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Big Bad Player: Alpha Male Sports Romance Collection

by Hot Alpha Publishing

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This collection includes:
– In the League of His Own
– The End Zone
– For Love or the Game
– Game Plan
– Game Changer
– Stormy Love
– His Lucky Charm
– Off The Field
– Love off the Court
– Samantha’s Home Run Desire
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WARNING: This book contains mature content with **BURNING HOT** scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) (Rescue Bears Book 6)

by Scarlett Grove

Can this fated pair escape a painful past and a perilous present?

He’s running from fate …

Computer whiz Corey Bright set up the human-shifter dating site that has helped all of his fellow Rescue Bears find their mates — but his own parents’ mating was a disaster, and he has no intention of repeating their mistakes. When his crew set him up on a blind date with the woman who’s his perfect match, he’s furious.

She’s running from danger …

Willow Rhine is the ghostwriter for a famous romance author. No one should know her secret â?¦ but someone does, and she’s got a stalker who keeps sending her threatening messages. She’s come to Fate Mountain ready for love in her life, but no matter how drawn she is to Corey, she doesn’t want a casual fling.

And the clock is ticking for both of them

While Willow works to meet her next publishing deadline, Corey tries to find her stalker â?¦ and battles his own fierce need to claim her. Convinced he’s doing the best thing for both of them, he tries to let her go — only to learn he might be about to lose her forever. Can he and the rest of the Rescue Bears save Willow in time for Corey to admit his mistake?

Tank’s Pearl: Devil’s Iron MC book 1

by GM Scherbert

My husband committed suicide two years ago. Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn’t get worse. Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him. Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together.
The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her. What I was not ready for, was her fighting against this attraction we have. I want her, I don’t care that she has kids, or that she doesn’t know shit about the type of life I have. She thinks that the fact that she’s ten years older than me is an issue… its not. But the biggest thing she’s mistaken on is the fact that she thinks this thing between us is just a casual thing. She will be mine and there is almost nothing that could happen to come between us.
Or is there?

This is part one in the Devil Iron MC series.
WARNING: contains explicit situations and graphic violence.

No Such Thing: A San Francisco Gold Rush Romance (Gold Rush Romances Book 2)

by Mona Ingram

Lily’s happy life in Shanghai becomes a distant memory when her father dies and her devious aunt sells her to a brothel owner in San Francisco. But Lily wasn’t born in the Year of the Tiger for nothing. Determined to escape, she watches for her chance in the midst of chaotic Gold Rush San Francisco. With her father gone and her faith in people shattered, Lily refuses to believe that love exists… even after she meets Devon, the young Bostonian who vows to protect her from further harm.

Anytime Darlin’, A Western Romance

by J.R. Barrett

Anytime Darlin’: Third Place Winner in the Romantic Suspense Category, the 4th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest.

Jake McKenna drops to his knees beside the young woman. She’s been badly beaten, she’s barely breathing, burning with fever. When she opens her aquamarine eyes and stares, panic-stricken, into his, he is struck with the sudden notion that this is only the beginning of their relationship.
Devlin Barre has been through hell. If her uncle finds her, she’s dead. When she looks into the warm brown eyes of the paramedic, she knows deep in her bones she can trust this man with her life. Devlin and Jake grow close, but neither is ready for a commitment. Devlin is too broken and Jake knows it. She runs off to rebuild her life, leaving him forsaken.
Nearly five years later, Jake and Devlin meet again. Neither has forgotten a single detail of their time together. Both harbor the secret hope that they can begin again–this time, for keeps. But Devlin isn’t the only person who ran from trouble. Her uncle is back and he wants revenge against the person who ruined his life, the one person who got away.

Dream On (Stories of Serendipity Book 2)

by Anne Conley

“This book was different than any book I have ever readâ?¦” – Amazon Reviewer

Alyssa has a hard time keeping up with her responsibilities, and she has a lot: her elderly mother, both kids, her high school students, and of course, herself. When she starts dreaming of a handsome bad boy living a kinky lifestyle, she wonders what in the world her subconscious is telling her. She barely has time for her own life, much less one involving a guy with those kinds of appetites.

Dalton has been living life on the edge for too long. When he begins dreaming of a woman from his hometown, Serendipity, he initially thinks it’s something inside him, letting him know it’s time to settle down. When his dad gets sick, and Dalton has to move back home to take care of the family ranch, he realizes his dream girl is a reality.

Sparks fly in this sizzling novel that explores love and lust in a small town setting, complete with ex-husbands, high school football, and nosy school boards.

Warning: Some content not suitable for under 18 years of age

No Hero (Louisiana Lawmen Book 1)

by Mallory Kane

Police Detective Devereux Gautier knows he’s no hero.
He’s seen too much and failed too many times. Now the homeless kids he mentors are dying and the only person who can help him find the killer is the woman who dug up his past to destroy him. Dev needs her help to solve the case, but he can’t trust her and he can’t trust himself around her, because she’s the sexiest, most intelligent woman he’s ever met.

Journalist Reghan Connor knows there are no heroes, and she’s out to prove it on the air for all of New Orleans. Her latest debunked hero is Detective Dev Gautier, who hates her for exposing his mistakes. Now Reghan has been given the key to the murders of Dev’s homeless teens, but how can she convince him she’s not setting him up for another fall? As they work together to solve the murders, Reghan learns that being a hero is complicated and loving a hero can be downright deadly.

The Contractor (Seductive Sands Book 2)

by Sammi Franks

One single dad contractor. One British nanny. A looming deadline when her visa expires.


Before her death, my wife was one of a kind. After she passed, her sister was a huge help. Now, I’m about to be on my own with my six-year-old daughter. Then Beatrice agrees to be my nanny, and I’m feeling things I never thought I’d feel again.


I came her on a 90 day marriage visa, only my fiancé backed out. Too proud and too poor to go back to the UK, I agreed to move in and help Will out. He’s too nice, too handsome, and too eligible.

He wants her to stay. Can love find a way?

Mated: A Phoenix and Dragon Shifter Romance (Firelands Wars Book 1)

by Kallysten

She’s perfect for him… except she’s a phoenix…

When the Ileos clan invites shifter clans from the Firelands to watch their new leader take power, Maikel Argonis doesn’t have much choice but to attend. As second in line to the throne, his lack of interest for this kind of social function is not reason enough to stay home. His father, the king of the Firelands, rules over his sons with as firm a hand as he rules a realm where power-hungry shifters don’t hesitate to start wars.

The chore, however, takes an unexpected turn for Maikel when he meets Celly Ileos. Second-born like he is, quick-witted and rebellious, she captures both Maikel’s interest and his dragon’sâ??even though she’s a phoenix.

Celly doesn’t mind seeing her older brother take power like he was always destined to. However, she does mind that he’s already trying to use her as a pawn in his power games, intending to strengthen their clan through her marriage to one of his allies. Her heart is her own, and she wants to choose her own mate.

But if that mate happens to be a dragon prince, will she be strong enough to endure the fire of disapproval raging from his family and her own?

This book previously appeared in the boxed set ‘Prowlers & Growlers.’

Puzzle Pieces (Explicit Detectives Book 1)

by Alice Ashes

I was thirty-four when I fell hopelessly in love at first sight. I was running after a suspect through the streets of New York, a cold-blooded killer by the name of Anthony, and the thrill that coursed through my veins was better than any drug. Anthony was on a collision course with a man, and I shouted “stop him!” The man artfully tackled Anthony. As I got closer, I noticed his dark blue eyes alight, his dirty blond hair and fascinating face–round and weathered, but handsome. This man was Sam Dodson.

Right as I met Dan, he began making strange and accurate deductions about my past, with what I assumed was little to no information. He could tell that I had served in the military in the middle east. Dan’s personality was so unique that I had little time to consider how incredibly handsome he was. Well, anyways, after Dan arrested this Anthony guy, he asked me to dinner even before asking my name. And I agreed to go. I didn’t realize by agreeing to dinner that I would be entering Dan’s exciting and dangerous world of detective work in the New York Police Department, as well as meeting the love of my life.

Puzzle Pieces is the first book in the Explicit Detective Series. You do not need to have read any other of Alice Ashes’ other books to enjoy this thrilling, romantic MM story.

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