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The Duke’s Runaway Bride: Historical Romance

by Cassandra Michaels

Heart-Warming Duke Historical Romance With No Cliffhanger & A Happily Ever After Ending….

**Some Bonus Stories May Contain Explicit Scenes**

Young Jane lives a boring life. She is married to a rich duke, but love is a foreign concept in their marriage. She married him because her father wanted her to, not because she loved him. Now, years later, she spends her days alone in their mansion.

Her husband is too busy with important things, and only pays her any attention when he can show her off to other people in his realm.

Suddenly, a smuggler is arrested, and locked away in the city’s prison. Jane’s husband is thrilled with the arrest, but Jane becomes enthralled with the man.

This man is different, exciting, and fearless. He has lived the life that Jane has longed for, and he treats her like a woman should be treated.

With a trial on the horizon, and illness in the house, will Jane be able to pull through? Can she rise to the challenges that come her way? Or is she really only good for show and tell?

The Attuned

by Gary B. Haley

The Attuned. Sequel to The Attunement. The morning after, a mystery, and the perilous excursion across continents to make it home.

Dianna: A Historical Western Romance (The Brittler Sisters Book 1)

by Josephine Blake

In 1885, Miss Dianna Brittler has been cast aside by the Manhattan society. After years of refusing willing suitors and more than a handful of successful societal matches, she is mere steps away from spinsterhood.

When Dianna stumbles across an advert in the personals begging for a wife to come to the Wyoming territory, a spark ignites within her. Could she possibly be considering a life out West as a Mail-Order Bride?

Shiye is running from his past, and his past is only moments behind him. Injured when saving a white-skinned woman from certain death, he must find a way to fight his growing attraction to her. What is a high society woman doing in the Wyoming territory? Can Dianna help him escape the past he’s left behind?

“Josephine Blake has written a captivating romance you won’t be able to put down.”
â?? Bestselling Romance Author, Laura Landon

Timeless Passions

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 50000+ Words Of Scintillating Historical Regency and Scottish Highlander Romance With A Free Bonus Included!**

These collection includes:

Child of Two Clans

Warrior Of The Highland

Scars Of A Highlander

The Duke Of London’s Baby

To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke

The Rogue Duke: Scandalous Nobility

Download these collections now and treat yourself to this HOT historical collection!

Clemencia (Prometheus Classics) (Spanish Edition)

by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano

¡Este libro contiene ahora varias tablas HTML de contenidos que harán de la lectura un verdadero placer!

El argumento desarrolla el caso de un hombre que vive un amor dramático, relacionado con episodios de la guerra civil. Se ha dicho que esta obra contiene muchos trozos enteramente autobiográficos, y que Altamirano pasó por algún trance íntimo semejante al que describe en el protagonista de Clemencia.

La historia comienza presentándonos a dos mujeres, Clemencia (morena) e Isabel (rubia), opuestas las dos en carácter como lo son físicamente. Ellas son cortejadas por dos varones, también de muy distinta condición moral: Enrique Fiórez, un “arrivista”, hipócrita y sin escrúpulos, que corteja a Isabel, y Fernando del Valle, un idealista, sincero y apasionado, que hace el amor a Clemencia. La una y la otra prefieren a Enrique. Clemencia, por su parte, siempre se muestra fría hasta el grado de menospreciar a Fernando.

Nada falta, sin embargo, los sentimientos de este hacia la esquiva Clemencia, se hacen más fuertes. Pero, por otra parte, la atracción que experimentan entre sí Clemencia y Enrique termina en matrimonio, hecho que colma de tristeza y amargura el corazón de Fernando quien al igual que Enrique, pertenece al partido liberal, en donde toman parte en las luchas políticas, pero Fiórez, como es su costumbre, traiciona a sus correligionarios, manteniendo secretos contactos con el enemigo.

Las cosas se desvirtúan de modo que, al descubrirse la traición al partido, las sospechas recaen sobre el pobre Fernando.

Al final se descubre la verdad y Enrique es condenado a muerte. Con el restablecimiento de la verdad, lejos de calmarse el espíritu de Fernando, se ensombrece más, pues advierte que Clemencia le culpa de haber acusado a su marido por celos. Fernando, para quedar puro y sin mancha a los ojos de su amada, sustituye heroicamente al reo, y al darse cuenta exacta de lo ocurrido, Clemencia comprende la grandeza del alma de Fernando, y enloquece de desesperación, aunque ya nada se puede hacer.


by Ransha Scasolova


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