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Boulder Brides: Mail Order Bride Box Set: Historical Western Romance

by Natalie Dean

Take a journey back in time to the Old West and immerse yourself in the stories of five different women falling in love with cowboys, ranchers, Native Americans, missionaries, and schoolteachers. Along the way, hardships arise and lasting friendships are formed as the town of Boulder begins to flourish.

These historical western stories are full of fun, romance, adventure, and thought-provoking inspiration, AND stay true to the time period of the 1860s and 70s.

The Teacher’s Bride, Book 1

A strong-willed young bride attempts to make her way into a reluctant teacher’s heart. When she sees he’s not interested, she questions whether she should stay in Boulder, or make her way further west on the next wagon train out.

Will he have a change of heart once he finds out she’s leaving?

The Independent Bride, Book 2

Hannah’s got a fierce independent streak, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to love.

She thinks Jeremy, a wealthy rancher, is everything she wants in a man… until she meets the brother of her best friend; a young and carefree missionary carpenter who has decided to settle in Boulder.

Who will be charming enough to win Hannah’s heart? The wealthy rancher or the down to earth missionary carpenter?

The Perfect Bride, Book 3

Lucy is a New York girl, but that doesn’t mean she’s a prim and proper city girl.

When she agrees to marry the son of a wealthy cattle rancher out west, her parents convince her she needs to become a more refined lady to win his heart.

Zack’s friends tell him that ladies from New York prefer to marry proper men and if he wants to win her heart he needs to become a gentleman.

How long can the two of them keep these charades up? And will they still feel the same about each other once their true passions are revealed?

The Indian’s Bride, Book 4

Elsa’s fed up with a medical career that’s going nowhere, and no marriage prospects on the horizon. When the Women’s Society gets a letter from a missionary correspondence out west looking for a bride for an indigenous man, she surprisingly jumps at the opportunity.

Elsa’s become inspired by a sense of missionary duty – and the chance to marry a Native man.

BUTâ?¦challenges arise daily as Elsa tries desperately to understand her prospective Ute mate. She wants to get to know the community and it’s needs, but he has other ideas in mind.

Will a bad mining accident help them realize they have more in common than they thought?

The Civil War Bride, Book 5

Bethany journeyed out West to get away from the war-torn South. Now she faces more danger than she ever thought possibleâ?¦

When Bethany steps off the stagecoach in Boulder, she decides not to get married and help out at an orphanage instead.

Good thing she made other arrangementsâ?¦now she’s got two handsome cowboy suitors visiting her at the shelter. Jason and Max.

Not only is Bethany’s heart filled with compassion for the Ute babies in her care, she’s also falling head over hills in love with one of the cowboys.

Will Bethany find the courage she needs to face the danger that lies ahead? And will she have a change of heart about fighting when it comes to protecting the ones she loves?

Buy the box set and get the pleasure of reading all of these wholesome stories together! I’ve also included several bonus stories to keep you happily reading for days.

Guarda Blanca (Prometheus Classics) (Spanish Edition)

by Arthur Conan Doyle

¡Este libro contiene un indice interactivo que harán la lectura un verdadero placer!

“La Guardia Blanca” es una novela histórica de Arthur Conan Doyle que sucede durante la Guerra de los Cien Años en países como Inglaterra, Francia y España.

Hard Red Winter

by Jordan Vezina

Growing up on the streets of 1930’s Atlanta, Henry never learned to see color the way that others did. As his journey takes him across the deep south by boxcar and then to Illinois in the truck of a bible salesman named Frank, Henry begins to see the tapestry of a distressed America unraveling like the road before him. This book chronicles Henry’s journey from being a dirt poor orphan, to finding himself the patriarch of an accidental family, working a farm on the verge of collapse, and coming nose to nose with the early twentieth century realities of racism, the Ku Klux Klan and the cheapness of life.

“Tough story, but I could not put it down. Made me think. Definitely not a book for the immature. Life is not always easy or fair.” -John G. Olson

“I loved this book! The characters drew me in and were compelling. The plot flowed nicely and yet contained a few unexpected twists. Smart and tender! The subject matter is very relevant to todays social and political climate. I couldn’t put it down!” -Verified Amazon Review


by Skaya Faitovna


The Unflappable Miss Fairchild (Uncommon Courtships Book 1)

by Regina Scott

From award-winning author Regina Scott comes a tale of choosing to follow the rules or being true to your heart.

The ever practical Anne Fairchild knows the rules of engagement in Regency Englandâ??the proper way a young lady should seek a husband. She’s been groomed to make the best match possible so she can help the two elderly aunts who raised her stave off poverty. So why is it one moment in the presence of the dashing Chas Prestwick, and she’s ready to throw propriety to the wind?

The black sheep of the family, Chas excels at shocking Society with his wild wagers and reckless carriage racing. But his bravado masks a bruised and lonely heart. Can the sweet-natured Anne convince him to take the greatest risk of allâ??on love?

This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published by Kensington Zebra.

“. . . very likeable hero and heroine, humor, and one laugh-out-loud scene that stars one of the most outstanding examples of â??bad’ writing since the Bad Hemmingway contest folded.” — The Romance Reader

“Ms. Scott’s appealing characters will win your heart.” — RT Book Reviews

She’d heard that some members of the ton raced their carriages for sport, but she’d had no idea that a carriage could go so fast. Trees, houses, and other carriages whizzed passed so quickly that she barely had time to register them. There was no chance of escape. To jump would have killed her at this speed. Her heart was pounding as loudly as the thundering hooves of the bays. The wind whipped her face, snapping the ribbons of her bonnet against her cheeks. When she put up a hand to catch them, her bonnet flipped off the back of her head. In moments, her hair was free of its bun and streaming out behind her.

They careened around a turn, and the curricle tipped onto its right wheel. Anne watched terrified as the ground seemed to hurtle toward her. With a deft flick of the reins, Chas turned the horses and brought the curricle with a thud onto two wheels again. Anne swallowed her fear and clutched the curricle’s sideboard so hard her knuckles stood out of her grey kid leather gloves.

“Just a little farther, Angel,” he called over the roar of the wind. He winked at Anne, then frowned as if noticing her for the first time. “Don’t get sick on me, now. I thought you were made of stronger stuff. Relax and enjoy the ride.”

Relax? Had he lost his mind?

They whipped past a drayman’s wagon with inches to spare, the neighs of his frightened horses echoing behind them. Yet as they continued to fly down the road, she began to feel less afraid and more excited. The exhilaration of traveling as fast as the wind was rather heady, and she began to understand why gentlemen raced.

“What record are we trying to beat?” she ventured over the roar of the wind and the thunder of flying hooves.

“Curricle and pair to Kew Gardens,” he shouted back. “Lord Petersborough and I set the record last Season, fifty-five minutes from Knightsbridge, specifically to the Hose and Garter Inn. We were well nigh onto breaking it when the wheel came off.”

“Where do we stand now?” she asked.

Before he could answer, the curricle hit a rut, and she bounced in the seat so hard that her hands broke free of the sideboard. She slid across the leather seat, right up against Chas Prestwick. Face burning, she scrambled away from him to the other side of the curricle.

“Miss Fairchild,” he scolded, grinning wickedly as he whipped the reins again, “if you persist in throwing yourself at me, I will begin to think you have designs on my virtue.”

“Nonsense,” she managed to reply. “I believe the ton would agree that you have no virtue left on which to stake a claim.”

Chas only laughed at the comment and urged the horses on.

Anne shook the hair out of her face. The tension must have been getting to her, for she would never have been so bold with any of her other suitors. Why was it with him she felt so free?

Love Letters Home: Love in a Time of War â?¢ 1942-1945

by Chapman Deering

Separated by war. Surrounded by conflict. Would their love endure?

After Japan dropped its bombs on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Ruth LeBlanc’s secure little world evaporated. The love of her life disappeared into battle and all the familiar comforts of home were slowly taken away. As the war spread like a cancer across the face of Europe, Africa and the Pacific, letters became the only uncertain bridge between her and the man she had promised to marry. With the war stretching on into an unknown future, would she have the courage to wait for him or give in to the temptation to begin a new life with an old flame?

“Love Letters Home” is an historical romance set in New England during the years of World War II. Using the actual letters of an Army Air Force soldier serving overseas, the novel reveals what the war years were really like for both a lonely soldier serving his country and the woman he left behind.

In this revealing historical romance, Chapman Deering, explores the hidden textures of the heart in a time of turmoil. Combining well researched historical details with the dozens of letters sent from a soldier at war to the woman he loved, the author explores the tumultuous years of sacrifice and heartbreak experienced by so many during World War II.

This debut novel from Chapman Deering, Love Letters Home, is a new addition to the great world war two romance tradition of Mark Sullivan, Georgia Hunter and Eoin Dempsey.

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