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Murder Has Consequences (Friendship & Honor Series Book 2)

by Giacomo Giammatteo

It’s easy to give your life for someone. It’s much harder to kill for them.
~Nicky Fusco

For a select few people, friendship lasts forever. Nicky Fusco and Frankie Donovan were friends like that, but that was years ago. Now Frankie’s a detective in Brooklyn’s Homicide department, and Nicky is a reformed hit man. But when Frankie gets in troubleâ??and the law can’t help himâ??he turns to Nicky.

The problem is that Nicky promised his family, and God, that he’d go straight.

Dev Haskell Box Set 1-7 (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator)

by Mike Faricy

Faricy is America’s hottest new mystery writer… – The Dirty Lowdown

The Dev Haskell Box Set 1-7 featuring the first seven novels in the award winning Dev Haskell series by best selling author Mike Faricy. 7 Great Books…One Great Price!

This collection includes the first seven, full length Dev Haskell novels.
Russian Roulette: Case 1
Mr. Swirlee: Case 2
Bite Me: Case 3
Bombshell: Case 4
Tutti Frutti: Case 5
Last Shot: Case 6
Ting-A-Ling: Case 7

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A Killing in Kula (Maui Mayhem Cozy Mystery Book 2)

by Aysia Amery

Kula protea farm owner Tony Min suddenly keels over from natural causes. Was it a heart attack? Well, amateur sleuth Ginger Lee thinks something sure smells fishy, especially because Tony’s ghost believes he was murdered.

Can Ginger and Pako reel in the murderer(s) from the five suspects who were there that day? See if you can figure out whodunit before our heroine does. But a warning: twists may have you hopping from suspect to suspect like a honey bee gathering pollen.

MASONâ??S BABY: Stormâ??s Angels MC

by April Lust


No one crosses a biker and gets away with it.
Not even a vixen like Clara.
She’s got a body to die for, but even if I go, I’ve got a legacy to protect.
A legacy that starts with the baby in her womb.

She thought she was smart.

But she never had a chance.
I caught the thief red-handed, and if she doesn’t want to talk, wellâ?¦
I’ll just have to find other ways to open her mouth.

As long as she’s chained in my clubhouse basement, she belongs to me.
I’m the only thing keeping her safe.
Her boss will kill her if I let her go, and if I say the word, my men will turn her into their filthy plaything.

So you better open up, princess.

Because I want to rip the clothes from your body.
The breath from your lungs.
The innocence from between your legs.

And one way or another, I always get what I want.

MASON’S BABY is a full-length, standalone, bad boy baby MC heist romance. Includes additional bonus content so you can keep on reading ’til you’ve had your fill of hot sex, thrilling action, and HEAs that will melt your heart!

Presence Sorrow’s Aria

by Charity Becker

Still reeling from the devastating blow of betrayal by her closest friends and confidants, Mina Jewel must put aside her personal pain to complete one last dangerous task before she leaves Presence forever.

In a panicked race against time to rescue a very special child, it soon becomes obvious that the psychopathic Surgeon has more torment in store than Mina can handle on her own. She must learn to cope with her crippling PTSD and gather new and unlikely allies to complete her mission and put an end to the terror gripping Port Orchard, Washington.

Will Mina be able to trust again, or will Aria, Presence, and the Latrator pack be lost forever to the Surgeon’s blade?

Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets Book 2)

by Bob Mayer

Kirkus Reviews: “Fascinating, imaginative and nerve-wracking. Mayer’s tough, businesslike soldiers again include a tough, businesslike female.”

From the author: “When alerted, we never knew if it was for real or an exercise. We were prepared for real. If we got our “Go” codeword while en route, the mission went.”

Dragon SIM-13 is an elaborate computerized command post exercise to test the readiness of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The scenario calls for a U.S. Army Special Forces strike against a strategic target in China. But when thousands of students are massacred in Tiananmen Square during democracy protests, the rules change. Meng, the computer genius behind the SIM program, sees a way to avenge a hatred that had been festering for over 20 years, and tip the scales of freedom. With the push of a button on his master computer, simulation becomes a reality: the Dragon mission is actually launched.

Dave Riley and his A-Team parachute into China to do what they’ve trained for. The only problem? No one knows they’re in China. And we’re not at war. What do they do now?

Library Journal. “A daring rescue mission produces a climax with enough suspense and action to satisfy the most jaded of thriller fans. The author of Eyes of the Hammer delivers another rousing tale.”

Journal of US Special Operations: “This is one book you can trust.”


by Drew Mitchell

In 1982, crowd favorite Jack Jones was murdered while leading a championship golf tournament on its final day, slain in the middle of the 3rd fairway for all to see. Including his impressionable young son.

Eleven years later and now a college graduate, Jack, Jr. can’t shake the haunting images from that fateful day at the prestigious Eidolon Golf Club. Motivated by retribution, he’s dead-set on making the pro tour and fulfill the Jones legacy by winning the event and denounce the killer in the process.

Trouble is, history often finds a way of repeating itself.

Death Before Facebook (Skip Langdon #4) (Skip Langdon Mystery) (The Skip Langdon Series)

by Julie Smith

Death Before Facebook, formerly entitled New Orleans Beat, is the FOURTH book in the Edgar Award-winning Skip Langdon series by Julie Smith.
Reader-friendly from log-on to log-off.” –The Orlando Sentinel
“A peek into the sometimes dangerous world of the computer-obsessed, set in the sultry heat of New Orleans and tempered with just the right dose of Southern humor.” â??USA Today


It’s a chilly November in 1994, and thirty-one-year-old Geoff Kavanagh surreptitiously splits his time between science fiction novels and cyberspace in his parents’ dilapidated, overgrown, uptown New Orleans mansion. Until his mother finds him dead from a suspicious fall off a ladder. Maybe he should never have posted about seeing his father murdered â?¦ because way too many people on the TOWN, a pre-Facebook virtual community, knew things about his family he didn’t even suspect. Decades-old skeletons start falling out of closets after Geoff’s untimely death, thanks to New Orleans Detective Skip Langdon. Langdon finds Geoff’s gorgeous mom strangely uninterested in her son’s fatal fall, but Mom’s apparently the only one. It seems the post has gone viral. Suddenly all the TOWNSpeople have theoriesâ??and ambition as cyberdetectives. What’s a murderer to do but kill his way out?

Calling the windup “a virtuoso spin on Rashomon,” Kirkus noted that, along the way, “Smith worms her way deeply and painfully into her cast’s layers and layers of past relations, getting deeper than ever into Skip as well.”

Written in the mid-90s, Death Before Facebook is a suspenseful online murder mystery blast from the past: THE NET meets Prime Suspect.

“If you haven’t discovered Smith yet, now is the time to do so . . . Move over, Sara Paretsky.” â??KPFA-FM (Berkeley, CA)

“A poisonous bouquet from a still-rising star.” –Kirkus

“When Geoff was four years old, he and his mother came home one night to find his father dead on the bedroom floor. Shot with his own revolverâ??he was a cop.”

“A cop!”

“In your very own department. Geoff thought he could remember coming homeâ??climbing the stairs with his mother, going into the bedroom, and finding the body. But once he’d asked her, and she said it wasn’t like that at all. She said Geoff ran right up the stairs and went to the bathroom; meanwhile Margueriteâ??that’s his motherâ??went into the bedroom and turned on the light. It was all she could do to keep from screaming, but she didn’t want little Geoffrey to know what was going on, so she turned out the light, closed the door, and went downstairs to call the cops.”

“Pretty damn cool.”

“Well, who knows what really happened? That’s just what she told Geoff. Anyway, it got him to thinking his own memory was bogusâ??or might be. And after he had that dream, he kept getting these weird flashbacks, if you want to call them that, like incest survivors are supposed to haveâ??little half-memories. Like being in bed and hearing an argument. Running down the hall. His mother’s face. His dad on the floorâ?¦ actually, he had that one all the time, from before his mother told him he’d never seen that. Do you see what I’m getting at?”

“He posted this stuff?’


“Under his own name?”

“You can’t hide your identity on the TOWNâ??you have a user ID, but anyone can check you out in about two seconds. Geoff was Vidkid.”

“So if it was true, if he really had witnessed the murder, or had even been in the house when one was committed, he was putting it out there for the world to know. Is that what you’re saying?”

“That was our reasoning, yes. When we found out about the â??accident’.”

Skip could see why this was the talk of the TOWN.

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