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DSLR Photography For Beginners: Learn The Essentials Of Digital Photography, Master Your DSLR Camera & Take 10x Better Pictures (Digital Photography for Beginners)

by Justin Weber

Master Your DSLR Camera & Take 10x Better Pictures

We are privileged to live in the information age, otherwise known as the digital age.

This age was made possible by advances in what is called micro miniaturization, and digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are a prime example of this technology.

Compared to film cameras, the data capturing, storage, retrieval and manipulation capabilities of these modern cameras are simply astounding.

While some may view the size and weight of DSLR cameras as a disadvantage, the many positive features, compared to compact and phone cameras, far outweigh any negatives.

Your DSLR camera will provide you with many exciting opportunities. However, in order to enjoy all its capabilities, you need to understand how to use it to its full potential.

This beginner’s guide sets out to explain and demystify the more useful features of DSLR cameras, so you can take advantage of these wonderful instruments yourself.

During The Course Of This Guide You Will Learn About:

  • Focus & focus modes
  • Exposure
  • Types of lenses and their qualities
  • Focal length
  • Lens multiplication factor
  • Filters and how they work
  • Correct lighting and its importance
  • How to work with sunlight
  • Using flash
  • Aperture
  • Depth of field
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Finding and using the focal point
  • Angle of view and showing scale
  • Achieving symmetry and balance

And more!

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Tears and Trombones: Based on a True Story

by Nanci Lee Woody

A depression-era boy wants badly to become a classical musician against the wishes of his hard drinking, heavy equipment operating father. His long-suffering mother wants him to escape the kind of life she’s had and supports his musical dream. He convinces himself that music is the most important thing in his life and marries the woman who has set her sights on him and is willing to support his musical obsession. Joey winds up in the symphony and performing in Hollywood, backing up the likes of Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, The Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra. But he lets the love of his life, the high school beauty that he adored from the first encounter, slip away. Tears and Trombones is a roller coaster of highs and lows with humorous twists and poignant turns as we watch Joey pursue his dream.

Music Lessons: In 1 Day – Bundle – The Only 5 Books You Need to Learn Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Chords and Scales Today (Music Best Seller Book 33)

by Preston Hoffman

5 Manuscripts in 1 Book, Including: How to Play Guitar, How to Play Piano, How to Play Ukulele, How to Play Chords and How to Play Scales!

Book 1)

How to Play Guitar: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales and Guitar Tabs Today

You will learn the following:

  • How to hold the guitar
  • The basic chords
  • How to strum a rhythm
  • Barre chords
  • Finger picking
  • How to look after your guitar
  • What to look for when buying your guitar
  • Some songs to get you performing
  • How to string and tune your guitar
  • About key signatures, notes and tabs
  • And much more!

Book 2)

How to Play Piano: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Piano Theory, Piano Technique and Piano Sheet Music Today

You will learn the following:

  • The keyboard and keys
  • The pedals
  • Reading sheet music
  • Practising scales
  • Adding in chords
  • Sharps and flats
  • Timing
  • And much more!

Book 3)

How to Play Ukulele: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Ukulele Chords, Ukulele Tabs and Fingerstyle Ukulele Today

You will learn the following:

  • How to buy a ukulele
  • The different parts of a ukulele
  • How to hold your ukulele
  • The chords of the ukulele
  • Chord transitioning
  • Chord progression
  • How to strum the ukulele
  • How to read tabs
  • Learning fingerstyle
  • Songs you can play
  • And much more!

Book 4)

How to Play Chords: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Chords, Piano Chords, and Ukulele Chords Today

You will learn the following:

  • What chords are and how they are the building blocks of songs
  • How to read chord music
  • How to play chords on all three instruments with ease
  • Dozens of songs to play and the chords they use
  • Tips for chord songwriting
  • Chord practice tips
  • And much more!

Book 5)

How to Play Scales: In 1 Day – The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Scales, Piano Scales and Ukulele Scales Today

You will learn the following:

  • How to easily understand the theory behind playing the scales
  • An easy exercise on how to play your first scale within chords
  • A crucial short course on how to get a feeling for the music that is necessary in order to play or compose it
  • How to improvise, explained on a perfect blues example
  • Three different learning modes – exotic, classical and metal
  • Learning how to play the jazz scales, widely regarded as the hardest style
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to effectively put all of this information together and utilize it in the future

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn music lessons. So, don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and purchase your copy today.

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ã?¿ã?¬ã?³ã??å??ç??é??ã?¿ã?¤ã??ã?«æ?ªå®?ã??SEXY GIRLã?ã??FRIDAYã??é??èª?ã?Vol1: The talent sexy girl photo collection that title be undecided Sexy girl (French Edition)

by å¼?æ°¸äº?ã?? HiroshiNagai

This is the best sexy girl collection that i have collected from the best sexy girl in the world.
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Exclusive: A Tisha Ariel Nikkole Novel #1

by Yasmin Shiraz

How much access do you need to have a serious relationship with the most desirable bachelor in the country? Journalist Tisha Ariel Nikkole and music executive Jordan Ellis are about to find out. As the story opens Tisha is on her way to interview a private and mysterious artist and has decided that she’s gonna make him love her. But, with his lust for groupie companionship and easy sex, does he have other plans? Vindictive Jordan can’t keep her mind off the same bachelor and is willing to hurt anyone who comes near him. Add in a high-powered, short-fused publicist to the mix and a professional call girl and this book delivers more excitement on every page. By the end of this drama someone’s on life support but who will it be?

EXCLUSIVE is a fast paced novel with vivid characters and shocking plot twists. The cast of interesting people reveals how access to the right person at the right moment changes the course of the future.

21 Fashion Hacks: Stylish Fashion Tips And Tricks , Enhance Your Wardrobe

by Gloria Jubi

Looking awesome isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. In order to have a great appearance, you need to put in some effort. Being fashionable may come easier to some more than others but don’t fret! Literally anyone can look good just so long as they try.
When it comes to fashion, there are certain rules of the game which can help you spice up your wardrobe. If you’re not aware of these rules, then you’ve got to keep reading.
Check out some of the best fashion tips and tricks in this Book ” 21 Fashion Hacks” it will be of a great help to you enjoy!

DEATH VALLEY DAYS: A Teacher’s Photographic Essay

by Robert Ricardo Reese

Reverence, isolation, peace, life, suffering, meditation, erosion, loss, forgetfulness, remembrance, thirst, love, falls, yawns, especially destruction: upon these particular conditions the desert will administer a trial. The desert symbolizes so much with very little. Maybe we fill the desert with too much of our own meaning- maybe the desert is simply just a desert. Nonetheless, there is no other place than the desert to caution humanity of the world’s dangers, wearing away far more than thirst.

Hair Coloring: Latest hair coloring techniques for women in any occasion

by Hillary Himma

This book gives you more propel data on the workmanship and art of hair shading. The hair shading calamities are because of the absence of comprehension of the essential hair shading “laws” of shading and how they apply to hair shading. An initial phase in homing clients of hair shading to comprehend the nuts and bolts.

I will attempt my best to get the book straightforward, so take after along precisely and re-read any zone until you comprehend it altogether

Thai girl sexy beauty like angel (Japanese Edition)

by Wangchoi

天使のã??ã?なã?¿ã?¤ã®å¥³ã®å­ã®ã?»ã?¯ã?·ã?¼ãªç¾?ã?ã? – Wangchoi

3D Drawings: Simple 3D projects for beginners (optical illusions)

by Marie Begin

+ Get Free Bonus Book

Welcome to the beginners guide book to 3D Drawings! If you have found your way to this book then it because you have the desire to learn all that you can about how to start drawing your own 3D images. These images are 3D in the nature of the way they are drawn and in the way that the image presents itself. You could regard these as optical illusions as well since that is in essence what they are. As well as that though these are images that you yourself can draw and craft and create to make something truly interesting and unique. These are things that you can make your own and utilize to really showcase your artistic talent and skill. It is drawings like these that while they will look incredibly daunting to start they will be much easier in practice to learn than you would imagine.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • – Materials for drawing
  • – How to Start Drawing 3D Pictures
  • – Techniques and Terminology
  • – 15 Drawings of 3D

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This Is Who I Am

by April Cawthon

The Bible talks about Jesus being the King of Kings. If Jesus is the King, then who are those that belong to Him? If you have invited Jesus to live in your heart then you are a real princess! Jesus never wants you to forget who you are.

This is a simple book written in rythmic form to give you a glimpse of being his princess. If you are four years old or if you are 104 you can believe every truth that is written on these pages. Every line is taken straight from the Bible. This is who you are and you are always to remember Jesus loves you so very much.

Jesus, It is my desire that every person reading the truths written on these pages will invite You into their lives. I pray that we never forget who we are because of who You are. Help us to remember being Your princess is better than being anything else in the world. Help us to know we are safe in You. Help us to know we can do all things because of You. Help us remember that You are the reason we live. May we always seek Your face and bring You glory. Amen

Mediação cultural em museus e exposições de História: Conversas sobre imagens/história e suas interpretações (Portuguese Edition)

by Valéria Peixoto de Alencar

A obra avalia o uso pedagógico de imagens em exposições que apresentam um discurso expositivo, usuais nos museus de história desde o século XIX, procurando discutir relações entre imagem, história e museus, e o uso pedagógico das exposições de imagens nos museus.

Baroque: A Screenplay

by John McDonald

Baroque is the story of Jason, a struggling painter who is commissioned by a wealthy art collector to restore a painting from the past. Unbeknownst to Jason the painting houses a secret that has been locked away for years and now Jason is losing his grasp on reality, setting the stage for a reckoning from a love lost so long ago.

A macabre screenplay with no happy ending, Baroque paints the razors edge between sanity and what lies on the other side.

Beautiful Fashion Girls in Short Skirts: Exotic fashion in the photo

by Christina Smith-Pauls

Beautiful Fashion Girls in Short Skirts
Exotic fashion in the photo

In this edition new girls in skirts are added.

It is noticed that most men believe that it is girls in mini skirts and pantyhose that are the most memorable symbol of summer. A woman’s outfit that gives pleasure to the eyes and fancy food stirs up the blood and makes the men’s heart beat faster.

A short skirt appeared in the 1960s as a symbol of a rebellious youth culture. She challenged society and shook conservative values.
“Svinging 60” gave mankind much – from the Beatles to the first man on the Moon. The mini-skirt came from the same era.

Opinions about who exactly in London came up with a shortened skirt, divided. Among the applicants for authorship are called and Mary Kuant, and Andre Kurrezh, and the founder of the brand Jean Varon, John Bates, but it was the designer of Quantas that became the driving force of the urban fashion of the 60’s. In recognition of her services, a mini dress from Kuantes – “Banana Split” – adorned one of the 10 postage stamps of the “Design Classics” series, issued by the Royal Mail of Great Britain in 2009 in honor of the century of British design. In addition to the dress, the choice also fell on such textbook examples of British design of the XX century, as the Spitfire and Concord aircraft, a red telephone booth and a map of the London Underground.

Formentera (250 immagini) (Italian Edition)


Benvenuti nel paradiso! Compilazione di fotofrafie dell’isola di Formentera. (Isole Baleari, Spagna).
Album di 250 immagini.

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