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Future FLOTUS?: (First Lady Of The United States) (Vineyard Seeds Book 1)

by Amy Denson

President Jackson Cashe needs a new girlfriend? A reality TV show for the next First Lady of the United States?

President Jackson Cashe is trying to run a newly separated country while attempting to draw back some of the states that separated. He declares an inaugural Festival of Innovation to showcase America’s advances in a variety of subjects. The festival culminates in an epic State Dinner in which Jackson breaks up with his model fiancé. Jackson’s team puts into motion a reality television show to help him find a new girlfriend and to bolster his already high approval ratings.

Haddie Robinson is a retired ballet dancer trying to finish her last semester of online classes before starting medical school in the fall. Her life is flipped upside down when her cousin Maryssa submits her name as a contestant on a reality dating show. Furious, Haddie reluctantly participates hoping that she’ll be released first while making some money for medical school.

Future FLOTUS? takes us deep into the world of reality television where we meet the production team and fourteen colorful and interesting contestants. The group dates give an entertaining twist into the dynamics of Jackson and the women. During this time, Jackson is intrigued by the secretive and standoffish token brunette. Haddie learns that there is more to Jackson than the media has portrayed over the years. Will Haddie give Jackson a chance? Is Jackson the arrogant playboy portrayed in the media? Can two people find love in a country that is divided in two?

(Inspired by the book of Esther)

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