Free horror Kindle books for 14 Apr 18

Dracula ( A to Z Classics)

by Bram Stoker

The vampire count of Transylvania seeks his lost love and the conquest of Britain by plague. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.”

Canopus and Keel – The Hive. (The cases of Canopus and Keel Book 1)

by Stephen Jarrett

A gripping occult detective thriller. In 1997, FBI agents Samuel Keel and Jon Canopus battled an ancient creature that resulted in the death of Samuel.
Now, twenty years later, Samuel’s daughter, special agent and dabbler in the paranormal, Carina Keel has discovered that the creature has returned and is feeding off the residents of Bonners Ferry.

Carina Keel and Jon Canopus want revenge.

But witches, the undead, demons and a 200 year old serial killer want the creature too – Its power is far too immense to allow Canopus and Keel to destroy it.

In a race against time, who will find The Hive first?

Winter Plague

by Isla Jones

In a world ravaged by the dead, our words are all we have left. Who will tell the story of the last stand?
I will.
My name is Winter, and this is my story.
The world has been lost to a new strain of rabies, one that ravages those it infects and turns them into blood-thirsty killers. I don’t know how I’ve survived for so long, but I have.
And then, I met a group … I met him.
Winter’s Plague is the found memoir of a cowardly survivor in a cruel world. With no government or operating military, Winter tells of how she wandered the country with her dog, hoping to be reunited with her sister one day. The dreams are what helped her get through the long days and even longer nights when the rotters rule the streets.
When Winter is trapped in an alleyway and the rotters are closing in on her, she is about to abandon all hope. Just as she thinks she is taking her last breath, they reveal themselves. The soldiers. The last of the military.
At least, that’s what Winter had thought.
She links up with the soldiers and the band of survivors they carry with them, but she quickly realises that Leoâ??the one who saved her, the one who leadsâ??has a secret. And it lies in the restricted RV with the top-secret cargo that they are transporting to Washington D.C. And Washington D.C. is exactly where her sister lived.
Will Winter find out what is so precious inside of that van? Or why Leo draws nearer, only to pull himself away?
And, most of all, will Winter survive long enough to realise the secrets they burden?
Her memoir will tell the tale.

#2 in the Winter Plague Trilogy is due for release March 2018. Keep your eyes peeled and check back for Winter Castle.

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