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Career Confidence Instruction Manual

by Peggy McKee

Are you being held back by a lack of confidence? Do you feel like an imposter? Are you afraid to go after jobs or promotions? Do you believe that your ideas aren’t good enough or that you’re lacking in some way? That lack of confidence is the only thing standing between you and the success you want.

The good news isâ?¦confidence can be learned. It’s a skill you can practice and develop until it feels natural for you. Once you have it, you can have the success that you want and deserve.

In this book, I’m sharing lessons I’ve learned in my own life and in working with thousands of people as a career coach. I encourage you to put these tips and strategies into practice immediately and start enjoying the benefits of boosted confidenceâ??a better outlook, stronger relationships, and greater success in your life and career. You’ll learn how to:

-Build Up Your Mental Game
-Improve How You Talk To Yourself
-Feel More Confident Today
-Project Confidence With Body Language
-Make Sure Your Environment Supports You
-Avoid Weak Language
-Overcome Fear
-Improve Your Focus
-Invest In Yourself
-Ask Yourself The Big Question Everyone Should Ask

You can achieve the things you dream of, and you can make your life better.

Easy Business Work at Home: How to Start Working at Home Through Internet Businesses Like Affiliate Marketing, Teespring & No Money Down Ecommerce

by Ben Sugarman

With lots of business ideas to follow, how do you choose the best one for you?

Well, let me help you with that.

In this book bundle, you’re going to learn 2 simple (and effective) and step by step idea that any beginner can implement.

* You don’t need a huge capital
* You don’t need technical knowledge
* You don’t need marketing or business experience

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The entire process of making money by recommending great products that helps other people
– 4 Ways to find problems that needs solving
– The right way to research some keywords that you will use on your video review and SEO rankings
– 4 criteria to get before you choose a product to sell on YouTube
– The complete process of reviewing a product… with slides and some scripts included
– How to optimize your video for maximum Google and YouTube rankings
– How to boost your rankings in less than 48 hours for as low as $5
– An example YouTube thumbnail that works and increases your video click 2x – guaranteed.

* The exact step by step process of making money via teespring & nba
* How to find the best nba teams or players
* The 2 criteria that you should follow when choosing the team you want to promote
* How to find the best quality designers for as cheap as possible
* How to run facebook ads for as low as $5
* The best tips to follow to have a more profitable teespring business in the long run

* The best way to find the perfect product to sell online
* A simple 5 part guideline that will help you choose a product and almost guarantee that it’ll sell
* How to create a free website via wordpress platform
* How to set up your payment option system
* How to drive free traffic from Youtube and Facebook Fan Page
* How to run promos and sell products without really selling it! I know, confusing but this is genius! It’ll allow you to sell more products without trying really hard!
* How to fulfill your products, stress free!

Look, you can either learn this by yourself, make lots of mistakes, lose money and maybe – eventually succeed.
Or you can choose to learn from this book bundle instead and shortcut your way to internet marketing success.
The choice is totally up to you. But if you’re smart, I bet you would choose the latter option.

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Fiverr Secrets (2018 Freelancing for Newbies): Work at Home to Make $1,000 Per Month via Fiverr for Online Freelancers

by Joel Johnson

Are you serious in learning how to start your own “work from home – work anywhere” business?

Do you want to make passive income, quit your day job and work at your own time and place of choice?

Then this training is for you… Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover today:

– How to find the best services that are making money right now and will continue to be money makers in the years to come

– Why choosing a service to sell shouldn’t be taken lightly

– Should you offer your service for $5? Why? Why Not?

– How to get good at your chosen skill fast!

– How to know what categories makes money and what doesn’t

– The step by step method of creating a product listing and makes people line up and inquire about your services

– An example of product listing that makes $1,000-$3,000 per month

– How to do a “follow up” and why you should do it

– Where will 50% of your income come from and what to do about it

– The best practices you need to apply in order to earn $1,000++ per month on Fiverr

Are you ready to take action and make fast cash?

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Litecoin Vs Bitcoin: Which Should You Choose? [Savvy Cryptocurrency Investors]

by Akito Yamamoto

Litecoin vs Bitcoin?

The choice is up to you. But before you do choose. Make sure that you are informed enough to make the savvy investors decision.

This book is going to provide you some unique information, that can help educate you on the subject.

Cryptocurrency investing can be confusing. Akito takes out all of the confusion, by speaking his voice, from his own experiences, and knowledge, as a savvy investor himself.

Even if your choice is to invest in both Litecoin, and Bitcoin. Or, even to invest in neither of the two. This book will benefit you, and leave you knowing more than before you read it.

So invest savvy, and always be well informed before doing so, to assure that you do.

SECRETS TO SELF-DISCIPLINE: Be aware of the power of self-discipline and how be hold the key to success with self-discipline

by Lynda D. Livingston

Personal discipline is a prerequisite for success in any field. It’s a requirement for succeeding at anything achievable. A person can measure their personal self-discipline by how well he/ she perform in small tasks. So say if you already knew that self-discipline was the #1 key to success and you still ask yourself why you’re not achieving the results you expected then it could very well be the result of a lack of self-discipline.
Self-discipline is not something you do it’s how you react to a certain feeling within yourself. It could be said to be the equivalent of exercising or anything else you would do on a repetitive basis to establish a repeatable and predictable habit. Very simply put, do the opposite of your content feelings or anything else that changes your focus until you’ve built up your self-worth to take them on as challenges.
A commonly accepted definition of discipline has more to do with punishment than discipline. Discipline should have to do with the process of teaching responsibility and moving children from depending on their parents to provide accountability and discipline to a point where the only discipline that is necessary is self-discipline. For example: A young man felt ill and came home from school an hour early. His parents were not home and he merely went to his room and went to sleep. A week later the school called and reported the absence to the parents. The father felt that it was his duty to take some action. The boy had no say in the matter and could not even remember the exact day that he had missed school. The punishment was given out, the youth was grounded for a week and deprived of the use of the car for two weeks. In the youth’s eyes he was punished for no reason. It was a just punishment. No growth took place. No behavior was changed, no new habits were established and the father was declared to be a fool and one that you can’t trust. Why would this boy ever want to take a big problem to his father.
The underlying purpose of any discipline should be to create a growth experience for the individual involved. The child should be as involved in the process as possible. The structure that governs how individuals interact with each other has a great impact on the growth of each individual in any group. Some important habits and attitudes are learned as a result of the structure that exists in the home and many of these habits and attitudes are not going to change much as a result of experiencing other types of structures.
All groups, including families need to have some kind of a rule system. This does not need to be overwhelming, but there does need to be a framework of expectations and consequences that are clear and understandable. Often, in a family, Dad has a set of rules that he grew up with that he insists upon adopting. Mother also has a set of rules that she grew up with and insists upon adopting. Then very often, without realizing it, they end up sabotaging each other’s favorite rules. The kids sit in the middle waiting for the dust to settle. In the meantime they learn: Don’t worry about rules, adults are not really serious about them anyway. It is important that parents recognize that their marriage creates the formation of a new and in many ways unique family unit. Each of their backgrounds is somewhat different from the other.
Often individuals marry, have children, and begin the process of rearing children without recognizing the importance of this idea. Sooner or later, however, parents have to come to grips with the personal backgrounds and goals of each individual partner. Instead of waiting until some problem occurs that must be solved by drastic action, it is wiser to recognize that families, like any other organization or group need a system of organization which is customarily called discipline.
Here is the Summary on how to increase and cultivate self discipline:
-Self-discipline is the biggest human strength.
-One of the biggest reason, people……

Freelance Writing Manifesto: Creating a Cash Producing Business by Becoming a Freelance Writer via Fiverr Services or Amazon Book Publishing

by Marcus Lawrence

Here’s how to start your own profitable internet/home-based business from scratch.

The last thing you need is huge capital or business experience! You can start your own internet marketing business even if you’re clueless about marketing. Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Newbie Fiverr Manifesto
– The fastest way to make money as a brand new freelancer
– The 2 step process of choosing a service that will likely sell on Fiverr
– My top 5 services that any beginner can start selling 2 weeks from now
– The one “secret key” to making more money as a freelancer that your beginner (and even some pro) counterparts
– The 4 keys methods for becoming an expert quickly in your category
– Why you don’t need to be the “best in the world” to provide services online
– The 5 key process for creating a product listing that makes money!
– The 4 step process for creating a good description that automatically sells your service for you
– Examples of product listings that you can study and copy
– How to upsell your customers without irritating them
– The 5 messages that you should send to your current customers in order to make 40% more money on Fiverr

I Heart Kindle Marketing
– How to publish romance kindle books even without writing it yourself
– How to find outsourcers that will make the process smooth and easy for you
– How to find the best categories inside Amazon’s best seller list
– How to find keywords that will make you a helluva money!
– How to market your books without hassle and begging
– Some long term tactics for building your audience that you can implement today!

Do you want to make more money this year than any other year before it? Then this is for you. Scroll up and Download your copy today!

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