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Stretched By The Soldiers

by Elena Davinski

This is a 15,000 words novella â??The perfect length for an evening read.
For a limited time, this book includes extra bonus stories for your enjoyment!

Jenny is a nurse working in a war zone. She’s eager to help the wounded, and when commander Barnes asks for a volunteer to come into one of the towns where some civilians are in need of help, she leaps to the task. She also does it because there’s a wounded soldier in the field hospital, who wants to know the fate of the two missing men from his platoon.

She finds these men, Alex Baker and Jason White in a makeshift bunker. They immediately take to one another.
But there’s a lot in store for them. The insurgents are closing in, and they may be running out of timeâ?¦

Content Note: This is a 15000 words novella â??Perfect to relax before bed or by the pool!
For a limited time, this book may include extra bonus stories for your enjoyment!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

The Doctorâ??s Desire (A Sizzling Novel)

by Diana Quippley

Fabian Rockard has watched his daughter’s best friends grow into charming, beautiful young women. The kind he could look at from afar, or right up close, and imagine all those delightfully dirty things he’d love to doâ?¦ knowing good and well that nothing would ever come of these forbidden fantasies – or so he thought.

Groupie: (Volume 1)

by Susan Daugherty


Moving to a new city isn’t the magic fix Lexie Travis hoped it would be. Sure, she put some mileage between herself and her feuding parents, her miserable dating history, and the memories of a life-altering injury. However, she still feels like a former shadow of herself, hiding behind her diminished confidence and her thorough disbelief in true love.
Everything changes when Lexie’s best (and only) friend drags her to a country music concert. Lexie loves country music, but she loathes the top-selling heartthrob who sold out the arena. Jack Morgan became a sensation with a string of degrading, shallow songs that she can’t stand.
A startling trauma lands Jack in the hospital, and Lexie is the physical therapist assigned to the VIP treatment of the very man she despises.
Jack is drawn to the one woman who appears resistant to his charms and who loves to check his ego every chance she gets, yet gives him the honesty he needs. She’s the opposite of his usual groupies. He can only continue his tour if he receives rehab on the road, and Lexie is the lone person Jack trusts for the job.
Reluctantly, she agrees to take the journey on his luxury coach, joining the wild cast of characters on his crew. Yes, she was given many incentives to take the assignment, but the reason she wants to ignore is the dangerous one. Jackson Morgan is growing on her.
At every turn, another challenge pushes her away from him.
Stepping onto the tour bus is the domino that starts a chain reaction in their lives and challenges them both to change. Could they learn to believe in love and happily ever after?

*Please note: Groupie is Volume One in a two-part series

Praise for Groupie:

“Fans of Colleen Hoover will definitely enjoy Groupie. When it comes to exploring a character’s emotions, she hit the nail on the head. I felt the fear, the excitement, and the love between Lexie and Jack. Both characters have been scared by the past…but as they get to know each other better, their friendship turns into something more meaningful.This book is filled with sweet moments and nail biting suspense…still managed to convey the romantic atmosphere without the overblown sex scenes.”
-Maureen Dangarembizi for Readers’ Favorite 
Under  the Covers BookLovers – Bel
Ahh, yes! This story, these loveable characters, Groupie is everything you could want in a sweet, sexy contemporary romance. I’m so excited to say this is my first FIVE star read in a LONG time and anyone who knows me knows I don’t hand out five star ratings lightly… Guilty Pleaures book reviews “I loved the book. Susan Daugherty got me right in the heart with this story. I loved her characters, her story-telling abilities and the way she moved this story along. She’s a strong writer that knows how to bring her reader into the lives of her characters. She’s fluid, her words flow off the pages and she knows how to write a romance. What angst there is, is written with style … it’s not over the top, it’s true to life”

“It was one of those stories that gripped me right from page one and kept me reading all the way through…provided plenty of background about the characters, giving them substance. It as a fun story, one that tugged at the heart strings as the relationship developed between the two main characters, despite everything that seemed to be against it. This is an incredibly well written book, with a story that has been designed to draw a reader in and hold their interest.”
-Readers’ Favorite Book Review by Anne-Marie Reynolds

“What a wild ride! Two broken souls brought together and thrown together and back apart over and over again. This book is so amazing as they help each other heal in many ways. I haven’t felt that much angst since I was a teenager myself.”

“I enjoyed being apart of their world, touring with a musical band. Groupie: Volume 1 is highly recommended.”
-Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

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