Free science Kindle books for 08 Apr 18

Dying without Crying

by J.I. Willett

Impending death hurts, but does not have to be a battle lost; neither is it a picnic in the park for all concerned. Dying Without Crying is a beautiful concise guide, which provides useful, actionable tips for the caregiver and care-receiver … sharing the experience of facing death with dignity, as well as the difficult emotions and circumstances that accompany it.
This compassionate work reiterates the need for love and respect, forgiveness and setting boundaries, the right to make decisions and to be treated as a living person during this challenging time.
The author also inspires those of us who are not departing to re-evaluate our past and embrace the opportunity to adjust our sails for the future.
J.I.Willett has truly captured the struggles and triumphs of those dealing with death.

Essential Oils Guide: The Complete Guide To Getting Started With Essential Oils For Dummies : (Organic Recipes, Natural Recipes, Naturopathy) (Essential Oils, Aromatherapy)

by Karen Randall

Essential Oils Guide:

The Complete Guide To Getting Started With Essential Oils For Dummies

The boom of Aromatherapy and essential oils has got you curious to learn more about how it works and how essential oils can improve your health and well-being. The problem is where to start with all the information on the internet and all the books available on the market. You want basic information to get you started, but you have found is either incomplete or jumps right into making the many products available on the market. You want a book that can get you on the ground running with step-by-step information on Aromatherapy and essential oils to make you comfortable with making your own remedies at home. Look no further! This book has all you need to get started!
So what are you waiting for? This is the book you’ve been waiting for!

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