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El Horror de Dunwich ( AtoZ Classics ) (Spanish Edition)

by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

El horror de Dunwich (título original en inglés: The Dunwich Horror) es un relato corto escrito por H. P. Lovecraft en 1928 y publicada por Weird Tales en marzo de 1929. Transcurre en el pueblo ficticio de Dunwich, Massachusetts. Se lo considera una de las obras principales de los Mitos de Cthulhu.

Knowing: Five Tales of Cosmic Horror

by Morgan Morcant

What does it mean to know? Humanity, with its unenlightened sense of self-value, tends to believe that knowledge is something that can be obtained – a goal that can be achieved through diligent and focused effort. We are wrong. Knowledge isn’t something to be simply acquired through our own, mortal volition. Rather, it is given to us, and sometimes, it is forced upon us by entities beyond our primitive comprehension.

These five horrific tales explore the imaginary things turned into reality, the incomprehensible things comprehended, and the impossible things that are made possible.

Tegen Punishment (Tegens Book 3)

by Inge-Lise Goss

Who will be the next spider victim?

For over two years a treacherous Tegen has evaded capture by enforcers, executing anyone who crosses his path.

Newly requisitioned to assist a Tegen enforcer, Sara Jones is on a desperate hunt to stop the renegade who has no regard for human, or spider, life. To penetrate the religious compound he uses as his hideout, she must conceal her true identity. But finding the elusive Tegen is more difficult than she may have imagined, and the compound is far more dangerous than anyone could have known.

When a notorious crime boss shows up in town, Sara enlists his help, but he has his own agenda – one that may advance his criminal enterprise.

As mayhem erupts, she must outwit unsavory zealots and find the killer before her cover is blown. The clock is ticking. Can she bring the fugitive to justice before it’s too late?

This action-packed fantasy-thriller constantly leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Tegen Punishment is the third book in the Tegen series. After reading the Tegen definition at the beginning of the novel, it can easily be read as a standalone story.

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The Dark Secret (The Haunting of Greyfield Manor Book 1)

by Carrie King

Best Selling Author Carrie King

Waters of betrayal run deep!

Hoping to mend the growing rift in her marriage following an affair, Tiffany Baker treats her husband to a weekend at secluded Greyfield Manor.

The rugged and beautiful property is situated on a picturesque bluff overlooking the ocean, but the waters of betrayal run deep.

 From the moment Tiffany enters the house, strange things start happening.

She tries to brush them off, but her nerves already shredded, she begins to think coming to the converted bed and breakfast is nothing more than a horrible mistake.

Her husband’s mood swings, the odd happenings, and her own emotional turmoil gradually take their toll on her.

 Will the history of the centuries-old manor house interfere with her desire?

 Tiffany has high hopes for the weekend. Greyfield Manor has other horrible ideas.

The Haunting of Greyfield Manor Series
Book 1 The Dark Secret
Book 2 Evil Spiritual Awakening
Book 3 Deadly Child’s Play
Book 4 Tormented Crossing Over

Carrie King British Supernatural, Horror, Occult, Ghost and Haunted House Series.

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