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The Leper

by Steve Thayer

John Eric Severson is a veteran of the First World War … a Marine Corps captain who once got lost in a forest behind enemy lines an unknowingly led his men into a leper colony. Now, five years later, he is an idealistic schoolteacher in a tough, working-class neighborhood where earning a high school diploma is something most of his students can only dream about. Severson vows to educate every one of them. But he quickly learns there is one student the tall, handsome Swede cannot control. The lovely Bernice DuFresne. Her wit and charm are no match for him, and halfway through the school year he swears at himself for falling in love with one of his own students. Their love affair is of the highest risk, but they manage to hold on to their secret until the fateful day he is diagnosed with the dreaded disease and literally chased from the school.
Stalked by the ghosts of his past, Severson begins an odyssey that takes him down the Mississippi River and into the swamps of Louisiana … to a colony so miserable its existence is only rumored. His desperate escapes from this hellhole become murderous as he tries to return to a place and time, and to a woman, that he loved. Finally, banished to the Hawaiian island of Molokai, and still hoping to one day return home, he becomes a leprosy settlement sheriff … and a living legend.

Texas Ranger Creek & Cowboy Justice: Western Advneture (Sundog Series Book 8)

by Ash Lingam

As the small Texas Ranger patrol returned from Tombstone, Arizona, and New Mexico they ran across two dead cowboys out on the trail of the Great Plains to El Paso. They were murdered by bushwhackers with a badge.
In an attempt to stop a deadly range war with the Scottish born Seth Bogardus, Texas Ranger Captain Ridge Creek brings his best Rangers from Laredo to face off with the infamous Marshal Dan Dowd, along with twenty hired gunslingers in beige dusters and Winchesters repeater rifles, guns for hire to the highest bidder.
Mister Bogardus himself, a wealthy ranch baron and the man with the intention of taking every substantial water source from the New Mexican border to the city of El Paso by force with the bounty hunter, Tom Horn at his side.
The danger in Texas has not diminished, making the need for such men as Captain Creek and his band of Texas Rangers imperative. It is said, in order to kill wicked men you need a bad man, and Creek is up to the task.
Ash Lingam reaches new heights with his latest novel of the Wild West and the Texas Rangers. Bringing the 1860s to life in his Tales of Western Adventures in Cowboy Justice.
(Sundog Series Vol. No. 8)


by Brooklyn Jones

What if one moment in time controlled your fate?

I wasn’t ready for a commitment. It was only supposed to be one night.

Now she’s carrying my heir.

Can I give it all up to protect them?

This steamy romance is a standalone with a HEA!

Die drei Musketiere: Ã?berarbeitete Altfassung (Klassiker bei Null Papier) (German Edition)

by Alexandre Dumas

Der bekannteste Roman Dumas� und einer der ersten und beliebtesten Abenteuerromane der Literatur: Der junge d�Artagnan kommt 1624 nach Paris um Musketier, ein Leibwächter des Königs, zu werden. Statt dessen schafft er es in seinem Ungestüm, sich am Tage seiner Ankunft Duelle mit drei Musketieren einzuhandeln; mit Athos, Porthos und Aramis.

Der Rest ist, wie man so schön sagt, geschriebene Geschichte: Statt sich zu duellieren, freunden sie sich an, müssen die Königin vor Intrigen des arglistigen Kardinals Richelieu bewahren, das Geheimnis der zwielichtigen “Mylady” aufdecken und zahllose Scharmützel und Schlachten bestehen.

Dumas erzählt atemlos, von Höhepunkt zu Höhepunkt eilend, ausgeschmückt mit einer farbenprächtigen Sprache, so bunt und opulent wie das Zeitalter des Barock selbst. Vor dem historischen Hintergrund der Epoche Ludwigs XIII. meint der Leser zum stillen, “vierten Musketier” zu werden, der d’Artagnan über die wehrhafte Schulter schaut.

Der aus historischen Tatsachen und erfundenen Begebenheiten gemixte Stoff wurde bereits früh mehrmals verfilmt, kolportiert und für Opern und Musicals verarbeitet. Der Ausdruck “Einer für alle, alle für einen” findet hier seinen Ursprung.

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