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by Shlomo Kalo

From Internationally renowned storyteller and Nobel Prize nominee, comes a wondrous collection of singular, uplifting, spiritual stories…

The steadfast roots of the tales presented here are firmly fixed in the parables that appear in the books of the New Testament. Nevertheless, these tales differ from those unique parables, as a tree differs from its roots which support it and endow it with its tall stature and its vital power.

These are no longer parables, nor means of illustrating or of making perceptible. In this sense, one could say that the stories stand in their own right. Their aim is to emphasize, again and again, man’s inalienable right to cleave to his Father in Heaven, Who is Love, and thus to abolish the bitter fate of anyone who has erred and strayed far from Him, far from the pure springs of Love.

The king Whose Name is love in print edition was translated and published in six countries.

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