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Fun drama games for kids: A collection of fun warm up games. Suitable for acting classes and after school clubs.

by Matthew Wilson

A collection of fun warm-up games. Suitable for acting classes and after-school clubs. These games are used within many theatre schools around the world and are perfect for developing focus and creativity.

Hero’s Journey: A Fantasy Screenplay

by J. P. Miranda


Then read this spectacular epic fantasy adventure full of mystery and romance! At this time, Hollywood producers and agents are reading this screenplay and considering to make it into a movie! You will feel as if you’re watching it on the big screen!

Join this legendary journey and experience the wonders of this magical land, while you learn how to write a great screenplay in the most effective way: by reading a properly formatted screenplay with a story that has gotten the attention of Hollywood.

***When a dark magic is unleashed upon a medieval land and the castle is sieged, a townsman who once met the princess must go to a distant tower to face an evil king and save the land.***

Hero’s Journey: A Fantasy Screenplay
Jacques Harrison is a young man who lives in a
quiet medieval town where nothing magical
ever happens. He dreams of living in the castle
and being an adventurer, but has never gone
beyond his town. Today everything is about to
change. He has been chosen to go on a castle
tour and a magical seed is floating towards his
house. When Jacques wakes up, he will begin
learning of the land’s dangers: an invading
horde, a grim dark magic and deadly creatures
in the wild. Lucky for Jacques, his town is
perfectly safe. That is, until a night the princess
goes there, pursued by an evil being. Jacques
decides to go on a journey to save the land and
see the princess one more time. He will receive
knowledge from a wizard and a spirit, fight
with a magical shield, and travel to an eerie
swamp, an ancient tomb, a sacred spring and
beyond. At journey’s end, Jacques will become
more than an adventurer, he will become a hero!

This movie script is inspired by The Lord of the Rings and The Legend of Zelda. Click “Look inside” above the book’s cover to read the first pages. After reading those pages, most people are truly captivated and go on to read the rest of this book.


Eine Zeitreise zu den ollen Griechen (German Edition)

by Willy Rencin

Ich weiÃ? nicht, was Sie von Fantasiereisen, oder wie auch bezeichnet, Zeitreisen halten.

In einer mir zufällig in die Hände gekommenen esoterischen Zeitschrift fand ich eine Anleitung, wie dies zu bewerkstelligen sei.

Also; man muss ungestört sein! Telefon und Klingel sind abzustellen! Hernach legt man sich lang, in bequemer Kleidung. Männer sollten ihr Bruchband, Damen ihre Büstenhalter ablegen! Gilt ebenso für Brillen, Kontaktlinsen, Gebiss, Holzbein sowie sonstige nicht körpereigene Dinge. Den Herzschrittmacher, den belassen wir so, wo bzw. wie er ist, sonst wird es eine Reise in die Ewigkeit.

Ist alles getan, schlie�en wir unsere blanken �uglein, und ohne zu blinzeln, wird langsam von 100 rückwärts gezählt. Dabei sollten wir uns die jeweils gedachte Zahl bildlich vorstellen. Sie verstehen, um nicht von irgendwelchen (eventuell unzüchtigen) Gedanken abgelenkt zu werden.

Wer dies alles richtig macht; gelangt in das Reich der Fantasie, an alle Orte und in alle Zeiten, die er (sie, es) sich wünscht.

Schwachsinn oder nicht, es war schon immer mein grö�ter Fehler, alles ausprobieren zu müssen, und daran hat sich leider nichts geändert.

Weshalb nicht den Versuch wagen?

Ich hatte ein paar Wochen vorher ein Buch meiner Internet-Freundin Renate (Ilsebill) gelesen, worin sie einigen Gestalten der griechischen Mythologie neues Leben einhaucht, sprich; sie in ihrer liebenswürdigen Art ein wenig zur Sau macht.

Warum sollte ich nicht der Unterwelt – dem Hades – einen Besuch abstatten. Die ganze Bande, von der Renate schreibt, die Freund Homer uns nahebrachte, würde ich dort antreffen – Odysseus, Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon…. Habe ich groÃ?es Glück, sogar Helena, die supergeile Schnecke!

Gwydion’s Dawn: A Satirical Occult Mystery (West Country Tales Book 3)

by H.E. Bulstrode

Murder, mystery and magic: a satirical journey into the occult.
Lust, mushrooms and the quest for immortality: meet Gwydion Turner, an inept, portentous, psychedelic demon raiser; a wannabe Crowley in crushed velvet. From Haight-Ashbury to Glastonbury, this eccentric figure has been known by many, but understood by few; just who, or what, is he? Is he a fraudster, or a sage? It’s for you to decide.

The people of Glastonbury know only so much, although to them he is but one of any number of unconventional characters who grace the streets of their town. For the best part of the last decade, he has devoted himself to the ‘Great Work’, which he now believes himself to be upon the brink of realising; an esoteric activity that many, if not most, would regard as lying beyond the bounds of sanity.

One night in September 1985, his partial disclosure of the nature of his occult obsession reveals him to be far from the harmless buffoon that people had supposed. There is, it seems, a whiff of death about the man.

A standalone mystery novella in the West Country Tales series, also available alongside four other pieces in Anthology: Wry Out West as a Kindle e-book, or a paperback.

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