Free fantasy Kindle books for 10 Apr 18

Stories from the Witch Store

by Olga Gutsol

Funny and imaginative chronicles from the life of a hereditary witch Arelia who, along with her loyal companions Cat and house-ghost Puck, moved to the small town of Burnaville to open the Magic Potions store. Here she falls into a lifetime of boredom. How have her magical powers resulted in this? What is missing from the charming life she has built?

And so she begins a diary as amusing as her everyday life is, teaching the local population how to respect magic and dodging the troubles that inevitably ensue. When a large green dragon is conjured up in her kitchen and a handsome white mage sent to capture him, boredom flies from Arelia’s lifeâ?¦but can she catch on to the promise this brings?

Mythical Doorways (Fellowship of Fantasy Book 3)

by H. L. Burke

Eleven Tales of Magical, Mysterious, Mythical Doorways!

Step through portals and into adventure as the authors of the Fellowship of Fantasy take you on another journey into fantastic worlds. Travel through time, space, and realities to encounter monsters, mechanical foxes, and the Fates themselves. You’ll fly with dragons, save implausible beasts, and perhaps find your true home. Choose your path wisely, for dangers lurk in the lands beyond.

In the third anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, eleven authors promise you journeys into fairy lands hidden within the modern world, futuristic universities, and lands of ancient myth. So what are you waiting for? Cross through our Doorways for the adventure of a lifetime!

The Cripple and the King

by Peter Hopkins

The ancient Nacian Empire is gone, and in its place, a shell of a kingdom lives in exile off the coast of their former glory. King Lucan ascends the throne unprepared and unwilling to meet the challenges ahead. Lucan has assumed power only after his brother, the capable and charismatic Vespasian, was brutally blinded and forced to abdicate the throne. With the help of his older brother, Lucan must navigate an ever-growing web of politics and schemes, face off against enemies both foreign and domestic, and learn to govern greater than Vespasian ever could.
To the homefront, Lucan finds no comfort as he alienates his new bride, Mila, whose marriage was Vespasian’s attempt to buy time with an old enemy, and their son Hadrian whom Lucan can hardly stand to hold. With a wit greater than a match for Lucan, he must discover that his closest allies are already close at hand, and take their advice.
To the sea, one thousand ships appear on the horizon, ready to swallow the whole kingdom into the sea with merciless marauding. To the fields and hills of Nacia, banners rise in a civil war as lords break their vows to fight both the king and amongst themselves. Lucan must unite his squabbling lords and crush his enemies before the burden of crown crushes his erudite and fragile mind.

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