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Survival Guide for First Year Teachers – Strategies I Wish I had Learned About How to Teach and Manage Elementary School Students Before I Entered a Classroom

by Kinloch Rachel

So you have finished your degree. All the late nights, stress and cups of coffee are over right? Well, maybe not quite yet. You are about to enter your first year of teaching and the fun is just about to begin. So switch on the kettle and get yourself a fresh cup of coffee as you read through some helpful tips and survival techniques to ensure that your first year of teaching is a success.

This is the book that I wish I had read before I stood in front of my class on that first day with no teachers or mentors there to guide me. It includes:

– practical, easy-to-use techniques for classroom and behavior management
– reward systems to keep students motivated
– how to plan and organize lessons so you aren’t caught unprepared
– how to survive your first day of class
– tips for communicating with parents and other teachers
– the first year survival checklist

It also includes advice to help you set the right tone in your class from day one so your students will be well-behaved and eager to learn.

Teaching is a difficult job, but the rewards are great. A little bit of the right kind of planning ahead will minimize your struggles and free you to focus on the joys of changing your students’ lives.

Some of my most special moments have been when past students have come and thanked me for teaching them. It is such a rewarding moment to know that you have touched somebody’s life. My hope is that soon you will be experiencing those unforgettable moments too.

Empoderar estudiantes para la mejora del mundo en sesenta lecciones (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Reimers

La globalización requiere un nuevo énfasis en la educación para la ciudadanía global. Esto significa ayudar a los alumnos a entender y apreciar los derechos humanos y los desafíos globales compartidos y, por consiguiente, convertirse en ciudadanos globales comprometidos. El libro está dirigido, primordialmente, a maestros y directivos escolares y distritales interesados en crear oportunidades para que sus alumnos entiendan el mundo en el que viven y aprendan a mejorarlo. También puede ser útil directamente para los alumnos de educación primaria y secundaria, quienes, en algunos casos, podrían tomar la iniciativa de crear ellos mismos un currículo o podrían colaborar con sus maestros creando oportunidades para aprender juntos acerca de la globalización en sus escuelas. Los padres, y otros que apoyen a las escuelas para que se vuelvan más relevantes, también pueden utilizar el libro.

Research on Teaching and Learning Mathematics at the Tertiary Level: State-of-the-art and Looking Ahead (ICME-13 Topical Surveys)

by Irene Biza

This topical survey focuses on research in tertiary mathematics education, a field that has experienced considerable growth over the last 10 years. Drawing on the most recent journal publications as well as the latest advances from recent high-quality conference proceedings, our review culls out the following five emergent areas of interest: mathematics teaching at the tertiary level; the role of mathematics in other disciplines; textbooks, assessment and students’ studying practices; transition to the tertiary level; and theoretical-methodological advances. We conclude the survey with a discussion of some potential directions for future research in this new and rapidly evolving domain of inquiry.

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