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PLAY: A Hot Gamer Romance

by Piper Lawson

“Payton and Max stole my heart. Their chemistry is undeniable.” â??â??â??â??â?? Pretty Little Book Reviews

“This book talked nerdy to me… and I loved every second of it.” â??â??â??â??â?? Once Upon an Alpha

“The perfect meld of geek and sexy.” â??â??â??â??â?? Rochelle’s Reviews

I’m Payton Blake. A twenty-something girl living the dream.

Sure, my co-workers are misogynists, my best friend might be an undercover spy, and the only love I’ve been getting is from Jorge the Nightstand Boyfriend. 

Welcome to the modern world. 

I’m not looking for real-life love. Even if I had time in my day after bailing out my family, Max Donovan is the last guy I’d call. 

The gamer-turned-CEO has blue eyes you could drown in. A piercing that makes me bite my lip. And I’d pay a lot of money to see that man with his joystick.

But he’s arrogant. Cocky. Jaded. Did I mention divorced?

He also just became my biggest client. Which means even if I want to stay away from him, he’s not staying away from me.

Game on, Max Donovan.

If you like smart, quirky, slow-burn romance that pays off like fireworks on the Fourth of July? You’ll love PLAY. Click ‘buy now’ to start reading!

On Top Of The World: (Until The Bell Chimes)

by David Lamb

Winner of the Pacific Book Award for BEST FICTION.

“Highly Entertaining! Incredibly Fun! This modern retelling is … hilarious!” ROMANTIC TIMES

“DYNAMIC story about the Price of Fame. Packed with so many Laughs and so much Heart I couldn’t put it down!” TALIB KWELI

FIVE STARS! Perfectly combines Humor and Romance in a novel about race, class and celebrity worship that Readers will Love. — Hollywood Book Review

African Ghosts, Hip Hop & Love-Scrooge Reimagined. It’s not Christmas but Hip Hop’s biggest star Scrooge is still haunted. As ghosts take him on an adventure to win back the girl who got away.

Get Ready for an amazing twist on Dickens that mixes Heart, Soul & Bling in a fast paced love story where opposites attract. As a poor kid superstar rapper Scrooge dreamed of rising to the the top. Belle grew up vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. When they meet in college Belle is the campus queen all the guys bow down to, and Scrooge, or rather Scrooje, is the high school runt turned college nerd they all pick on. Until Belle’s love helps him discover his hidden talent.

True Love Meets Super-Stardom, Can They Co-Exist? 


by A. J. Gallant

This humorous book is about Moon Diamond and his interview with the author A. J. Gallant. Moon Diamond is now seven months old. Lots of photos and tales of his badness.

Amazing memes of harry potter 2018: Harry Potter Memes & Funny Jokes surely makes you laugh!

by memes professionals

Harry Potter is an awesome film series loved by all in the early 2000s. In this book, I have collected the latest harry potter memes which makes you laugh out loud. I hope you have fun reading and enjoying all these memes of harry potter.

Once you start reading the book, you never know the time till you finish the last page of the book. I hope you enjoy reading the memes and also forward it to your friends if you loved them.

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