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Trolls Traps and Treachery: A LitRPG Thriller (Kings and Conquests Book 2)

by Shane Lochlann Black

It was the shot heard around the Internet.

The standoff between professional gaming’s highest-paid mercenary and the suddenly famous leader of the No-Name Guild took place in an underground tomb near Scythe Ridge. All the highest-level players thought they had beaten the ultimate quest. They were wrong, and it cost them all their in-game lives.

Only two survived. The ensuing struggle left Jordan Hall’s in-game rival destroyed, and the battle lines drawn.

Everyone thought Kings and Conquests was just a game. Jordan’s friends thought they were just along for the ride. But someone wants them dead, and in the real world, there are no re-rolls.

Now Jordan is out of time and on the run. Standing between him and a billion-dollar prize is a shadowy coven of ruthless killers controlling events both in the game world and in real life. All he has left is a mysterious augmented reality device, a level nine Founder’s account and a 3D printer called a “treasure station” that serves as a doorway from the game world to the real world.

What Jordan doesn’t realize is something lethal is about to step through that doorway, and its quest consists of only two words.

“Avenge me.”

Portions of this title were previously published as Stunlocked: A LitRPG Thriller by Shane Lochlann Black

Blackjack for Winners: The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide

by Stanley Cooper

Tips And Tricks To Win Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that aims for the player to beat the house or the dealer by obtaining a total point value of 21 points. For many years, many people have believed that this game is based purely on luck and chance thus winning this game is very hard. However, you can improve your chances of winning this game by using logic and math. If you want to play blackjack and also increase your leverage over the house, then this book is for you.

With this book, you will learn about the following:

  • Understand the basics of blackjack. Chapter 1 discusses the basic terminologies, rules and types of bets so that you can fully understand how the blackjack game is played. Learning about the basic information in blackjack is crucial so that you can play the game easily.
  • Know how to play blackjack. Chapter 2 discusses the method in playing blackjack. A table summary is provided in this Chapter to easily understand the game flow of blackjack.
  • This book also discusses about the different technical strategies that you need to learn to increase your chances in winning against the house or the dealer. Chapter 3 has tips and techniques on how you can deal with different types of hands, do splitting and doubling down so that you not only win against the dealer but make the most out of your bets.
  • Chapter 4 also discusses about other tips that you need to do in order to win blackjack.

Blackjack is a good strategy game that you can play in the casino. What makes this game great is that it is not only easy to play but it can also help you exercise your logic and math skills.

So if you want to increase your chances of winning blackjack, it is important that you read this book. And the best time to read it is now!

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