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Caving In The Holy Land: The Unknown subterranean world of Israel

by Itai Schkolnik

The human-being have been using caves all over the world since the beginning of time. Caves were used for different purposes such as hiding, refuge, treasure keeping, burial and also for living. Many cultures around the globe used caves for those purposes for millions of years. Israel itself have become an important area in the old days for prehistoric people who traveled from Africa towards Europe and some of them stopped along the way to live inside caves. In fact, in the Carmel Mountains there are caves which were found being populated in the past by Neanderthals for almost 500,000 years – the longest period ever documented of human-beings living in the same cave.

Enter into the world of Caves in the Holy Land and discover the amazing and unknown caves which exist in Israel. In this book you will find many interesting caves’ descriptions, archaeology, location of these caves and even maps.

Philadelphia Travel Guide : Miss Passport City Guides Presents Mini 3 Day Unforgettable Vacation Itinerary to Philadelphia (3-Day Budget Itinerary): Philadelphia … Trip (Miss Passport Travel Guides Book 18)

by Sharon Bell

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Three-day unforgettable vacation Philadelphia.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Philadelphia “Philly” is known as the city of brotherly love this magnificent city. That is constantly evolving it being very mindful of its history and unique culture is perched between two magnificent and powerful cities. Those being Washington DC and New York, Philadelphia is home of the first congressional meetings as well as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell. American history would not be the same without the city of Philadelphia.

As you arrive you will notice that they call it the city of brotherly love for a reason that people are extremely warm and friendly and eager to share their stories and their favorite spots are up for city such as restaurants museums and other attractions such as the Reading Market where you will find all sorts of wonderful treasures and souvenirs of your memorable and unforgettable vacation everything from paintings to handmade colonial style furniture, as well as a plethora of homemade baked goods from all over the world, including Holland, Germany, Sweden and Norway and Ireland, to name a few you may want to limit yourself (if you have the willpower) to just a few choice snacks so as not to spoil your appetite for lunch at the city Tavern. The city Tavern is the most famous Tavern in Philadelphia is the unofficial home of the first Continental Congress as all the notable personalities would gather there after hours to exchange stories and ideas smoke their pipes, and generally unwind after a hard day of hammering out the details of how to govern, a fledgling republic.

If you like the city Tavern and you will love the rest of Philadelphia is filled with colonial architecture and pre-revolution buildings in offices and homes cobblestone streets and many interesting notes and crannies.

However, if historical sites, like the Liberty Bell Independence Hall, and the city Tavern aren’t necessarily your cup of tea, and you would like a little more action. Then depending on the time of year you are visiting, you can either take in a Philadelphia Eagles game or a “Phillies” baseball game. And if you are looking for even more physical activity, you can pretend that you are rocky. By running up the steps to the Philadelphia library (these steps were made famous as part of Rocky’s workout regiment in the Rocky films)

After you have exercised yourself into a considerable appetite, there is a diverse food culture in Philadelphia that will offer you everything from gourmet cheeseburgers to the famous Philly cheesesteak and everything in between. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to satisfy every mood and taste. Whether you are after, a full-scale meal or just some appetizers and a good glass of wine, Philadelphia will have you covered.

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