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Camping Tips: Turn Your Trip into an Adventure with These Amazing Hacks

by Wesley Jones

Great. You’re going on a camping trip. Now what?

Many people have no clue what to do when they’re camping. When this is the case, it can turn into a boring, frustrating downgrade from a hotel room, or even your own home. But camping can be fun and interesting in a variety of ways. Learn to make the most of your experience in nature and become a super camper! In this book, we’ll discuss several topics, such as:

Fun activities to engage in when you are camping.

Getting ready for the campout by taking the right supplies.

A list of items and tips to make your camping experience easier.

How to get your children ready for camping and get them excited about it before and during the trip.

Ways to stay clean, avoid negative aspects, and be closer to nature.

Delicious camping recipes.

And much more!

Don’t go without knowing what you’re doing! Get this handy-dandy guide fast and read through it so you can make the most of your camping experience!

Investing for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts: Simple Investing Guide to Become an Intelligent Investor and The Only Money Guide Youâ??ll Ever Need

by Sam Sutton

Investing for Beginners: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need is a powerful investment guide that was designed to help beginners get started in investing.

It is important to understand that investing is no longer a strategy that is reserved for the elite and wealthy. Instead, it is a smart and necessary strategy for anyone who desires to have any form of financial stability in their life.

Effectively investing your funds will help meet both your short-term and long-term goals with ease. Proper investments make sure that your money is always working for you and that you are not exposed to the ever-rising threat of inflation.

If you are new to the world of investing, Investing for Beginners: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need is a descriptive guide that will ensure that you are equipped with all of the knowledge you need to start out strong. As long as you are armed with valuable knowledge and understanding, you can be certain that you will become a strong investor and that you will surely reach your financial goals.

Just because anyone can get started on investing doesn’t mean that just about anyone should do it. The only people who should truly get involved are those who are willing to educate themselves and maximize their profitability through knowledge and understanding. You can start now by reading, Investing for Beginners: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need. By the end, you will feel empowered to make smart choices with your investments so that you can become a powerful investor, too!

Understand Women: Win the Heart of One: A Comprehensive Guide for Men

by Mike Curtis

Understand Women: Win the Heart of One is the definitive training manual for men of all ages providing an easy-to-follow blueprint for understanding women, approaching women, picking up women and dating women. Mike’s book also teaches you the often overlooked and invaluable skills needed for a happy and worry-free relationship with one very special woman.

Apply what Mike teaches, and you’ll become that man. You’ll become that man who understands women and how feminine attraction works. You’ll become that man who easily attracts women and who gets women to pursue you. Women are drawn to you not because of your looks or the size of your bank account, but for who you are and the amazing way in which you effortlessly engage their feminine emotions. Most importantly, you’ll become the purposeful man you were born to be.

Buy, read and apply what Mike teaches, and take your rightful place among that rare breed of men who understand women and the mysteries of feminine attraction.

School is in session gentlemen.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: 2 Manuscripts – How You Can Lose Up to 25lbs and Reduce Belly Fat Before Swimsuit Season

by Jason Michaels

Transform your body, and your life – by making these easy, inexpensive changes in your diet

If you’re faced with chronic pain, daily fatigue, or just want to lose weight – then you’ll know just how frustrating it is getting the right answers.

Because, you see, traditional medicine has very little use when it comes to your diet.

And most doctors have no clue about nutrition!

They think your unexplained symptoms are a mere quirk, or worse “all in your head”

But is living in excruciating pain a “quirk”?

Is being unable to sleep through the night because you can’t find a comfortable position “all in your head”?

I think not.

However, now thanks to some incredible discoveries in the nutritional fieldâ?¦

You can drastically improve your quality of life by making a few wise food choices.

Simple choices like

Sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes, which reduces bloating.

Baking with honey instead of sugar which soothes your gut.

It’s smart choices like these which set you on a fast-track to recovery!

And can help you lose up to 25lbs in just 10 weeks!

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The absolute best food for healing a leaky gut
  • The 5 best anti-inflammatory supplements
  • How to use this one fruit to improve memory and reverse mental decline
  • The real cost of eating healthy (much less than you think)
  • The drug-free way to sooth your IBS
  • 7 foods you won’t believe are good for you!
  • The number one vitamin Americans are deficient in, and how you can reverse this for less than 10 cents a day.

    â?¦and much, much more!

    Plus not one but two free bonuses!
    Bonus #1: A 7 day, low-cost anti-inflammatory meal plan (with costs for each meal)
    Bonus #2: A manuscript containing the wonderful weight loss benefits of Intermittent Fasting!

    So you’ll not only get life-changing health benefits, you’ll also lose weight!

    Will this book work for you?

    Each of us is different, and that’s why this easy to understand book contains an in-depth list of various foods and conditions which can be healed with an anti-inflammatory diet.

    Whether you have RA, autoimmune disease, IBS, hypertension or leaky gut – you can find the answers you’ve been looking for.

    So if you’re ready to change your life, and remember what it’s like to feel your best again, then click “add to cart”

  • 5 Ingredients Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Quick & Easy Ketogenic Recipes Using 5 Ingredients Only To Burn Those Belly Fats In 4 Weeks And Achieve The Body Figure You Always Wanted

    by Ted Duncan

    Do you wish you could cook delicious meals using just 5 ingredients? Or you simply want to lose weight fast eating delicious ketogenic recipes?

    5 Ingredients Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is the right book for you as we will show you how to achieve that using easy to do meals that you can cook at home! We have made it easy for anyone to get started, all you need is 5 ingredients and you can start eating delicious recipes that helps you lose weight.

    We have included selected recipes that are fast and easy to cook at home using 5 ingredients only. There is a range of different recipes all the way from breakfast, lunch, dinner to dessert so you will never run out of ideas!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The science & benefits of ketogenic diet so you know how it helps you
    • Discover how easy it is to use your instant pot & how it benefits you
    • Different varieties of recipes so you always have something new to cook
    • Avoid the most common mistakes when baking keto desserts
    • Every recipe uses 5 common ingredients only so you can cook without much preparation
    • And much, much more!

    This book has been written to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle while ensuring it is easier for you to do so. 5 ingredients is all you need to get started to a healthier body, lose excess fat that you do not want and feel happier and more energized in life.

    Simply download your copy above now to get started!

    Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Book 1: Endermen Rule! (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)

    by Pixel Kid

    From the Makers of Diary of a Minecraft Zombie…
    Get a never before sneak peek into the Life of a Real Life Enderman!

    Did you ever want to know why Enderman sneak around and move our stuff when we’re not looking?

    Or, did you ever want to know where Enderman truly came from?

    Or, did you ever wonder why Enderman can teleport so fast you can’t catch one?

    But most importantly, are Endermen really a hostile mob or are they totally misunderstood?

    Well now you can find the truth about Endermen, by taking a sneak peek into the Diary of a real live Enderman!

    But you are going to have to jump into this zany Minecraft Adventure to find out more!

    Jump Into This Hilarious Minecraft Adventure Today

    Modern Rustic: Homesteading Guide to Raising Animals for Self-Sufficiency: A Practical Guide to Raising Chickens, Goats and Pigs

    by Eric Beuning

    Raising animals is an important part of the homesteading lifestyle.

    Most people who are working toward self-sufficiency combine gardening with some form of animal husbandry.

    The purpose of this book is to take a closer look at three of the most common and easy to raise animals in the homesteading lifestyle:
    – Chickens
    – Goats
    – Pigs

    It’s easy to foster a bucolic vision of scattering grain in front of a flock of free range chickens before harvesting their still warm eggs. It’s easy to take this fantasy and add to it a pair of cantankerous goats causing no end of mischief while a lazy old pig chows on some half rotten slop and wallows in a pool of mud.

    If you’ve gone so far as to take an interest in this book, then it means you realize there is more involved in raising healthy chickens; goats are worth more than just the random hijinks; and there is a good chance that you can raise a pig that doesn’t just fester around in the mud, reeking of its own filth.

    This book takes a realistic look at raising chickens, raising goats, and raising pigs. This includes understanding the numbers. If you are going to raise an animal you should know how much it will cost you and how much added value it brings to your homestead. After all, at the heart of the homesteading lifestyle is a philosophy of self-reliance. The whole notion hardly holds water if it costs you more to raise a goat than you get back out of it!

    Each chapter includes:
    – Costs and benefits of raising chickens, goats and pigs
    – How to best use each animal for milk, eggs, meat, etc.
    – Care of each animal, including: pens, bedding, feeding, and protection from weather and predators

    Whether you have already decided to add animals to your homestead and are looking for solid hands-on information about raising them, or you need some guidance in weighing the many factors such as the cost, care requirements and benefits of raising animals, this book has a wealth of experienced advice.

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    Reassess Your Stress (How To Be Amazing Book 1)

    by Janet Bradford

    Are you stressed? Well you aren’t alone!
    Do you want to manage your stress better? Learn how stress affects your mind and body?

    Reassess Your Stress by Janet Bradfordwill teach you: The different types of stress we all experience, How to rearrange your thinking to respond to stress better, The physical and mental effects of stress, and How to forgive yourself and others – a MAJOR stressor. This informative book shows why modern people are stressed out all the time it covers ways to deal with stressors:

    • By identifying exactly what stresses you most.
    • How to deal with stress that you cannot change in life.
    • The difference between good and bad stressors.
    • How to deal with guilt from the past
    • How to set goals when you are overwhelmed.
    • How to relax with various exercises and activities.
    • How to be happier today

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    Healthy Middle Eastern Recipes: 100 Insanely Quick and Easy an Essential

    by Ray Hassan

    Many Middle Eastern dishes contain high amounts of olive oil, beans, lentils and chickpeas.
    Olive oil provides the body with a good source of healthy fats while chickpeas beans, and lentils are high in protein and fiber to aid in digestion. Branching out to try new cuisine can be intimidating, so consider the following recipes that rank among the healthiest Middle Eastern dishes available.

    Young & Enlightened: 365 Life Defining Thoughts for Those Who Redefine Life

    by Christopher K. Nixon

    The young adult today wants it all: to be healthy, disciplined, wise, financially successful yet also materially minimalist, powerfully independent yet also deeply connected with others, able to fully feel one’s emotions but also have full control of them, to be immersed in the world and to live fully, yet to view reality from an enlightened birds-eye-view. This book speaks to that person.

    This e-book contains profound and powerful insights and realizations about health, love, success, self-confidence, happiness, discipline, inner peace, purpose, and the meaning of life.

    Most books contain tons of filler with a meaningful sentence here or there. That’s one of the reasons so many people don’t like to read. Yet, what if you uncovered a book with no fluff, where every idea was a meaningful one. That’s what this is. This e-book is comprised of 365 thoughts. They’re shortâ??none more than a paragraph or two and some as short as a single sentence.

    Take a shot of enlightenment, then move on. It’s perfect if you’re interested in intriguing ideas and interesting new ways of looking at all our most interesting topics in life, but don’t have the time to dive into overly long, fluff-filled verbiage.

    While written by a millennial, you don’t need to be a millennial to benefit from this book. Even if you’re decades older (or younger), there’s something here for you. This is because the author, often described as “wise beyond his years”, gained many insights while learning from legendary works from great people who are no longer with us, as well as today’s most empowered people. And as a forward thinker, he brings a fresh new perspective to the overall picture.

    Do yourself a favor and unload this box of puzzle pieces of wisdom – useful principles that leave a mark on your consciousness – life-defining truths and ideals you’ll be quoting and reminding yourself of for years to come as guiding lights.

    Ketogenic Meal Plan for Begginers: Easy, Whole Food Keto Recipes for Any Budget

    by Natalie Kordon

    If you want to try a Ketogenic Diet, but are busy, stressed, and unsure about how to adjust your diet to make your body burn fat, this book is for you.

    Eating a high-fat diet to lose weight sounds almost too good to be true, yet the ketogenic diet offers exactly that. The ketogenic diet is a way of getting your body to stop relying on sugar for energy. When we get most of our energy from fat instead, something amazing happensâ??our health soars and extra weight falls off. The strategies in this book are so simple, so easy to implement and so powerful.
    This book is for those who are trying to gain a slimmer figure and lose weight in a completely safe and natural way. By following the balanced Keto diet, you will be able to look and feel better.
    Ketogenic Diet will be your answer, you will get what you want.
    You will know about the core aspects of weight and how can ketogenic diet lose one pound per day and never let it back to you, though until now most of the people think to get rid of the fat is a big challenge. All of the methods in this book are so easy and simple, and so powerful to you. That it will maybe sound like too unbelievable when you read it at the first time.

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