and critical Confucianism will have relevance for an emerging world cultural order.

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