Free politics and current events Kindle books for 15 Apr 18

Socialism – 10 Reasons Liberals Should Rule America: Has the Democratic (Liberal) Party Been Hijacked? You Decide. Who and Why? Again, You Decide.

by Thomas Crenshaw

Is the Democratic Party (Liberalism) What You Think? Research May Surprise You.

Dao De Jing – The Way and Virtuous Power

by Lao Zi

Dao De Jing – or Tao Te Ching- is one of the most influential Chinese classics. Written in the Zhou dynasty almost 2500 years ago by Lao Zi – ‘the Old Master’ of whom we know very little. The Dao De Jing consist of 81 chapters of both spiritual and political wisdom brilliantly lectured from the viewpoint of Dao and De รข?? ‘The Way’ and ‘Virtuous Power.’

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