Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 13 Apr 18

SEO : Search Engine Optimizations (A to Y)

by Omar Faruq

Seeing the title, many people can raise questions, what does the meaning of A to Y mean? It should be A to Z. In fact, SEO’s content is so huge that it is not possible for anyone to acquire complete knowledge, and the rules of SEO are constantly changing. So it’s up to A to Y.

There are many posts about SEO, often all of the entry level. So, I will try to give you an idea of the Advo level SEO from the entry level, even though the basic rules are the same. So it is very important to know fundamental rules for SEO. I have been with tectonics for a long time, so I know there are many SEO experts – so in my writing If there is a mistake, but if anyone tells me through the comments, I will be very happy. SEO is one thing that can be learned right through knowledge sharing. If there is a problem in understanding the meaning of a word, Google can either tell or tell me. Let’s not talk a lot and let’s go to the main context.

Dropshipping 101: The Ultimate Business Model That Lets You Sell Huge Inventories Without Lifting a Finger

by Laurence Berry

This is a business model that allows you to work from home and earn passive income, while at the same time building a big brand for yourself and selling real physical products.
So why isn’t everyone getting involved in dropshipping already? Why do so many people still choose to make money as an affiliate marketer instead?
The answer is simple: a lot of people still don’t know what dropshipping is, or how to get involved in it. Of course this book is going to change all that and help you to understand what dropshipping is, why it’s so beneficial and how to get started with it.
By the end, you will be running your own dropshipping business – making money by selling products with your branding on and without having to spend any money upfront or take any form of financial risk.
Didn’t I say it was the perfect business model?

Hacking for Beginners: Computer Hacking QuickStart Guide: (Hacking Book, Hacking for Beginners)

by Martin Thompson

Hacking for Beginners: Computer Hacking QuickStart Guide

Did you always dream of being a hacker? We are here to make your dreams come true by helping you take the first step with this well-researched guide. We have provided step-wise instructions to let you master the art of hacking in no time. Our comprehensive guide will let you attain the following tasks in no time.

  • Understanding the basics of hacking
  • Getting familiar with all the prerequisites
  • Cracking the password of an email id
  • Bypassing router security
  • Hacking a nearby wifi connection
  • Hiding an IP address
  • Tracing someone’s IP address and location
  • Spoofing a call
  • Accessing a system remotely, and a lot more!

We are sure that with the help of these foolproof ways, you can certainly crack a lot of codes and safeguard yourself at the same time. Unlike any other guide, we have provided all the essential codes that you would need to perform these tasks. Don’t look anywhere else and expand your knowledge with our well-researched guide. Surprise your friends with these exciting tricks and commence your journey of becoming an expert hacker with us.

Digital Video Concepts, Methods, and Metrics: Quality, Compression, Performance, and Power Trade-off Analysis

by Shahriar Akramullah

Digital Video Concepts, Methods, and Metrics: Quality, Compression, Performance, and Power Trade-off Analysis is a concise reference for professionals in a wide range of applications and vocations. It focuses on giving the reader mastery over the concepts, methods and metrics of digital video coding, so that readers have sufficient understanding to choose and tune coding parameters for optimum results that would suit their particular needs for quality, compression, speed and power.The practical aspects are many: Uploading video to the Internet is only the beginning of a trend where a consumer controls video quality and speed by trading off various other factors. Open source and proprietary applications such as video e-mail, private party content generation, editing and archiving, and cloud asset management would give further control to the end-user.Digital video is frequently compressed and coded for easier storage and transmission. This process involves visual quality loss due to typical data compression techniques and requires use of high performance computing systems. A careful balance between the amount of compression, the visual quality loss and the coding speed is necessary to keep the total system cost down, while delivering a good user experience for various video applications. At the same time, power consumption optimizations are also essential to get the job done on inexpensive consumer platforms.Trade-offs can be made among these factors, and relevant considerations are particularly important in resource-constrained low power devices. To better understand the trade-offs this book discusses a comprehensive set of engineering principles, strategies, methods and metrics. It also exposes readers to approaches on how to differentiate and rank video coding solutions.

Hacking: How to Hack, Penetration testing Hacking Book, Step-by-Step implementation and demonstration guide (17 Must Tools every Hacker should have Book 2)

by Alex Wagner

## ## ## The Ultimate Guide to Hacking using the most dangerous tools 2017 ## ## ##

This book will focus on some of the most dangerous hacker tools that are favourite of both, White Hat and Black Hat hackers.
Beginning with some of the fundamentals of networking, and technologies that are vital to be aware for every hacker.
Next it will cover some studying techniques that can be used in order to be able to follow today’s fast growing technologies, and then will recommend additional study materials and what certification path you should be aiming in order to become an IT Professional.
The focus of this book will be to introduce some of the best well known software that you can use for free of charge, furthermore where to find them, how to access them, and finally in every chapter you will find demonstrated examples step-by-step, on hacker tools.
The discussions and implementation examples will provide you not only how to use hacking tools, but how to become a Man in the Middle in multiple ways.
Additionally you will be demonstrated how to create a Denial of Service Attack, how to manipulate the network infrastructure by creating fake packets, as well how to replicate any networking device, and fool end users to install backdoors on demand.
In order to understand hackers and protect the network infrastructure you must think like a hacker in today’s expansive and eclectic internet and you must understand that nothing is fully secured.
There are many step by step method on how to plan a successful penetration test and examples on how to manipulate or misdirect trusted employees using social engineering.
The intention of this content is to benefit readers by reviewing detailed facts as well as personal experience.
Your reading of this book will boost your knowledge on what is possible in today’s hacking world and help you to become an Ethical Hacker.

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